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  1. 1 hour ago, tchat07 said:

    Ok one big thing I have found with the birdie ball mats is they do not store well at all. I have had my wrapped up for the last 3 months due to moving. All the holes look almost wrinkled and now there is a big crease across the side where the bumper was laying. Would be interested to see how the storage for yalls works?

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    Starting in January mine will be four nights rolled up in the box, followed by three nights on the floor, for about four months. So stay turned. 

  2. 13 hours ago, ejgaudette said:

    How did the break setup with the magazines work out? I have a thin mat and some unlevel spots so I get a break everytime even if I don't want it. Also I am amazed your cat let's you putt. Mine is always jumping on them before I can hole them.

    They worked ok. I too have an un-level floor - I’ve got some extra plywood on one side to even it out. You can see I keep a level around and am always tinkering with it. The magazine works ok, but it’s a bit of trial and error. Don’t just push it right up to the hole... The Golfers Journal is pretty thick too, I’ve also slipped some Golf Digest in as well for less break.  I’m looking for subtle breaks, like a ball out or on the edge. Those are the kinds that give me the most problems from three or four feet. 

    Holly, the cat, isn’t a problem. She about 13 years old, so she’s beyond the days of batting balls around. She just looks at me like I’m a little crazy then curls up on the bed for a nap. 

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  3. This weekends practice: removed the ramp to practice shorter and flatter putts. Want to be sure I’m not always trying to make 17 footers. Added some side break by sliding a magazine around underneath. I’ll say this, the size does allow you to try lots of different angles, and putting diagonal across it. Removing those distance indicators let’s you try to roll some in from the side. IMG_6380.JPGIMG_6377.JPG

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  4. I picked up the Sporina net. It has has a  target sheet that hangs down a couple feet from the back of the net.  I really like the sloped “floor” that rolls the ball back to me. Has a nice chipping net you can hang as well



    it literally sets up and then folds down in no time. I’m really happy with it. 

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  5. I started playing the OnCore last year.  Tried it against the ProV1x (as good as) and the VicePro (or better) and for the price I thought they were great.  I can get them to stop on the green - but haven’t had a problem spinning them back (such a problem to have). I really liked the feel of the OnCore especially off the putter.  I also like to play a colored ball - old eyes can’t see that far in the sky... and I alternate between the lemon and lime... 

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  6. 4 hours ago, Shapotomous said:

    From the video it seems your alignment and contact is slightly on the toe side of the sweet spot.  Maybe it is a camera angle thing.  I am looking at this on putting videos now because in videoing my Heppler testing I noticed I was off the sweet spot on my stroke.

    Hmmmm.... could be...  I moved the tutor over toward the middle and made sure I had the iPhone camera directly behind the ball looking down the line. 


    Got this screen grab right after impact.  Looks to me like the alignment lines are aligned. 


    But one always has to be sure - so I appreciate the suggestions.  If you see something I don't, please share.

     I typically alternate between two putters, so I'll need to check my Heavy Scotty as well.  I do notice I'm a little toe up - but I'm not sure that is hurting anything.  

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  7. 1 hour ago, goaliewales14 said:

    Great stuff so far everyone!  I apologize if I've missed it, but with this being as big as it is, has anyone done the roll up test?  I couldn't imagine my wife would allow that to sit in a room 24/7/365.  With a lot of putting mats that I've had in the past, you start getting curl up on the ends no matter if you roll it up both ways or not.  

    Also, has anyone notice if imperfections of the surface the BirdieBall mat is sitting on affecting the roll of the ball?  Whether that be break, bounce, etc.

    IMG_6372.JPG.d9ed8acaae146837465087cae857894e.JPG  She Who Must Be Obeyed complains that I save empty boxes.. but this is why. As txgolfjunkie  said, keep the box to store it in.  They recommend storing it with the "fuzzy" or surface side out.  That also helps keep it flat and not curl as well I would imagine.  The box is about 18 inches across.  For the most part I've kept mine laid out; but come winter it will be traveling to my hotel room with me - so I'll share impressions then. 

    To your question about imperfections and the roll- I think it rolls very true.  It is funny, the "fuzzy" side - but it feels like when you glide your hand across a real green.  

    Will be experimenting with creating breaks in the future.



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  8. This weeks self-imposed assignment - adding the Pelz Putting Tutor to the mix.

