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  1. 1 hour ago, Larryd3 said:

    I'm using the 58* JB low bounce for full shots now and really enjoying it.  As I noted in another post above, once the course softens up, might need to go to a higher bounce wedge but for now, the JB is a great wedge.  Was playing Vokey SM8 previously and still have the 54* vokey in the bag.  It's higher bounce so I've got choices now.  

    I'm pretty sold on the concept of a high bounce sand wedge and a low bounce lob wedge... I don't always think through which bounce I need for the shot, but it's been interesting to think about my wedges as more than just the loft on the club... I've been grinding my short game due to a back injury, so I've spent way too much time thinking about this stuff.

  2. 48 minutes ago, rbsiedsc said:

    Are the CBs on the demanding side relative to other iron types?

    Define demanding. They aren't blades or muscle backs... I've bounce around from a 4-15 handicap over the past 20 years, and played Taylor Made Burners for the majority of it... These are as forgiving as those and feel 10x better. I'm currently playing Adams CMBs (basically cavity backs with tungsten in the toe) and find them slightly more foriving than the 639 CB (I have the 5 iron) but it's not a TON different... The 699s are definitely more forgiving... I mishit my 699U 4 iron on Saturday and ended up 10 yards short when I expected to be 40 yards short... 

    To me, that's the main difference... massive mishits aren't as punished with the 699s... slight mishits aren't dead with either... 

    I had planned on getting a mixed set of the CBs and MBs at one point, but 2020 was a mess... I'm enjoying my (new to me) CMBs right now... maybe by the time I wear them out Sub70 will have a tungsten toe CB offering.

  3. 10 hours ago, GolfSub70 said:

    It is!  I'll take all the grief thrown my way...and I appreciated your pictures and thoughts on the wedges as well!

    Hi jay! So happy to see you guys so busy. Appreciate the time you spend on forums answering questions and helping out. Hope all is well. 

  4. 6 hours ago, lefty2010 said:

    Just a quick follow up: I purchased a set of 699 pro & 939 hybrids back in November. The irons were a fantastic looking set with minimal offset & a nice looking top line, by no means were they game improvement looking irons, but they inspired confidence & distance. 
    My only issue with them at times was that I’m a digger with my swing & I seemed to hit the short irons fat a few to many times. 
    Because of that, I had a friend who loved the look of the 699 pro’s & purchased them from me.

    I have since purchased a set of 639 CB irons & absolutely love them. They have better turf interaction for my swing. 
    I have also purchased 3 & 5 pro fairway woods, 699 pro utility, & set of the JB wedges (probably my favorite sub 70 clubs I have)! 
    I also have 2 of their 939 X hybrids, I have always struggled hitting hybrids but hit these better than any hybrid I’ve ever tried. I’m not sure if I’ll play them much because I love the 699 pro utility & it’s versatility & length!

    I have no regrets in purchasing & playing Sub 70 golf equipment (everything but driver & putter is Sub 70)! They will be in my bag for a long time, you can’t beat the price, quality, & customer service! A few friends I play with often says repeatedly every Sub 70 club I have just sounds solid at impact & produces a very penetrating ball flight! 

    If you’re considering Sub 70, I highly recommend them. I’ve played almost all the major brands over the years & Sub 70 is second to none. 



    That’s awesome! Seems like you should have picked up a bag from them, though! 

  5. 18 minutes ago, Thin2win said:

    I just ordered a 286 at 52° and a JB at 56°. I'm just replacing the 56° original Sub70 with these. The original is the best wedge I've ever used. I Briefly tried the Kirklands, and some Mac Daddy's this year, they both went right back the the store. Sub70 for me. 

    I'm really happy with the 286 and JB combo... I feel like it gives me tons of options around the green... I like the Sub70 wedges, I don't like my current wedge game!

  6. 2 hours ago, GolfSub70 said:

    Thanks for the message!

    The 286 Series is an update to our previous Forged Series, with a straighter leading edge compared to the original model. They're a bit more rounded to the front edge compared to the JB to let it glide a bit more than dig in. Very forgiving, super easy to hit in terms of a forged wedge. This should be closer in comparison to Cleveland's 588 series wedges than our JB Wedges will be.

