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  1. Always look forward to this event. It is one of my normal vacation weeks; I hang out and watch qualifier and practice rounds on Monday and Tuesday and then do walking scoring Wed-Sun.
  2. There is a large disparity in what the different tours make. Those at the top make pretty good money but if you look at the bottom of the weekly payout and the second tier tours (Symetra vs. Web) you will see a bigger disparity. I doubt anything will be done about it because as others have said they don;t get the viewership or generate the same sales.
  3. Hope he tells you why you aren't a plus capper. I know that I have a decent swing, but I am not a scratch or better because of my short game. Always nice to hear that you have a good swing.
  4. Did you use the Wingardium Leviosa spell to avoid being pulled for no tags?
  5. By those distances it doesn't seem like you lost any swing speed. I would look at the club more thoroughly to see if there is more than a dent. I wouldn't think the dent would have that impact; I am thinking you may actually have cracked the head or there is separation between the face and crown.
  6. I would suggest buying an inexpensive stainless putter to practice with if you are that worried. It is essentially an acid the reacts with the metal. You could probably sand it if but would lose more weight.
  7. There is lots of love for the orange whip and I saw that there was an orange whip wedge introduced at the PGA show. Finally release a couple of days ago and was wondering if anyone has ordered. I want hoping it was on amazon since I have gift cards waiting to be spent. The Stan Utley videos and other videos fro the PGA show make it sound like a great aid especially for someone struggling with their short game like I have been. Supposed to help with ensuring your body is moving in the right sequence on short shots. Hoping to get some feedback before I purchase, but I may just TOFTT if it shows up on Amazon
  8. Pace of play is about keeping up with the group in front of you and doing the simple things to keep up that pace. If you are in a cart drop a player off at their ball and the go to yours or park between the to balls. Take multiple clubs if it is cart path only. Routines are fun just done make your routine isn't 5 minute long. You can start reading you putt before it is your turn to putt. No reason to wait for the player filling up the water bottle just because it is his turn to tee off. If you think the ball is lost or OB hit the provisional and don't go back to the previous spot after your 5 minute search. Play the correct tees for your ability; not based on men's, senior, women's. This is ready golf; it is not about rushing around the golf course.
  9. I used to impulse buy putters because of how they looked or felt. To me they were and still are works of art. I love looking at and trying putters. As I learned more about putting I now buy putters based on how they perform and. It necessarily on how they perform. Some people get enjoyment from just buying and trying. Seems like you fall into that category. I used to and understand what you are saying
  10. For me it doesn't seem to be brands but specific models of clubs. Probably due to the weighting or some aspect of the club that doesn't match up to my swing. It it is just a mental block based on how I think it feels.
  11. Why do you want a putter you haven't rollled? Does the configuration of the putter match what you need? How is this putter better than the current putter or the next putter. Edel is known for putter fittings, but unless you know what you should be using you shouldn't buy At least Have them take it out if the case to at least roll the ball a few times. My opinion only..... I know people like to buy things just to buy and try. So if that is what you are going for then by all means purchase the putter. [emoji3]
  12. Enjoy testing these. I have been testing them as part of the most wanted testing and they are both solid sets of irons. The one length are an interesting curiosity and can't wait to hear a full review
  13. I almost never play new and usually play balls I have found on the course. I don't keep every ball I find; just those that have similar performance metrics. Balls all seem to perform pretty consistently for me, but maybe I should try something that is new and see if it does make a difference.
  14. I think this is the correct assessment.
  15. It is a sickness that has no cure. Best you can do is buy used so you can minimize the loss on resale
  16. I don't remember those kind of details on my rounds. I know it was 6 but don't remember the final score I do know it wasn't my lowest score which is 70. So it was probably one of my 71s. I typically birdie a 2-3 holes a round.
  17. Yesterday I worked in full swing and trying to minimize toe hits. My miss on the clubface is off the toe. After finishing my MGS most wanted iron testing I utilized their launch monitor and golfspy sam to help figure out what was going on. Seems like we might have identified the issue and the fix. Will see how it goes in tomorrow's testing and my golf league in Thursday. The bonus is that it seems to have also improved contact on my short game shots
  18. MGS purchased some drivers for companies that chose not to participate but they felt inclusion would be important or of significant interest to the mass population.
  19. Previous post Sounds like it has everything covered. Take a rule book or have it in your phone next time. Always good to reference in those situations.
  20. Still working on my short game. Can't seem to get those chips where a bit of carry is needed to land on the green. End up blading them. On the practice green I start out this way but eventually can get into a groove and hit the chip well. Doesn't carry over to the course [emoji35]
  21. The item I use most I all is my neo ghost gps. In my pocket and I pull it out for a quick yardage check. For me it is more convenient than a laser especially on those partial wedge shots and getting a ball park distance.
  22. After having tested the drivers I found that the majority performed pretty much the same. Ultimately each person will need to find what works best for them. With performance numbers being basically equal you can start to Focus on other variable like looks, feel, cost, availability, etc. Right now I would still advocate some level of fitting to find the right configuration for your swing which may be number 1 or number 10 on the list.
  23. Been playing golf on and off since I have been married. Got involved in a regular group that plays once a week about 16 years ago. My wife goes out with friends once a week and I go out to dinner with my daughter been doing that since my daughter was born which has been 16 years. Now if it rains on my golf day my daughter and wife go out because they know I am going to be moping around the house all day.
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