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So I am being lazy tonight and don't feel like searching to see if this has been created if so Rob or stud can yell at me.


I was at cigar international the other day and bought some new sticks on my way home. They always have a box in the store where you can donate cigars for the troops. Almost every time I go there I buy something to place in it. They have CI samplers that are always changing when in store so I generally buy them so everyone has something that fits their taste. I know some people probably do that as a tax write off but I do it just because it is something that can make their time over seas easier especially with the holidays coming up.


I know we have a good portion of members here that are currently serving or have served. If you got a cigar as a cigar smoker would that make you feel like it sucks a little less to be away from home?

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That is a good thing and I will check on it the next time I shop. I can remember back in the days when I served they used to send the little packs of cigarettes with 5 to a pack in "Care" packages. From the vets I have talked to recently they don't do that anymore I guess because smoking is not PC these days and times. I never smoked cigarettes and have just started smoking cigars in the last year or so. I was always a chewer and dipper and in those days relatives used to send me plugs of tobacco. In those days I chewed Black Mirah or Days Work plug. I used to give all my packs when we got them to the other guys that smoked. I was in the Navy and us and the Air Force guys did not get as many "care" packages as the guys in the field. Of course we were 100% better off as far as living conditions etc and the guys in the field needed the packages more than us. Never could figure this one out. We were on a base (riverboat repair unit) and we had a cafeteria or chow hall but we still got weekly rations of canned stuff. Not C Rats but real canned stuff like Pork and Beans and Vienna Sausage. Of course we did squirrel away some in case something did happen but we mostly gave it to the Army and Marine guys going up river in the field

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