    The JB Wedge is more of our "Tour Preferred" wedge, and features more heel relief, more of a straight leading edge, and little less of a rounded sole. These wedges are designed for golfers that want their wedge to sit a bit tighter when it’s a straight on shot, while offering workability by using the bounce. This is very comparable to Vokey SM8 M Grind.

    These videos might help provide further context as well...

    286 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZNVNRL3LyY
    JB - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y-DOHEAwjY

    Sure, come into a thread and actually explain things about the clubs that you make instead of relying on my vague descriptions and terrible pictures...

  7. 2 minutes ago, chisag said:


    ... No doubt one of the most interesting slots in anyone’s bag. There are just soooooooo many great options depending on need and skill level. I have seen all hybrids played very well and only DI‘s that also work well but one of each just seems ideal if you have room in your bag for both. If we could play 15 clubs I would love to have a similar lofted DI and longer shaft hybrid to take full advantage of their differences. 

    Yeah, since I like the launch of my hybrid for hitting greens, I often wonder if I should have swapped the order of the two.. I don't love hitting my 4 utility into greens... it's OK, just not ideal. 

    I think it's a fun few slots... I've been without a 3 wood for a bit and it really only hurts me on 1 hole... I'm still planning on getting a 3 wood, but might eventually replace it with a 4 wood... 

  8. 20 hours ago, chisag said:

    Granted a true DI will launch lower into a strong wind and a true hybrid will dig a ball out of deeper rough with more success, but those are two extreme uses for either club. 

    Everyone’s bag is different, but I split the baby and went with a 4 utility iron and 3 hybrid... it’s good to have the options off the tee and out of the woods and rough... each one gets used for a variety of punch shots... 

    I wish I hadn’t gotten my 4 utility long, though... it’s a 3/4 extra and I could have gone standard... choking up is fine most of the time, but sometimes I wish I could choke up more... oh well.

    if I can sort out my 3 wood slot I’ll be done with clubs until I convince myself to drop money on new irons... I’m happy with my cmbs but the forged faces show wear quickly... (I bought them in like new condition last season). I spent 25 years playing cast irons that still look great, so seeing wear spots develop is hard! 

    it would probably be easier if the wear spots were where they are supposed to be! 

  9. 5 hours ago, NotBrian said:

    I have two utility irons from them, the two iron is a beast. I want to try more and more from them just because of how good the utilities have been, but I am weirdly at a place with most of the rest of my bag that I am happy with. Those wedges look real real nice though. What are the big differences between the JB grind and the 286 @myherobobhope? Sorry I don't have a visor to bribe you with haha.

    It’s fine, my visor needs have been met for this month.

    I don’t think there is a ton of difference, the sole grind and bounce options are different... I like the classic sole on the 286 for standard shots and the more aggressive grind on the jb for opening it up and playing more flop shots.

  10. I’m long enough to play the tips at my home course, but much prefer the whites (2nd tees)... it actually allows more decision making for me as I don’t have to hit driver, can hit into par 5s and I just generally enjoy it more...

    ive played shorter tees and don’t enjoy the course as much... a couple big yardage swings makes good holes into mediocre holes for me...

    im lucky to play the same course frequently, so it’s easy to try different tees and find the right balance.

    If a system works for you, great, use it and hopefully you have fun and consistently pick the right tees. The guys playing from the tips don’t have a system and are going to play from the back regardless of what anyone tells them.

  11. 4 hours ago, Thibide1 said:

    These are all awesome suggestions! Yeah I already make sure my golf time never takes away from kid time. I don’t want to miss anything and I also don’t want them to associate golf negatively with dad leaving the house. The long lunch solo 9, par 3 course, and dawn rounds after daycare drop off are all in my wheelhouse. 🙂 I’ve lost about 20 lbs in the last year golfing and have also found solo rounds in particular to be great for my mental health so working to find a balance that allows me to stay healthy and also not overfeed the golf addiction 

    If you have 45 minutes of range time, you can definitely get some improvement in... just depends what you want to do!

    Adam Young has a bunch of stuff on differential training. Making yourself hit heel And toe shots to learn how to adjust where you are hitting the ball... hitting draws and fades (and straight shots) to better control your path. 

    You can also start learning a clock wedge system... worry less about the number the range ball travels and instead focus on hitting them the same Distance... 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 wedge swings and just work on making a repeatable motion (and make sure the ball is going the same distance)... take those swings to the course and figure out what they do with your gamer ball.