    Its one thing to bash the ball up there to the +8 cup and catching the edge, or the back.  But getting it started on line - using enough force to get it there, and not disturb either of the two marbles... tougher. I'm somewhat proficient at starting it on line when I'm trying to make a 3 or 4 foot put - but the farther out I am, and the more force I need, the more likely I am to clip the marble on the left...

    Something I really like about the Pelz tutor - helps ensure your eyes are directly over the ball - not a bit inside or outside...  

    That line also helps with alignment.  I often think I'm lined up correctly - and I may even get the ball in the hole (the brain and the body compensate in some amazing ways...) but when I have to get behind this and make sure the white line is pointed right at the middle I discover some interesting things. 



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  9. [mention=80513]WaffleHouseTour[/mention]do you have any better pictures of the plywood you base you rigged up? 

    Sorry, on the road today so no Picts but I’ll post sometime.

    In short, I used layers of 1/4” thick because they are lighter and easier to move around. I got floor underlayment at Lowe’s.

    I took two 4x8’ sheets and cut them into four 4x2’ sections. I laid down a 4x8’ sheet and abutted a 4x2’ sheet so make a 4x10’. Then I laid down the 4x2 and abutted a 4x8 (same thing in reverse order. At this point I put down the 4x2 sheets running the length of the green covering the right half of my base to level my set up. I left the 2foot gap at the stance/bottom side. Then I laid down the 4x8 and 4x2 on top to cover the edge created by the leveling section. If I needed more than one layer to level I’d put them between the bottom and second level, rather than second and third. On the top level keep the 4x2 at the cup/ramp end. It fits perfectly under the ramp and the seam won’t be noticed that way.

    Hope that helps. It really creates a nice firm base. Feels much better underfoot than the carpet.

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  10. Size of the room depends in part on what technology you are using to track the all flight.  FlightScope sits to the side, so you need less space.  A Mevo+ needs to  8-9 feet behind the ball and then 8 feet of flight between ball and screen/net - so 16 to 18 feet depth minimum.  Then think about ceiling height.... I have an older home w low ceilings so I’m out of luck.  But I’m planning a practice area in my backyard so have been doing much research. There are a couple really good threads in this forum, guys who have documented with pictures.  Can search there, but I’d recommend doing your first bit of research on the trackers, how they work as they are different, and what their requirements are.  They all have some diagrams. 

    Also stores like these guys https://topshelfgolf.com/collections/golf-simulators that sell competing brands have required foot print dimensions that will give you a quick idea. 

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  11. After complaining about repeatedly getting snake bitten at #15 I checked that box today. #10 and #18 to go...

    I was not playing my best, and it was cold (40s) and windy (20s); but I got my act together for those three holes. Ball dropped on a nine footer.  

    playing this game against yourself is a great motivator, ABD keeps you in it even when you don’t have your best. 

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  12. I finally found something I like about aerated greens... with the way the sand settles you sometimes see a bit of break that you might not otherwise see.  I had that today, #16, 14 feet away.  I've always known its a big right to left break - I mean a good 3 feet out.  But I've always missed it.  Well today I saw something and played just a touch farther out, and dropped it right in.  Check off another one. 

    10, 15 and 18 to go.  If a falling leaf stops the ball from going in, you'll hear the scream all the way from Iowa...

  13. Introduction

    I’m Christopher from Iowa – where my course has been covered in snow twice already.  20201111_163914.GIF.0611d757292233848349fca36e5c3af4.GIF

    I picked up the sticks late in life, when I was thirty, and I’m 53 now. I belong to Whispering Creek in Sioux City, and the Prairie Club out in the Nebraska sand hills.  GHIN says I’ve posted 87 rounds this year and have a 7.8 index – a personal best. 

    I’m a member of #PushCartMafia that really enjoys course architecture.  That appeals to the right side of my brain.  I was also an early adopter of the Arccos system and play one length irons – so the left side of my brain is engaged as well. 

     I’ve never been a long ball hitter. I have to chip and putt to score.  When I have time to practice it is spent working on my short game rather than full swing.  But honestly – not much time putting.  It is mostly 50 yards and in with pitches and chips. I don’t often go to the practice green to putt for thirty minutes.  When I do, I play “Two Putts around the World” where I try to two putt my way around the five holes on our practice green.

    That changes NOW.

