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  1. Yes in more ways than one. New ownership several years ago and one with very deep pockets turned the whole thing around. The gentleman out of Dallas that bought the resort put in millions to make it what it is today. And improvements are still constantly happening. All good. You're correct about the water. I'm guessing the retention ponds allow for cooling before it's pumped on the course. They also have a treating system of some type where the sulphur is knocked-out of the water. It's just a very unique place in all ways. It's certainly off the beaten path but there is also Lajitas International where I'd told a jet up to 737 can land. I know there are charters out of Dallas that bring groups there. Anyway... even though there are other attractions and things to do; it's really all about the golf. And rightly so. I'd post a few photos but they don't do justice.
  2. Seeing this reminded me of this past weekend. I played a tournament at the fabulous Lajitas Golf Resort. Incredible course with paspalum tee to green. Yes... even the greens!! I guess this grass isn't just coastal. https://www.lajitasgolfresort.com/default.aspx?pg=golf
  3. But Kenny... don't you hit it 4 yards more? Perhaps it's the tee!
  4. If I had to name one thing it would be slow play. Tournaments or anytime. Honestly, I don't worry about things I can't control anymore. I am however playing in a 2-day private annual invitational this coming weekend. This event is a partnership competition. Because of our hcps (4-5) we'll play in the Presidents flight. But as 65-66 year old guys we have no chance from the tees we'll be playing. Anyway... I'm just looking to have fun and enjoy the course, events, and connecting with guys I see there each year. It's a ton of fun win or lose IMO. https://www.lajitasgolfresort.com/default.aspx?pg=golf
  5. Abe is also a part owner of Flecha Azul tequila. His clothing at Black Quail brand of which I have two shirts. The tequila is a premium-premium brand and very good. Excellent actually. One of our First Tee board members owns the tequila, the clothing and Wildcat Oil Tools. https://flechaazultequila.com/ https://blackquailapparel.com/ https://www.wildcatoiltools.com/
  6. I've heard this works after only one use. https://www.silverpharaoh.com/products/original-vintage-golfers-crotch-hook-1963
  7. I said 4 in the Poll. But I don't wear any of them anymore. I have a few pairs of Sketchers walking/athletic shoes - I guess they'd be called; that I enjoy much more than Golf Shoes.
  8. ... I don't know what my swing prefers Rev. Probably some rest. LOL
  9. Looks pretty good but... where's the bacon?
  10. I was thinking the same thing before I scrolled across what cnosil said. I can't say that I have a "killer" move... at least in a bad sense. But I probably do. Honestly, I don't have anything currently that reoccurs over and over during a round such as hooking, slicing, fatting, thinning, etc. If I had to pick something it's under-clubbing. That's a "killer decision" and not a move. Over the past few months I'm pretty sure I'm losing some distance with my irons/approaches. Goes with the territory at 65 I suppose.
  11. I'm in the don't care group as long as they are mowed neatly - closely..... and regularly. I hate fluffy/shaggy fairways.
  12. PlaidJacket


    This is a simple answer to the question... I play from yardages on the card that seem to align with my distances. In the area I live that usually means somewhere around 6200-6500. Our terrain is relatively flatish and rather dry, and the elevation is ~2800'. When I travel out of this region I may play more forward or back.
  13. I can't imagine anyone saying such a thing. Wait a minute... I've said that. But I don't expect my distance to be 500 yards. I'd settle for 251 or 252!! LOL I'm not in the market for a new driver as I just bagged the EXS about 2 yrs ago and it's a good one. I've always liked and wanted to play a Cobra driver for some reason but haven't yet been able to find one that suits me. My last attempt was the Fly-Z+ but I just couldn't get it right and later gave it to my SIL along with 3 different shafts. He's a scratch player and he loves the Fly-Z. Now chisag is trying to ruin my love for the EXS by posting his review of the King SX. What's a guy to do?
