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  1. you need to evaluate your game to determine the proper club for the bag to fit between the 4i and 3w. Meaning a lot of golfers that tend to hit the fairways well struggle with hybrids, at least most of them. where the opposite can also be true. A golfer that stripes a hybrid could most certainly fail with a fairway wood, I am in that category.

    If you a FW golfer then try a 7w if not then give the 3 or 4 hybrid a try. Again in most cases the hybrids with the same number on it as the iron tend to go further than the iron by design.

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  2. Im with both. An engineer or team can make the best golf club that checks all the boxes but it it looks like a iron that fell down the stairs into a furnace i.e. the human factor then its not worth its weight in scrap. 

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  3. There are bench vices quite possibly like the one you are currently using with the rubber clamp and the same vice with a different handle and smoother jaws.

    Then there is a shaft vice that is held in the bench vice which is my preference. That vice can be manual or air driven depending the amount of gripping you intend to do. There is clamp that plaidjacket uses which again is a great unit.  I have both. The wife actually uses the one PJ has and loves it. I am more of the ratcheting model only because of the slight adjustments need while using the level model.

    to answer the question directly, go to golfworks. all the models are there for you to choose.

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  4. If you don't see silver then you might be able to just buff it clean with some very high grit polish.

    However, if you do see silver you have gone through the paint, There is a youtube video under golf club repair that show a person fixing a white head. That might the best way.

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  5. got a first look at the putters. I still like the bird of prey.

    Some notes:

    1) the insert did change to a firmer/ louder type of insert. Or at least it makes a louder sound giving the feel of a firmer insert although it may not be.

    2) The copy cat thing is kinda funny in that Toulon was part of the design team when with TM so,,,,,,, lets call it an extension of the design.

    3) the black line will include some old friends in return of some other designs from popular putters past. stay tuned.

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  6. I reality if you went for a regular iron fitting a shaft recommendation should be part of the process.

    Unless there is some massive design difference between your set and the set fit with you should get your answer.

  7. Don't over think it,

    If you don't have a frequency machine don't worry. Follow the trimming instructions and install into the head. Then cut the butt to the desired length.

    The questions you have valid to be sure and in general:

    1) .370 shafts are tip trimmed according to the head they to be installed. This in turn exposes a certain amount of butt section where the flex is determined when using the frequency machine. This is by design of the maker.

    2) each shaft has a profile or way the shaft will flex when swinging. That is why certain shafts play better for certain golfers than others. Based on swing speed, transition, release etc. The C-Taper is for golfers that have an aggressive swing.

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  8. I took a full set of clubs and tore them down and built them back more than a few time through out the week.

    Take a wedge in case you get a chance to grind, take and iron for disassembly and assembly, loft lie changes, regripping,

    Take a driver for testing, you might get to reshaft and then go to the launch bay for the results.

  9. If you are that close to John, I am actually a hour and some change from him.  I just had a golfer from Cedar Rapids Iowa in for a fitting and a few weeks later we built his clubs.

    From a fitters perspective a mixed bag of stuff normally means a mixed bag of swings to adapt to the clubs when it should be the other way around. It is not bad to have a mixed bag just that ,as we have seen, not all makers are created equal but can be made too be.

    If consistency is the issue the #1 cause IMO is the length of the club. 0% if not more of drivers built today are far too long for any golfer let alone a high HC'er.  Easy fix is to just choke down a bit and see. what happens. Give it a few tries before changing.



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  10. Sanding is not the problem to smoothing out the ding. A grinder, belt sander or even a file can do the job .

    However,  in every case but the raw finish there is some sort of coating or finish on the head and while you are taking out the ding you are also taking of the coating. This exposes the "raw" metal. If you wipe off the club regularly and at the end of the season place a coat of wax on the area you should be good for a long time. Unless you like the rust patina look on the set.


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  11. Counter balance shaft are great for some people. It typically is not a massive change but a tweak in the swing. IMO smoother swingers with a good transition really do good with this type of shaft. But as we all know, everyone is different and as soon as we say yup this is it for all, someone pops up and says the opposite. 👍

    I would think if you added weights to make it heavier and now are looking for more weight in the butt section why not just take the weights out of the head and put back the originals?

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  12. know your butt and core sizes

    know your alignments

    installed all the way on.

    wiped off to give a new appearance when complete.

    displayed when done for the customer. nothing worse Than a hodge podge mess of stix to give the golfer a feeling of "why did I come here"

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