     #ArccosKnows (sorry…) that in the previous 50 rounds before the BirdieBall PuttUp arrived I averaged:

    • One Putt 22% of the time
    • Two Putt 65%
    • Three Putt 13%
    • 34.2 Putts Per Round
    • 1.9 Putts per hole
    • 2.11 Putts per GIR. 

     Clearly waaaaay too many GIR putts.  A personal observation – I leave it short.  A lot.  That is why the PuttUp is so interesting to me.  If I’m short too often – will this help me get the ball to the hole?   With limited space, I can practice an 18 footer. 

    IMG_6495.JPG.4ed59ace633b8f23bf6cc8eee568e93c.JPGIMG_6494.JPG.2908d33e506a18a8eab9fccdfe38b567.JPG I currently switch back and forth between a Scotty Futura X with extra weight as my spring/fall putter, and an Evenroll 7 for peak season when the greens are rolling. 

     I use a claw/pencil grip working on a pendulum straight back, straight through motion. 

     Lastly, a big thank you to MGS for affording me this opportunity, and BirdieBall for providing the mat.

     First impressions – Big.JPG.f18b02e641ef5250c830b5dd3c6eacb7.JPG

    It is BIG!  I mean it is “you can’t keep that in the living room” says She Who Must Be Obeyed size big.  I have been using a Putt Out mat, seen here for comparison.   I knew 4x10 was big – but knowing it and seeing it are two different things.  I retreated to the spare bedroom in the basement where I laid it out on three sheets of quarter inch plywood for a firm base.








    It is FAST! Double cut and rolled for the club tournament fast.  I tried to get a stimp reading – its rolling up to 16…  I reached out to BirdieBall via email and the CEO/Founder called me that afternoon (impressive customer service).  Yes its fast – they want missed putts to roll back to you.  They believe that’s what the marketplace wants – and when you look at their competitors that’s probably true.  Personally, I’d prefer something like a 12.  More on that in a minute. 


    It feels like a real green – the sponginess of the turf, the little nubs or tentrils really mimics real grass on a real green.  The roll is true.  No bumps or bobbles.  Unlike another mat I have, it won’t develop any sort of groove or wear line.



    Quality of components (10 out of 10 points) 

    Short answer – they thought of everything.

    You can see in another of my posts, I am taking this mat back and forth from my home to a Staybridge Suites where I travel for work.  I kept the original box for storage and transportation.  The green flattens outs nicely. All the components come apart and fit back together without any wear or tear showing.    Someone had asked a question in the thread earlier about how well the holes held up – and so far no sign of damage.  


    Everything in the box has a purpose. The bumpers help hold it flat and ensure a good transition up the ramp.  The “fifth hole” that you see cut in the center uses an upside down cup to hold the mat in place against the ramp.  It also serves as a challenge hole – more on that below.  While I personally don’t like the looks of the cup sleeves indicating the extra distance, their purpose is holding everything in position – keeping the holes lined up.  In turn, by holding everything in place the mat essentially must lay flat – the holes won’t line up if the mat curves.  So using the ramp, bumpers and hole sleeves – the mat flattens out pretty quick.  


    flags.jpg.a223b2d661ebb72e318178e71a82029f.jpgAt first I was not a fan of the little flag stands – I thought they were cheesy.  But after dropping two dozen balls into the cups – yeah, I don’t need to bend over any more than I already am.  Good idea.


    It is a well made and engineered product.  I’m trusting the engineers know their physics…

    IMG_6491.jpg.bb7504c5cabf1f2fe571e229c5c56dfa.jpgWhile the green is 10’ long – you are not putting edge to edge.  For example – my routine is to putt off my Pelz Tutor to the +4 hole.  I place the ball 8” from the back edge of the mat – just enough to give me a stance.  It is then 7’ 11” to the +4 cup.  In my mind at the +4 cup I’m putting to something 11 feet, 11 inches away 7’11” +4 = 11’11”.  BirdieBall says that cup is designed to simulate a 14’ putt – so there is some physics and math in determining how the rate of the slope equals 14’. 


    I wanted to do a test with the stimp meter, but as I reported before, its too fast for me to really know.  Everything rolls all the way to the end.



    Ease of use (10 out of 10 points) 

    The best thing about this mat is its versatility.  You can practice short putts without the ramp, or medium putts or long putts with it.  With the width you get to stand on the green and can putt to multiple targets. I slide a magazine under it to create some break.