  14. Sounds like your putting isn't an issue to me. I too am a good putter more days than not and I usually do no worse than two putt. I am not a birdie machine but probably average 2 per round. Putting, driver, chipping are my strong suits. So, my focus is iron and approach shots. I've said a gillions times that putting is an egnima of sorts and some people just seem to have a gift or knack of being able to connect their brain, eyes, body into the read and then execute a good stroke on the proper line with the right feel and speed. I'm not against training aids, lessons, etc. But, cjeffs12 you're a very good putter already and from years of reading and being a part of this forum I'd have to say that you are in a rare group among all golfers. I have never taken any putting lessons but have taken plenty of lessons for my irons, chipping, etc. THAT worked more for lowering my scores than anything else. With your 10 hcp i'd ask about your irons/approach to greens. Perhaps that's the area you should focus on? I don't have the tour stats as a marker but even those guys don't hit their approach shots that close to the hole on any given day. But they certainly do make a higher percentage of putts than we do most days. With all that; work on your approach shots and try to tighten up your proximity to the hole and or missed greens. As a 3-5 hcp player I miss too many greens and as a 10 hcp player I'd guess you miss more than me. Putting isn't your issue. Certainly not mine. Best wishes.
  15. I prefer US Kids sets. We use them almost exclusively at our First Tee chapter. They are well built and weighted properly for each size. It does no good to put a budding golfer into a homemade set or improperly size/weight clubs. That alone creates all kinds of issues. Good intentions but poor outcomes. These are our second choice: https://shop.playtga.com/
  16. I've actually seen that tee on the course before. I looked at their bulk tee offer with logo on the cup. I was thinking about our First Tee chapter. I could see buying some of these for a promo at a golf tournament, etc. However, day in day out I just use what I find laying around and they are mostly logo plastic tees from my home club. I'm not a fan really of providing free tees at golf courses due to the litter problem. Anyway... I find these birch tees kind of interesting.
  17. I carry 13 clubs and actually use them all to one degree or another. Some more some less. If I didn't need or play some of them I'd certainly ditch them. I will tell you who doesn't need 14 clubs. The guys on TV playing the 3-club tour. And... they should all be carrying a Sunday bag as well. LOL
  18. No. I wish amateur golfers (like us) would stop worrying about the Pros by comparing their equipment or game. 99% of golfers are amateurs. Who cares what 3-clubs Justin Thomas uses. They will always be better than you. And they will be better than you even if they're playing a boxed set of Pine Meadows and a Sponge Bob golf ball. I've known a few tour players in my time and none of them had any special - secret forgings for example. They might use a proto shaft we can't get but that doesn't mean you're getting jipped. They do however have the advantage (although not so much any more) of having their club heads hand selected and superbly fit. But mostly it's their ability. If you're really all worked up due to suspecting you're not getting tour equipment - schedule a private fitting at the headquarters of Titleist, TM, Callaway, Ping, Cobra, etc. etc. I bet they can fix you up just like Joe Pro. Then you can get back home and shoot and 88.
  19. ... Ha. I don't think the original poster has any interest in what you guys think. He hasn't been back since. LOL
  20. I'm pretty much in the same book and a simular player as Dave. I'm not a high ball hitter so cutting doglegs over trees is a non starter. I'm also not much of a risk taker. Like Dave I can hit a sweeping cut or hook on demand - but usually it's to get out of trouble and my success rate is probably slightly better than 50/50. I like to stick with my stock shot shape 95% of the time. And that makes for a low stress round too.
  21. I'm just the opposite. I've really been enjoying watching some of the old matches. Some for the first time and others are reruns for me too. Just yesterday I watched most of the 2007 Women's US Open held at Pine Needles in NC. Cristie Kerr won by two strokes. I had not seen that match before. But I have played Pine Needles a couple times so it was of special interest to me. Seems to me the older the tournaments are the more interest I've had. As for instruction... Meh. Never been much of a fan or TV instruction really.
  22. Aside from a putter grip I pretty much eyeball it. And even with a putter I don't get all scientific with it. The door trick sounds good and something I'd try.
  23. 2 cents... As you guys already know... I play several balls - not married to any. My main requirement is a urethane cover. Lately I've been enjoying the Maxfli Tour and Tour-x from Dicks. You can get two dozen online for around $19.95 a doz. I've scored a few of my best rounds (73-74) this summer with them. This price might still be a little much for high hcp players but, for a quality urethane ball - might as well give them a try IMO.
  24. You can always ask but that doesn't mean you should take it. ... I would caution you from taking/accepting another players advice. Who made them the tournament rules expert? They are not. (speaking from experience which once and got me DQ'd. My stupidity.) When in doubt play another ball from the position of the suspected infraction and record both scores. Then, and before you sign and turn in your card; seek a ruling from the professional staff or committee.
  25. As you'll see in my signiture below I play Wishon also. As a 5 hcp player mine are a more forgiving model. But... the best playing irons I've ever played. Mine were also custom and fit and built. Those 575's you have are nice.
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