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Bat Caddy Electric Bag Cart

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This year the bag cart seemed to be more of a chore pushing/pulling it around the course than in past years.  It was really taking a toll on my legs, especially hills. After much research I settled on the Bat Caddy X3. No remote as I  wanted to keep at least one hand on to keep it from tipping over. 

Played my first 9 with it today and I must say I couldn't be happier with the Bat Caddy. I got the lithium battery and it had more than enough power, even used it to help me up on a couple of the steeper hills. Best part was after the 9 holes i could still walk....win,win.

My only issue is I believe it should have a swivel front wheel,  would make turning and direction correction easier, you wouldn't need to lift the front wheel.  Sounds like a great winter project,  modifying the front wheel to swivel. 

My bag was very secure in the cart, and the adjustable speed made it a very nice walk at a comfortable speed for me.



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 Bat Caddy X3 Electric Bag Cart


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