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  1. Last weekend I journeyed to King Island for 3 days and 81 holes of golf. King Island is situated between Victoria and Tasmania, and sits at the western edge of the Bass Strait, which connects the Southern Ocean and the Pacific. It's renowned for having some serious wind, which thankfully we avoided the worst of. We flew out of Torquay (home to Rip Curl, Quicksilver and Bell's Beach Surf Classic) We organised a private charter for the 4 of us, which sounds pretty fancy but the convenience far outweighed the extra cost. I'm 3rd from the left. After dodging some kangaroos we took off safely and had an early look at Cape Wickham and Ocean Dunes before landing 40 minutes later. Cape Wickham Ocean Dunes More to follow
  2. Didn't get to do it on my King Island trip, only one mobile carrier on the island, and it wasn't mine! I'll do it at my home course next weekend.
  3. I'm in. 4 rounds in 3 days on King Island at https://www.oceandunes.com.au/ and https://capewickham.com.au/ I probably don't need to add any spice to this trip, but why not
  4. Congrats on beating your age, I think that is one of the great achievements in golf. I’ll need to live a very long time and score a bit better than I am now to have any chance.
  5. Ogio Mutant cover and yet another shirt. My old (unwheeled) cover is falling apart and a pain to use so when it was 20% off I couldn’t resist. Hope I’ll actually be able to use it
  6. I somehow managed to get picked to play for my club in pennant (Interclub scratch matchplay in teams of 7) Started well, 3 up after 7 then fell in a hole. Ended up losing 3 and 1. I had some bad luck, played some bad golf, gave my opponent a generous non ruling and he played well. I had been sick all week leading up to the round, and that may have contributed to my poor play on the back 9. It was great to go out in my favourite format, and despite my loss the team won. Unfortunately I don't think I'll get another try this year.
  7. Congrats to the chosen ones. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy using them, and I won’t be surprised if your scores improve too.
  8. I’m in. Fully expect to be on the wrong side of every 2 point game.
  9. Celebrating my wife and I’s 25th Anniversary. Nothing like Champagne for a celebration. Managed to book the highest level suite for the price of a standard room so I’m in the good books
  10. Another solid round. 6 over despite the solid rain from the 8th hole. No aspect of my game was outstanding, but everything was pretty solid.
  11. Probably a question for @GolfSpy_THV, could a post be tagged that it has been reported so that subsequent "reporters" don't need to worry. If the post is ok'd by mods perhaps a tag that tells people it's ok also
  12. After my recent poor form I decided I needed to tone down my golf wardrobe. If I can't play at least occasionally to single figures, the Loudmouth gear needs to be on hold. I bought two pairs of pants, navy and grey. I still can't even think about beige.
  13. Nothing goes well with that hat, except perhaps a bonfire
  14. Best round in months, broke 80 for the first time since October. Happy with the new Cleveland Zipcore wedges, chipped very well on the back 9, I like how the work on the tight lies we get on my course. Started on the 10th, 6 over at the turn, came in 1 over for the last 9. Didn’t do anything great, but most of my game was reasonably solid, without any glaring weaknesses for a change.
  15. Great effort, not a lot of filler in those 10,000. Are you going to be giving away all the clubs you've used over the last 3 years? That would mean something for everyone
  16. I'd like to see a breakdown of what points are awarded for each category. I find it a little bemusing that style is a category at all. Style is very much "eye of the beholder" and doesn't relate in any way to how a shoe performs. Including it in overall rating seems to go against the MGS way of rating golf equipment.
  17. Don’t like your chances Kenny, pretty sure “That’s a long commute Golf Course” isn’t going to attract many players
  18. I know a guy who swaps between stiff and regular depending on the wind. I’m very unsure as to the science behind it, but I think his theory is to swing easier when it’s windy. Only in his driver, so I assume he always swings his irons the same
  19. A similar thought to mine, comparison of hybrid/utility iron with high lofted fairway wood (7,9 even 11)
  20. Unfortunately Tiger’s got a long and difficult road ahead, even to get back to normal for the general population, let alone perform at the elite level. Shattered ankle potentially has some really difficult healing, as blood supply issues can relay cause some problems. Add a compound fracture and the probability of it being bilateral, it all adds up to a long and arduous rehabilitation, even if everything heals well. Undoubtedly Tiger will have the best possible surgeons and rehab team available, but even with that it’s going to be tough.
  21. Update time. Was told it was a 15 working day wait, so I patiently waited my 3 weeks. Sent an email 5 days ago and got no reply. Rang this morning and was told they were expecting them from Srixon towards the end of the week, and that Srixon had told them incorrect information as to availability. I asked why no one had replied to my email, and that I was pretty unhappy with their lack of customer service. My complaints were worth the effort, they are throwing in a box of Z-Stars to keep me happy. Only saving grace is I won’t be playing this week while recovering from yet more stitches. Hope they arrive next week.
  22. No ferries to King Island, only Melbourne to Devenport. When I go to Barnbougle I’ll probably take the ferry and combine it with a Tasmania holiday
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