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  1. I'll have to chime in with... both clubs and balls are most impactful and improved for everyone. Especially for us amateurs. I've been playing for over 50 years. (65 now) Obviously I started my life long obsession using blades, and other clubs made from wood, old miniature golf style putter and rock- balls of some kind. Golf courses back in "the day" were not that long. 6500 yds. was long for example. But, they fit and suited the distances the players and their equipment produced. Sure, newer courses have pushed out lengths but that hasn't effected me. Just because a designer builds a course tipping out a 7500 yds doesn't mean me or anyone else has or should to play from that distance. ie... most amateurs. Modern day clubs and balls have had a huge impact. I know this because I made the gradual-evolving transition year over year and decade over decade from the old days to the modern era. Forget what the TV Pros on the 3-club tour do. Don't make the mistake of comparing your game to theirs. I can promise you most guys/amateurs/forum members would not buy balata balls if available the same as they gobble up PV1's today. One thinly hit shot or one into a tree or off a cart path and balatas were ruined. If modern "tour" balls performed that way today no one would buy them. And...modern balls do not go/fly/carry too far today. If you think they do for your game you might want to consider buying reduced flight balls. And while you're at it get yourself a set of "old" blades and a wooden driver.
  2. Boy I don't know. Something is amiss if TM can't provide an answer to a simple question. I'd forget it an move on an enjoy life. Personally I don't get all down in the weeds with my game/equipment. I buy custom fit and built clubs and take it from there. Afterwards my equipment might require a tweak here and there.... but I just play. As a 3-5 hcp player (age 65) I've realized my equipment isn't holding me back. It's me. Always me.
  3. Chinese CCP backed-owned-controlled-etc. etc.
  4. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/search/?q=fitting&quick=1 I see that you are new to the forum. Welcome. A simple search of the forum and the link above will offer you every opinion under the sun about fittings. Best wishes in your quest to better golf.
  5. Shoulder rotation is critical IMO. I always notice increased distance (and just flat out better game) when I play with a good rotation. I have a tendency like many to get "quick". When I do I'm not making/finishing a good shoulder turn/rotation. And trust me... that doesn't mean you have to look like Rory McIlroy. I'd break trying.
  6. Couldn't agree more. I don't practice what I (and STUDque) preach but I do it some. I have a Roger Fredericks golf specific plan and it's really good. I was shocked once when I showed it to a lady I worked with - she is a fitness instructor also. She told me, "that's yoga!" Ok.. I do yoga I guess. LOL
  7. I don't have a definitive answer to the question posted above. But, here's what we're doing... (Sorry for the wall of words) After recently retiring I took over operations of our First Tee chapter. Currently we've partnered with 3 courses. One is a muni, one is a daily fee course, and the other is a private club. We're very pleased to have them supporting the First Tee. But, we have to work-in our programs around their schedules and such. But it works. We also obtained a long term lease of an old abandoned driving range ($1/yr.) with plans to "fix it up" a bit and provide and additional space to offer some of our First Tee programs. Our lease includes an additional adjoining undeveloped 20 acres as well. Without doing into a lot of detail one of our board members is good friends with a (famous) golf course designer/developer who agreed to lend us a hand. So, we've now embarked on a full range - practice facility renovation and we're adding a 6-hole practice loop consisting of 2-par 4 holes and 4-par 3 holes. Unlike most golf facilities/courses; we're a nonprofit 501c3 organization. Do date we have a small group of (generous) folks funding this project and we're very lucky indeed as once completed we are debt free. I never gave much thought before about how much it can cost to build any kind of golf facility. But it's expensive! Especially if you want something people will come use and enjoy. This will not be a goat ranch. Back to the question. I think the 6-hole course will be a hit by itself. The range will consist of a long range and a short game range/area including an 8,000 sq/ft putting green and 7,000 sq/ft chipping green. One thing among others that we believe makes all this doable is that we leased the acreage from a local property tax exempt organization. (No state income tax in Texas but we do have property taxes) They will also pay the electrical expense used to irrigate the course and range and we already had 3 good water wells available to us. Our lease also stipulated that we allow the local HS and Jr. college golf teams practice for free. The First Tee has primary usage. We'll also offer scheduled public use where folks can come out and buy buckets of balls and work through the whole bag including chipping, putting, etc. We'll charge a green fee for the 6-hole course but it will not be much. $6? Like any course or range there's maintenance to factor in. At this time we have pledges to sponsor maintenance for 2 years for each of the six holes. We'll also use many volunteers to assist our superintendent in exchange for free use of the facility. The local HS and college team members will also have to volunteer around the course on various days in exchange for their practice privileges. The possibilities are endless when you have something like this available to you. Like mentioned above - many people are time constrained and 18 holes or even nine just isn't in the cards for them. And many courses don't even have very good practice areas. We think a quick-6 will work for a lot of people. Of course you can go around as many times as you like and play a different tee if that floats your boat. Our course will be walking only and or with a push cart if you like. We'll stage some fun events occasionally (6-hole low round, hole-in-one, course records, beat the Pro, parent child, etc. etc.) and our facility will be very family friendly. We are not going to operate a Pro shop or offer in-house F&B. Our small office will be for basic operations and perhaps sell some First Tee branded stuff and local HS / college shirts, caps, logo balls, etc. On the weekends we'll have various food trucks stop by and we'll provide a small area outdoors with shaded tables and chairs. We will not sell any alcohol per our lease agreement. Fine with me. We're also exploring memberships. Another aspect I really like is - we will ask everyone to abide by our Code of Conduct. We'll have a dress code too. Play by our rules and you're always welcome. Our goal is to operate a well maintained facility and break even as we're not tasked with making a profit. If there is a surplus, it goes back into the course and our First Tee operations and scholarship program. The End.