    There is virtually zero maintenance.  Its not like it needs to be mown…

    Basic Characteristics (17 out of 20 points)

    My goal was ten minutes a day.  Well, I find myself doing more than that.  Sometimes I wander in just to roll a few for five minutes.  Sometimes I come out much later.  

    I started this endeavor with a particular problem.  Under pressure I pull the ball.  This is why I went to the claw, and it’s helped, but I have a consistent miss.

    IMG_6489.JPG.0b21b02183cd6f5e543c42344000556e.JPGMy go to aid is the Pelz Putting Tutor, so I’m using it here as well.  I’m proficient at starting the ball on line when I’m trying to sink a 3 footer – but the farther away from the hole I am, the more force needed to get the ball to the hole – the more likely I am to pull the ball.  Ie., the longer the putt, the more likely I send that marble rolling across the mat.   Something I also really like about the Pelz Tutor, helps ensure your eyes are directly over the ball.  I also tend to let the ball slide too far forward in my stance, so working on that as well. IMG_6346.JPG.74e783bcc11f22c1f6b5e46c5cc09f49.JPG.32f267b4b1c4064a76a460de74af034b.JPG

    You can’t use the Pelz Tutor for an extended time on your course’s practice green – unless you want to stand on a towel to protect the turf from heatstroke.  But with the BirdieBall – it has been in the same place for days.  No need to move or re-aim.  

    This has been a great way to practice.  The green is sufficiently wide enough, and presents enough targets that I can grind on the Tutor until I’ve filled the +4 cup, then I can drop another two dozen balls into the other cups from various distances and directions (straight or breaking) before I ever have to collect and reset.  Very efficient. 

    IMG_6380.thumb.JPG.c4996fde4500a9e357850d1390672ce9.JPG.8d876d2307d5d63e514cca9568e9dfbb.JPGI’ll remove the ramp and hole sleeves and practice some subtle (or not so subtle) breakers by sliding a magazine/s under the mat.  I’ll admit – I’m not the best green reader, and unfortunately this won’t help.  But it does get you trying to match speed with the known break. 


    The “fifth” hole is a competitor to the PuttOut Pressure Trainer.  The idea is to get the ball to stick in those little holes – and it takes perfect speed.  The real goal is to get FOUR balls to stick in those little holes.  Good luck with that.  I’ve gotten three but only at short distance.  

    In short, lots of ways to use the practice mat. 

    Two gripes – one small, one large.  

    Small one first – if I were king of BirdieBall for a day I’d have fewer holes.  That would allow me to play more break and starting from farther to side. Sometimes those front two holes get in the way if you are playing maximum break from short distance.  I turn the sleeves around backwards to keep them from catching errant putts.    Its possible BirdieBall thought of that and still favored all four holes to give different options.  This isn’t a knock on the product – just a way I’d make it better.  


    Big one last – its too fast.  That’s why I deducted three points.  I get what BirdieBall is competing against. I still think its too fast.  I don’t care about the ball return (I may be too lazy to bend over and pick it out of the cup, but I can rake it back from halfway down the mat without a thought). My concern is that I too often leave the ball short, and I worry putting on something too fast will engrain that habit.  I’ve only played a hand full of times since I got the mat, and I’ve paced out 18 feet at my club’s practice green to gauge myself against.  I am leaving the ball short.  Granted – it is November in Iowa – we have slowed down to a stop for the year.  I really think BirdieBall and their customers would be better served by something running 10-12.  12 is plenty quick, especially for a practice product.

    On the plus side - I am starting it on line..

    On-Course Performance (Currently 20 out of 30 points)

    As I said, its fall in Iowa… IMG_6507.JPG.4fb483e042e2c8dbb0c1af47d23033b6.JPG It has snowed twice and I’ve only been able to play 5 rounds since the PuttUp arrived.  I averaged:

    • One Putt 19% of the time
    • Two Putt 65%
    • Three Putt 15%
    • 35.4 putts per round
    • 1.96 putts per hole
    • 2.14 putts GIR.  

    So… not much change on course – yet. Hence, I scored this 20 out of 30 as of today. 

    To be fair to BirdieBall – my ball striking and short game were not their best during those 5 rounds.  I had some major breaks in play, and #Arcossknows all my Shots Gained numbers were headed south compared to September. 

