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  1. 1) You could have just extended the shafts 1" The KBS imo is a better shaft.

    2) Remove the weights and reinstall them. It to ensure the epoxy gets into the space inside and out of the shaft and the hosel. Dirt is not you friend and there is plenty in there if you take it out.

    3) Yes the swing weight will go up making the length longer. If you are putting on larger grips it will balance a good portion of the SW added from the length.


  2. 14 minutes ago, romeopapazulu said:

    Have they even shown what these look like from the top? They keep talking about the weird look of the magnus, but all they keep showing is the look from the bottom.

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    That's What I said in my video in the review up to date.

    The D v D is an awesome marketing tool to bring notoriety to the brand. They made serious improvements to the series from the last one for sure. Im also in agreement about the LM numbers seeming a little dodgy. I'm hoping what we didn't see was the serious amount of real testing being done on the models say in comparison to other OEMs to make sure a dud isn't being brought to market. 

    What I haven't heard is that is better than my gamer.

    Pros and Cons

    Pro: Wilson is getting new and modern designs. The real weakness for the company was the design on the sole.

    Con: I can really see putting a driver without an associated FW or Hybrid. If you are going to buy into the model at least fill out the line.

    Pro: Even if the numbers appear dodgy, at least it appears the judges are using data verse popularity to make decisions

    Con: NO shots or picture of the top of the drivers, it was the determining factor in removing the Magnus from the line up. SO LETS SEE IT!

    Pro: the internet will be a blaze with reviews of the clubs and Club vs club review. Wanna bet Rick will have his up the day after....

    Overall I like the program for what it does and produces. I hope continues and expands.

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  3. On ‎10‎/‎3‎/‎2018 at 7:19 PM, PlaidJacket said:

    I just use a restaurant style ketchup squeeze bottle. You can pick them at a Dollar store for..... $1 .LOL 

    I put plenty of solvent on the shaft/tape and it runs off into the drip pan and drains by a small hose into a gallon jug of GolfWorks grip solvent. I cover the hole on the grip with my finger and give it a generous squirt of solvent inside. Shake it good and pour it over the shaft/tape. After that the grip slides right on. Easy as pie.

    me too

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  4. not being a smart a$$ - don't. if you don't have a puller you risk damaging the shaft as you already know, right tool for the right job.

    There are inexpensive pullers that are not the brightest shiniest tool out there but work. A small invest could save you big $$$$ in new replacements.

    screw type pullers. maybe even a used one in the Mitchell stable might do the trick. If not look up GW

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  5. If you mic'd the shafts above the hosel ? ferrules and came up with 365 chances are the shafts you are looking for are .355

    In either case you cold just ream the hosels to accept the 370 and then have a lot of options available to install if he intends on playing the clubs.

    If its for a memento then staying original is better.

    Lastly if you are going to replace them then pull the shaft and actually gauge the hosel to ensure you are getting the correct ones and saving a bit of time

  6. Had to go look up the driver. Just my opinion.

    The tungsten weight in the back is competing with the removable weight. The more weight added could pull back the CoG a bit to make the club feel more lofted and less active while allowing the club to hang a bit open at impact.  Where the lighter weight pushed the CoG forward and having the opposite affect. Again I would be guessing the 7g weight is the one designed to be installed for most golfers and off the rack models. Where the other weights tweak for feel, slight directional control changed ETc.


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  7. Just did a video reshafting some of the irons. They are impressive.

    For those of us that stand on the right side of the ball if they can't offer a wood in the category it wont matter how good it is (sad face).

    Lets hope they did good enough last year to add us.

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  8. chances are it has a pin you will have to take out and if you like the original look put back in.

    That hasn't been done well since the time of that iron. When I certified as a clubmaker, it was the first of only two times I needed to do that.

    Second - the tip section in the day was smaller than now. I cant tell you if that model was one but you are in the neighbor hood of needing a smaller taper tip shaft.

    Third - going from a 2I to a 7I in length will already mess with the SW not to mention the larger grip. meaning light!

  9. One of the first questions I ask in the fitting is - are you brand sensitive. meaning is there a brand you particularly want or do you care.

    If the golfer likes or certainly wants a brand we don't carry we get on the computer and go over specs of the club brand of choice.

    I have gone so far as to call another company we don't carry to order a set via the local rep so the player can get what they want.

    It is impractical to carry every brand particularly in my area (rural).

  10. Giving the nod to PING for being a pioneer for creating some sort of method to get better gear into the hands of golfers.

    I prefer the dynamic fit as it take into consideration the very thing you are trying to address. The proper club length among other parameters,

    This assumes the fitter is looking at your posture and actually testing for length. Staying away from the "this is better or that" conversation.

    As part of the fitting process tell the fitter your concerns so that they can be addressed and you have confidence in the specs recommendation

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