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  1. My tuppence worth.

    Players competitiveness wax and wane and IMO with the exception of Cam Smith and perhaps DJ they would not strengthen the field.

    We can debate all we like about the strongest/toughest field or not but at the end of the day the LIV golfers have their massive pay outs and joined for this reason alone,  

    It irks me somewhat that some of the LIV players are still eligible to play on the European events and they turn up only for the flag ship events, depriving up and coming players the opportunity to secure playing rights and get their biggest purse of the year. What are people like Poulter going to do with the $100k for making the cut, buy another Ferrari?


  2. On 4/24/2021 at 3:27 PM, TSauer said:

    After six years of playing, I got my first hole in one yesterday! Pretty crazy feeling to see the ball drop from the tee box. It was a slight downhill par 3 from 150 yards, got it done with a 9 iron!

    I should just retire now. emoji23.png

    Well done took me nearly 50 years for my first, last April, which sounds similar to yours seeing it drop. Then got a second 4 weeks, It is a crazy game. 

    You’ve not got to try and drop your story into every conversation for the next 2 years  




  3. Date 03/01/2023
    Course Name Golf Del Sur
    Gross Score 76
    Course Handicap 9
    Gross Strokes over/under par 4
    Net Score to Par -5
    Net Score 67
    Net Birdies or better 6
    Longest Drive 270

    Dilemma: this is off season so all competitions are non qualifiers I.e don’t get recorded as WHS scores. Back home we have a competition where we informally play off an adjusted handicap. At the moment with a slope rating of 106 that is 5. I’m now on holiday and played yesterday at Golf del Sur, SR = 130 which off my official WHS h/c gives me 9. Feel a bit of a fraud claiming 5 back home and jumping to 9 yesterday. I’ll leave to @Golfspy_TCBto decide the solution. 

  4. Date 02/14/2023
    Course Name West Lothain Golf Club
    Gross Score 71
    Course Handicap 5
    Gross Strokes over/under par 7
    Net Score to Par 2
    Net Score 66
    Net Birdies or better 3
    Longest Drive 284

    Fine day on the course poor front nine, with stupid shot decisions but was happy with my ball striking coming back. Missed 5 good birdie opportunities for 8 feet and in.

  5. Date 02/11/2023
    Course Name West Lothian Golf Club
    Gross Score 76
    Course Handicap 5
    Gross Strokes over/under par 12
    Net Score to Par 7
    Net Score 71
    Net Birdies or better 2
    Longest Drive 285

    Struggle today in a windy Scotland but at least I'm getting out. One more week then off to the Canary Islands for 2 weeks with my clubs. It is still windy there but at least it will be shorts and T shirt rather than 5 layers and waterproofs.


  6. 2 minutes ago, Golfspy_TCB said:

    I witnessed my first "in my group" hole in one earlier this year.  Pretty incredible to watch the ball roll toward the hole.  I have a theory that most Aces (other than the pros) are mis-hit shots ... for example my playing partner thinned his that hit well short and rolled up into the hole... So did yours support my theory... or was it as pure as the driven snow???

    2 in a year?!?!  Incredible.  

    I am on that path... haha.  

    Both have been nicely hit irons off the centre of the club. The 1st one in May was at the 18th and it pitched about 10 feet short of the hole bounced twice and rolled right in, right from the strike it looked a good shot but i didn't think it would go in. Saturday again was a pure hit iron, I was sitting 11 over after the last 2 holes so was a bit non-plus again didn't cross my mind that I would hole it. I didn't see it go in, from the tee all you can see is the top of the flag but the group in front cheered as it rolled in.

    Moral is that you get them when you give up thinking you'll ever get one.

    The one in May was quite funny, the Senior Team for who I play for were teeing off on the 1st hole and heard the cheer. I was buzzing with it being the 1st and they all shook my hand, then Jim came up.

    "How many you had, I've had 11"

    He then went on to tell me about all 11, until someone told him to shut up and let me savour the moment. He last comment was that I better put a bottle of good Malt Whisky up at the bar, he didn't like any of that blended stuff. I duly put a bottle of Talisker up. Next time he saw me he complained again, he didn't like Talisker.


    Bah, Bah


  7. Date 01/28/2023
    Course Name West Lothian Golf Course
    Gross Score 71
    Course Handicap 5
    Gross Strokes over/under par 7
    Net Score to Par 2
    Net Score 66
    Net Birdies or better 4
    Longest Drive 285

    Well that was some round? Finished

    14. triple bogey (nothing went right, topped drive, heavy approach shot and lipped out putt.

    15. double bogey (hit a decent tee shot, hit a branch on a tree and lost ball)

    16. Hole in one

    17. Eagle 2 , Chip in

    18. Boring par

  8. I'm trying, last week course snow bound, gradually opening up this week, 18 holes open  today with a mixture of temp and full greens. 

    I'm having to compete with my wife's hair and nail appointments to get access to the car, so fingers crossed. Tomorrow I've got agreement to get an hour at Fairways indoor golf range with full Trackman bays.


  9. I posted a similar issue with my local range when it was 1st  opened about 2 years ago. I couldn't correlate between the range numbers and my Mevo, it was about 10% shorter on Toptracer. I was contacted directly by Toptracer and after a few questions, committed to look into it and check the calibration. On my last visit there was a marked improvement with ball speeds matching the Mevo and me at the point of questioning which one was giving me the right data.

    Personally I use Toptracer for the fun games like nearest the pin, approach points games, etc. We have a new indoor range locally called Fairways that has 4 Trackman bays if I want to do serious work on distances this is where I go.

  10. Date 12/31/2022
    Course Name West Lothian GC (Kinglass)
    Gross Score 71
    Course Handicap 5
    Gross Strokes over/under par 7
    Net Score to Par 2
    Net Score 66
    Net Birdies or better 4
    Longest Drive 250

    recent good form bubble burst a little toda, but still managed a decent round.

    I seem to want to throw in a triple every round at the moment. My partners see it as handicap protection!!!

    Tripled the 17th today, drove into the trees had a relatively easy punch out to the green and duffed it, thinned a 56' wedge into the bushes thru the back, penalty drop, chip and 2 putts for a 7. 

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