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  1. I've been using for over two years and never had a putter sensor detach - the superstroke adaptor is very good for anyone using those grips - nice elegant approach I think
  2. I called them from Canada and they said they only deal through local partners - and the sales advisor told me explicitly that they don’t ship internationally to regular folks like me - I was bummed given the club deals - you can’t believe how much it can cost to get those clubs in my grubby hands here when going though the local channels ....
  3. I really like the stroke lab shafts - was able to pick up a couple shafts as well as a few donor putters that gave up their shafts - I find it to be an interesting feeling - probably similar to stability - nice head weight feeling and smooth balance for me
  4. I haven’t played since November - winter in Toronto - and it shows SG stats for me going back a full year so it seems like it’s applied to previous shot data - I’m very happy to see this addition as it was the big gap for me
  5. when I last ruined a shaft with too much heat, once I got it out of the head, it had this weird "bloomed" appearance in which finer and things were clearly visible and it was clear I cooked any binding glues etc beyond function - basically too much heat seems to magically re-engineer a graphite shaft back to its natural fiber mode of being
  6. Compact and light are a bit conflicted in my experience The most compact in terms of storage and transport has been Clic Gear - but they aren't light and not necessarily the easiest rollers around (from my experiences). But the Clic Gear was one of my favourites - I think its nearly indestructible. The easiest roller, lightest in use I have owned has been the Sun Mountain SpeedCart - rolls easily and felt quite effortless in use BUT it has a large storage and transport footprint. Had a Bagboy quad an it was compact but also not a great roller. My current cart, a Walker Trolley (https:
  7. A friend of mine played around with adding some weight to the putter head to clean up his rotation a bit - helped him keep his putter and have it working toward a more neutral flow and presentation at impact - but it did reveal he was pulling a bit as I recall so than chased that for a bit which he tracked to alignment - seems quite happy now though so this path could be an option since it is possible on DIY basis if you have data to measure the changes/trends - which it sounds like you do Stay safe
  8. I’ve done all variants and the electric cart - motocaddy S 1 DHC in my case- was a great addition to my walking game - I now do a blend of walking, push cart and electric cart but the motocaddy days were a great way to enjoy golf and still get walking benefits
  9. My friend had a ClicGear and the Sync and fit wasn't perfect BUT it seems to have nailed the angle that club are presented while in the bag on the cart. I've had similar experience with Ping Traverse bags. But some standard Cart bags don't have the right angles for a bag sitting on a cart (on an angle) vs standing upright on a power cart. I didn't realize this could be an issue, but it for sure was with an older BagBoy cart bag. I've never really found any stand bags that work well on carts although my Jones classic stand bag strangely comes closer than most for me. When I was a p
  10. I don't recall the actual numbers, but Arccos and Shotscope data both confirm that players using those systems are short far more than 50% of the time - as a result the standard recommendation is hit one more club unless the risk of penalties etc outweigh the benefit. My data is below - my improvement in "short pin/green" performance was addressed more recently in Arccos (bottom graphic). The other thing for me was, at my course, long tends to be deadly for score on eight holes so my short approach tendencies were learned responses. That said, my conservative approach was (and is)
  11. Shotscope support has been awesome for me - reach out to them and I’d expect a response in hours
  12. My coach helped me get rid of the dreaded chicken wing by working with weighted clubs, so weight can/ will have an impact on swing dynamics - even if it’s only to experience the right feeling in a dramatic manner as my coach introduced
  13. Hey @toehold57 this is awesome. I’m also a shotscope user and it’s clear the patterns they talk about in their blogs are relevant since you called out most of them. My only beef with Shotscope is the lack of strokes gained - my sense is that it would get us to the level below what you shared and lead to further granularity of focus. and yes the web dashboard is far more useful for understanding trends and opportunities. One thing I’d like to see is impact of penalties- I don’t recall any such information nugget within Shotscope but I know I bleed more than my fair share on penalties.