  8. Pretty much sounds like me. At best I'll go 27 occasionally but my game diminishes on that last 9.
  9. I've heard of this site called Google where you can find almost anything.
  10. I've known a few guys that have had their clubs stolen. Each time from a car. All I can say is.... I hope whoever stole them enjoys the $50 he/she/they got from hocking them. I don't play the EXS 220 but I do play last years EXS 10.5 and it's been a wonderful driver all around. Very reliable and accurate. And.. it's as long as i'm able to produce from any driver. I didn't like the stock shaft mine came with so I swapped it for the Fujikura Speeder 57-S I played in my SLDR and it was magic. Of course I had to install the EXS adaptor on the Fuji shaft. I have never had any luck with indoor driver fittings so I fit myself outdoors. Like any club it will probably boil down to finding the right shaft. Right now you can find the EXS for $199 from Tour Edge and perhaps even less at retail stores. These drivers are top quality in all regards so don't let the price fool you. In my mind all others are just overpriced. I don't think you'll go wrong with either model you choose. https://shop.touredge.com/collections/exs-product-family/products/exotics-exs-driver
  11. In many cases muni's - meaning city government owned golf courses mimic federal government. (UGH) And that means anything goes. Our local muni (the city government parks employee in charge of the golf course) once told me after I complained about how some people dress that there is nothing they can do about it. Huh? I made the comment that if someone wanted to come play golf in cut off jeans and no shirt that was ok? She said... Yes! and again there is nothing they can do about it. Unless they wanted to that is. What a bunch of horse$hit. And these are the same type of people that can fine you if they think your lawn is overgrown or unkept to "their" standards.
  12. The Real Feel is the real deal. I've owned one for years. Always outdoors and it's still good as new. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. https://www.realfeelgolfmats.com/
  13. I've been around the forum (fittings rule the roost) for a while but I think this is the first time I've heard someone emphasising looks - aesthetics, over playability. But who says you can't have both? I like good looking equipment myself. But, I'd get those heads setup and professionally fit to you. After that you can jack around with paint fill, ferrules*, stampings, decals, etc. to jazz them up since that's your thing. Best wishes. *pick these during the fitting
  14. Interesting. Pretty sure if were out in my garage I wouldn't just stumble across a set of old irons used by Kermit Zarley for example. I seriously doubt those are worth anything really. Could be wrong of course. But - and no offence to Justin; he's not a legend of golf. Just as very good modern day player.
  15. I'd play them. I'm quite sure they're a top quality 3-Club Tour caliper ball. I have played and liked very much the old FG Tour and I still have some of them. This new ball also looks good I think. That article on the blog was saying that Wilson is aiming for elite players basically. Well, that pretty much says Wilson isn't interested in golf forum typist. As for the price, customization, and Baller Box... I'd buy a doz just to try them. What the heck. I'm not interested in customization of any kind. And the Baller Box UGH - and subscription concept isn't my thing either. I wish them success with the new ball and I'll give them a try one day. Instead of an egg crate they should have considered: https://penfoldgolf.com/red-heart-high-performance-golf-ball
  16. I usually think of ball striking when discussing iron play but hey, if a 190cc driver floats your boat - go for it. I'm going to play what I like too which happens to be a 460cc head driver. I like having choices. Doesn't everyone?
  17. Yeah... that's a bummer. I bet they saw you didn't drive a pickup. J/K. I'd ask if they would post a flyer (that you provide) in the pro shop in some conspicuous place. Somebody has it. There's always hope.
  18. Here's an idea that's solves the distance issue. PLAY FROM THE CORRECT TEE!!! If the course has the back tee set at 10,000 yards - don't play from it. I'll be out at the club later and I can assure you 1/2 or more players (men) will be playing the "tips". And of those I'd estimate 3/4 of them should be playing the men's regular tee. These guys are flailing away to see how far over into the other fairway they can hit it I guess. They're awful. But they're real men you know. Who cares what DJ and the other TV golfers on the 3-club tour do. They are a small fractional share of golfers in this country. And no... the ball doesn't go too far. Golfers play from the wrong tee. Don't be that guy.
  19. Here's what you want. I like the Blanco and Reposado. Both over the rocks. I'm pimping for a board member who distills -bottles-and imports it. Not exactly cheap but you'll thank me. BTW - this isn't anywhere close to that old rotgut Jose Cuervo or Patron. And it's hangover proof! Sip away and enjoy. https://flechaazultequila.com/
  20. https://mygolfspy.com/results-the-mygolfspy-distance-survey-does-the-ball-go-too-far/
  21. I don't think so. It's a new toy for Wondergiulio but these will not supplant real golf.
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