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  1. On 4/18/2020 at 7:44 PM, artful_golfer said:

    I have a theory on this - bear with me as I explain. I have studied, tested and presented about learning styles and how they affect what we like, how we do things and the decisions we make. Golf should be no different. There are 4 main learning styles: visual, kinestetic, tactile and auditory. My bet is that if the look of your clubs rates as the most important in your decision then you are predominantly a visual learner. If the feel you get when swinging the club is most important then you are mainly a kinesthetic learner. How it feels in your hands (like the grip, weight) you are tactile. And how it sounds when you swing and the click (for putting) then you are auditory.

    That being said, people will usually test as possessing a combination of learning styles but one is predominant. So you are spot on @Mr. 82 when you say "Looks will play a part in the equation, but it ain't everything to me, . . ."   Preferences for each of us will and should be different. Go with what suits you.

    The great part about MGS is that you are bound to find others that connect with your same vibe and style.

    By the way, I also have a theory that the best natural putters, right from the beginning, are visual learners because they can naturally read the greens better.

    Mind blown!! I love this!! I was just discussing the other day the impact learning styles has on the confidence of individuals in difference circumstances. I think this makes a lot of sense!

  2. 2 hours ago, B.Boston said:

    Not sure if it's showing up funny because I replied to him, but that wasn't me! That's  @TShaffer putter.  Maybe they can chime in on how it was done.

    Thanks @B.Boston, yeah it wasn't too bad. I have a pixel 3 xl so a decent sized phone. The skin I purchase came with 3 different "sizes" each covering a different amount of the phone. Naturally I chose one and had the other two left over, so it did take more material than just one phone skin. I traced out my putter on paper and used those as a template to cut my phone skins. The Manta putter is naturally segmented so that made it easier. The actual skin is a sticker like material and a quick pass with a blow-dryer on low heat helps the adhesive really take. It also helped smooth out the corners. Very similar concept to how they wrap cars.

    I made sure each shape was cut just a little larger than the piece it was covering to allow for overlap. I won't post pictures of the bottom because it looks as dinged up as ever, trying to use the leftover trimmings on that still. 

    As far as the alignment lines, grey gel nail polish with a protective clear coat (ask your wives). And done! I already spent the money and was never going to use the extra skins because I doubled up with a clear phone case to take the physical abuse.



    1 hour ago, Retrogolfer36 said:

    I would say, no, it doesnt have to look good.  Some of my favorite putters were vintage Bullseyes and 8802s that were all dinged and nicked up because in the old days people didnt use putter covers.

    Is actually kind of funny in that we value an old set of blades that is all dinged up from decades of bag chatter and see that as character but look down upon woods, hybrids and putters that have the same look.

    Ive got an old Dunlop Peter Tomson putter that is from the 1950s.  Its basically a Bullseye clone with a brass head that is all dinged up, fluted steel shaft and leather wrap grip.  Its old, its kind of ugly but it rolls the ball very well.  I just look at that putter and I wonder what stories it could tell if it could talk.  I also sometimes wonder how many years and decades worth of sweat and BO is soaked into that leather grip but thats a different tale for another day and something I try not to think about.

    I think that is so interesting, that you can pull out a relic set of irons and people think it is nostalgic and a reminder of when golf was pure, but an old putter is just immediately written off.

  4. The great Deion Sanders once said, "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good."

    My question is, does tht apply to the flatstick? A while back I got myself a Taylormade Ghost Manta putter for a steal on eBay. Not the biggest fan of the white putter, but I figured I could fix that, quick trip to the hardware store and a few costs of black paint and I get this. (Looks a bit worse for wear now) I liked the look a lot better and I took the liberty to add a couple alignment lines to help me out. 

    Alas, the shine has faded and I find myself sneaking peeks at other putters while mine has its back turned. I feel like I'm cheating, I mean don't get me wrong, I love my putter. It's served me well over the years, but I am beginning to wonder if all those chips and scratches make me like it less.

    Performance wise I don't need to be looking for a new one, so what are my options? How many spys out there have taken creative liberty with their putter's appearance? Has anyone dipped or wrapped theirs? And do you think that you really do perform better when your putter looks sharp?

    Would love to hear your thoughts




  5. Hey everybody, new to the forums, but excited to be here!


    1. I've been playing golf for the last decade. I got buit by the bug and now it won't let go.

    2. I love the feeling of being able to "crush" a drive or pure an iron and have it do exactly what you want it to. And I love the pursuit of that feeling

    3. I came into MGS because I love the science behind golf and these guys do a great job dissecting it.

    4. I'm from Kaysville, Utah and I would have to say my home course is Davis Park, but I love finding new courses and experiencing different types of course design.

    5. Best thing about golf in Utah is that within a pretty consolidated area you can find all kinds of different courses. The worst part is that it is hard to get out and golf more months than it isn't here.

    6. I work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints helping manage vendor accounts.

    7. I always just go through different variations of first and last name till one isn't taken, nothing crazy.

    I am very excited to meet golf nuts like me on here!

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