    Improve driver launch parameters... learn how to hit up on the ball and make a good transition. Just build confidence with your driver swing... do some “fast” swings and push your club head speed... speed training might also be a good use of this time and doesn’t require a range.

    I really like my seemore tempo mat... it doesn’t require a ball, but can use one. Just focus on developing tempo and a good takeaway to follow through... no range required, but can be used on a practice green.

    ladder drills with chipping and putting... either just constantly hitting past one ball And short of a target, or set up a 3 foot section with one foot markers, and putt into the first foot from 5-10 feet, 2 feet from 10-15 feet and 3 feet from 15+ feet 

  12. 6 hours ago, jddaigneault said:

    I don't think anyone is saying that a fitting cures everything, nor that fittings don't work. I think the key is to know the data, how to use it, get a good fitting, AND work on your game. 

    There is no quick fix to getting better at golf. 

    Well, that isn't true. Play in scrambles. You will feel like you're incredible as long as you don't pay attention to how little your group uses your ball. 🤣

    I think fitting went from being undervalued to overvalued in the past 10 years... 

    I think they can be a great tool to make sure your using the right equipment, but I’m not confident that the clubs themselves will change dispersion a huge amount (short of buying the rocket launchers that create more dispersion in length).

    my bag might have 8 new clubs in it, but I don’t really think new equipment is super important... I’ve become more fixated on having the tools I need for the shots I want to hit...

    fitting is a part of that, and I know which shafts I get along with mostly from fittings... but it was only a part of the process for getting new stuff... 


  13. 38 minutes ago, cnosil said:

    Lou probably doesn’t have the data.  There is no shot link for the LPGA tour.  The statistics kept for the LPGA are 2 driving distance holes, fairways hit, greens hit, and putts.   Those numbers are often the opinion of a volunteer and I have heard some say it was close to the fairway or green so I gave it to them.  

    Yeah, the lack of shot link is silly...

    The other side of the GIR being opinion is that means the first putt counts as a putt... so it would up the putt count. 

    From a brief glance, lpga players hit more greens in regulation by about 7% (slightly more than one green a round) and have 1 more putt a round... I’d say there is some causation there... more greens in regulation means more putts on average...

  14. 32 minutes ago, BMart519 said:

    The Valspar this week played just over 7300 yards, the LPGA event played 6700... That is 600 yards different over roughly 36 tee/approach shots or 17 yards longer per shot for the guys. 

    PGA average driving distance = 295.6, LPGA is roughly 260. The women are frequently hitting hybrids and occasionally fairway woods into par 4s which is virtually unheard of for the men. After an average drive with the course lengths above, a PGA player is roughly 18 yards closer to the hole than LPGA and hits it 3-4 clubs longer. The fact that putting numbers are even close when the women would be hitting 4-6 clubs longer into greens on courses in worse condition is extremely impressive. 

    I watched the women's HSBC this weekend because it was on at night and it was great golf. Barely anyone uses blade putters which I found interesting. 

    To make the distances closer, the LPGA should be on courses 1000 yards less than the PGA at a minimum. If you factor in driving distance and iron carry it should be closer to 1300 yards shorter to have similar approach clubs. This has been discussed a bunch recently after some of the course setups led to everyone shooting over par and concerns about growing the game because most people want to see everyone making birdies. Then you get some idiot 5 handicap and scratch golfers thinking they could make a cut in a women's event after watching them struggle. 

    Interestingly, I was looking up fairways hit and the lpga was about 10% ahead of the pga... 75 vs 85 for the top players...

    I can’t imagine that women’s putting is measurably worse if you compared them apples to apples...  I’m sure Lou stagner has the data on it somewhere.

  15. 10 hours ago, jborchel said:

    I've been watching both tours for years and I'm puzzled as to why the girls can't putt. Lydia Ko and Inbee Park can but every other players that is on TV on Sunday can't make a birdie putt outside 5 feet. They most often don't get it within a foot on a 15 footer. They aren't very good chippers or bunker players either. There must be a reason. If the tour didn't set up the courses so they all had 7 iron to wedge in on the Par 4s they would score like in a US Open.

    What is it?

    I haven’t watched enough lpga on tv to confirm my suspicions... but I’m willing to bet the coverage is different between the two tours... 

    PGA coverage tends to show the best shots, so you see more long putts go in and they show less misses...

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