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  1. I does appear the grip provides the counter balancing,

    You can a replacement PING 15" grip and build up the grip for a larger size.

    You could also get the counter core SS grip. I would weigh the grip when you take it off to make sure you get the approximate same weighted grip to replace it.

    You could get a regular larger grip and put in a balance certified weight or tour lock. or you could put on some lead tape along the shaft an d the regular grip

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  2. always a fan of a transitional set. Meaning easier to hit iron in the taller end and a wedge like head at the shorter end of the set.

    Almost as if each head is made with a purpose.

    What I found funny is in the corner of the picture MG (which I assume is Miura Golf) by Miura.

    That is akin to saying MGS presented by golf spy.

  3. a negative AOA is in itself a hard thing to compensate against.

    A shaft might help but only very slightly.

    The swing speed you are generating is pretty good. Try this first.

    Crank down the loft say 2 deg and tee the ball down then give is a real try for about 20 balls to see if that helps before

    hunting down a shaft that isn't tested for your swing

  4. It appears to be made for heavy logo-ing.

    The black area needs a little something, maybe some old school diagonal stripes. Who knows

    and please make is 14 dividers.

  5. Blades always reach deep into the golfer psyche and some how place a desire to pure a shot to a target.

    Then I wake up and go back to work :blink:


    However, I am not a fan of the high gain look. To me it appears a bit unfinished. I do like the shape and contour just not the final look.

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  6. This is the chicken or the egg question. Does it make it better, can you tell the difference etc.

    For every person that says it works there is another that says it doesn't


    I can't see anything wrong with finding what can be described as the best part of the shaft for the install. If for nothing else adding a  high level of consistency when putting the club together.

    if it give the golfer another level of confidence then it works. If not then it doesnt

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  7. when you go get fit........ :D

    Some of the better shafts are:

    UST Recoil - pick a model. 600 series, ES line, prototype and tourspx all have their merits

    Steelfiber, I personally don't have a lot of experience with them. But I have yet to hear of a bad report on them

    ACCRA - the Iseries although basic has a wide range from 40 g to 110 in 10 gram increments. Now there is a color and engraving for a more personal touch.

    I just tested the 90 gram and my acceleration profile was impressive, for me that is.

  8. We brought them in this year and the feel is far better than previous years. More solid is the best way to describe it.

    I like the color combination along with the sight lines.

    To me, the best thing they did was offer up models that had something other one shaft offset.


    I personally liked the tank models. but found the #9 to work best and I am not a fan of the shape. Maybe I will be going forward.

  9. The new design that Barbajo put on is far superior to the original model.

    The initial idea behind the grips was the sized allowed the grip to lower and allow for great hand action/ movement.

    whatever your belief.


    The grip is heavier than a regular grip for sure. However the weight of the club moves to the hands and you can track the club that way.


    They have a sm grip that Jumbo users will certainly like. The XL hmmmmm I dunno

  10. I received two pieces of feedback from golfers I made the sets.

    most were better golfers, lower 80s to higher 70s scores.

    The lower irons were easier to hit and the higher irons particularly the 5 was hard to get distance.

    In many cases I had to go outside to the range and let them hit the clubs working to the 5 iron

    In most every case the golfer was try harder to get distance because they knew it was a shorter club in length.

    After a little mind bending, the swing returned to normal the shot because better.

    If the swing speed is slower stop at the 6 iron and get into some hybrids.

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