  14. @Scooby456 thanks - that describes me as well. I once made the mistake of trying a friends 64 degree lob in a golf dome - full swing - not recommended as the guy in the swing bay above me saw a ball go nearly vertical .... there are better ways to make friends I must say
  15. I have 45 PW, 50 GW, and an assortment of sizes with more loft. Was gaming 54/58 to Karl 4 degree loft gaps BUT my yardage gaps are too wide. So I hope to do some wedge fitting to smooth out those gaps. For me the gaps I mention are full swing. a related question - what is your max loft full swing club? I use full swing up to 58 but have been reading quite a bit about people using partial swings for 58 territory distances to get better trajectory and control. What’s your strategy?
  16. Voice caddie sc200 doesn’t require a ball I think. Also the prgr launch monitor and the “blue” golf radar device that can be found on the big internet auction site also don’t require a ball I think - in fact I think the superspeed site sells the prgr for exactly that purpose
  17. I have a couple of Jones bags - like them a lot - one is stand and one is large-ish sunday bag I've also been looking for some cool retro touch and have found a few older "light enough" 40s/50s/60s leather sunday+ type bags So even though I've been a fan of ping bags through the years, I'm finding fun in non club brand and off/no brand vintage
  18. I'm with Micah - when it happens more or less like I planned its a success. If it flies 240-250 in still air on level ground, even better. My driving goals this year are 1) have a plan, stick to the plan, hit the plan .... 2) swing for the fences ONLY when the risk of lost shots is low, very low 3) swing on control with a focus on balance and solid strike If I do this then my answer next year to this question will be 1) I had a plan and executed it 2) I reduced my number of lost stroke due to unnecessary risk off the tee 3) I hit t
  19. I'm always in this dilemma - I'm not a fan of the branded head covers that come with my clubs - I find them to be extra, unnecessary weight when i carry clubs and a buddy a few years back lost his bag full of shiny new Taylor-made clubs (and TM bag) that had the OEM covers on them. I've gone cheap and cheerful but was dismayed by how many folks commented on the crap quality head covers :-) So I've been getting some of the brands mentioned and it has seemed like a solution to the (first world) problems I've had with head covers. Luckily I've been able to find good leather at reasonable prices
  20. Arccos is also quite different in presentation between the app and the desktop version
  21. Shotscope has partnered with a UK group (Calculus) that creates training plans based on Shotscope data so that’s a profit based approach to the data-leads-to-improvement-plan issue. I found some PDF “plans” on the shotscope site that demonstrated how to build your own plan on the data - not terribly helpful for me - personally I’d pay for an analysis layer that helps me decipher the data by making suggestions etc. I know where I’m not very effective - so that’s obvious to fix, but I don’t know how much it impacts my scoring ability - that’s where SG would shine. Similarly I hav
  22. The macgyver was a small hole drilled in the link belt clip that allowed me to pass a small “so I won’t lose the link once and for all time” mod. Yes, the macgyver thing shouldn’t be necessary but it seems like they didn’t consider that a golfer may be wearing a jacket and the link (belt Clipped to your belt) needs to see the sky - that’s the oversight for me. But to be fair, it beats “phone in front pocket” by miles - as long as you live in warm climates, don’t ever wear anything over a golf shirt .... yes, I have seen a few mark crossfield YouTube videos from the UK - shotscope
  23. I have v2 v3 and Arccos - v3 certainly changes the game on v2 - no downsides that I have experienced at all ive been stuck between Arccos and shotscope as platforms. Shot acquisition is noticeably better for me on shotscope vs Arccos. With Arccos link and no phone in front pocket I thought Arccos might finally win BUT the link needs to have sight of sky so when weather gets cooler I needed to find a way to keep the link outside - finally macgyvered a small cable to the link with a clip since the link kept falling off my jacket pocket - it’s stable when you are in sleeves and it’s o
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