    ShotsGained.png.5f258606fd901b8ddb06ba03580036bd.pngBut, but, but…  despite those five round averages, Arcoss says I had my best Shots Gained putting round of the season.  As a 7.8 index I use Arcoss SG to compare myself to a 6 handicap.  I shot a 78 and gained +1.6 shots putting, with 1.7 putts per hole, and 1.9 GIR.  During those five rounds I also had a +0.7SGP.  Something positive must be happening. 

    On the plus side: I feel I have improved my stroke.  I’m getting it started on line more often, I have a more consistent stance, with a more confident stroke.  

    The minus side: I have not improved in green reading – so I am starting it perfectly on the wrong $%^& line…  And, unfortunately, I am leaving it short.  Not on the five or ten footers, but on something eighteen or twenty feet away.

    Again, snow is on the ground.IMG_6497.JPG.efde93383ccca446493f9c31344da080.JPG

    When undertaking this project I thought I’d have all winter to hone my stroke, come out firing in the spring and report sometime around the Masters.  The 2021 Masters …

    This is very much a “to be continued” review.  I’ll continue posting this winter as I try different things, and will absolutely share spring results.  Stay tuned to see if that score changes.

    Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points)

    I see on Instagram that BirdieBall is now offering a “retrofit” kit where you can just get the ramp, hole sleeves, etc..  I think that’s a pretty cool thing to do for their existing customers.  I would absolutely get one if I already had their mat.  A no-brainer.   

    That’s not exactly surprising to me.  When the CEO called me back I knew they really thought about their customers.  I know what you’re thinking – I’m a tester, of course they were going to call me back.  But give me his number?  And talk again the next day?  Nah.  Most companies would have had someone in customer service call. 

    Keep it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points)

    I’m absolutely keeping it.  If anyone is looking for a used PuttOut Mat (I have two) let me know. I know $350 is not cheap.  This summer I purchased my second PuttOut to keep at my hotel, and I’d looked at the Perfect Practice and the WellPutt mats as well.  Knowing what I know now, I’d go with the BirdieBall.  It costs more, but is so much more versatile.  The extra width helps a great deal, but the ramp and the ability to hit a longer putt on a shorter mat cannot be beat.  

    So for all the things you can do with the mat, I think it’s fair price.  If your putting is holding back your score, this is a great way to practice, without being repetitive (unless that’s what you want). 


    Well constructed and durable.  Very versatile enabling multiple methods of practice. I will be retiring other mats I have and keep using the BirdieBall. 

    Had my best Shots Gained Putting round of the year.

    87 out of 100 pts – scored down because I haven’t seen consistent on course improvement yet due to snow on the course.  It’s a solid purchase and will be used over the winter and spring for practice.  Check back when the snow melts for shots gained information. 


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  14. 2 hours ago, daviddvm said:

    Congratulations y'all...I know you're like...

     Golf Celebration GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

    I'll be following along!

    That’s exactly how I feel.  Just glad we won’t be required to do hourly trash talking like you guys did w the cobra challenge.  Just waiting for the required one handed, eyes closed, behind the back putting contests...

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  15. I'm no expert - but I think hybrids and fairway woods are two different animals...  Hitting down on hybrids, and sweeping the fairway wood...  Dog and cats. Apples and oranges.

    That said... I have a Titleist TS2 15* I really like...  Looks like you've got a bag full of Titleist, so what do you have to lose?  

    The key question may be why are you swapping out the current fairway wood?  Looking for more distance, more accuracy - or just need a change?  Can you get the shaft you want, or think you want?

  16. Don't give up!!!  I was feeling the same way myself, but I checked another off my list today with a birdie on #8 at Whispering Creek.  That leaves #10, 15, 16, & 18 for me.  #10 is hard.  I've had legit shots at #16 and 18 but for some reason I always get snake bit at #15.  Even today, I shot my career low round of 74 (humble brag...) but had a bogey on #15.  Don't know what it is with that hole...   

    The leaves may be falling, but the snow isn't flying yet.  Still time.  Never know when you might collect  a couple during the same round. 

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  17. On 7/21/2020 at 3:16 PM, The 19th Hole said:

    Newest Update on my Mevo usage. 


    Can I ask what you are seeing on side spin and shot shape?  Does the Mevo+ reflect what you are seeing on the range or when you take it to the course?  Draws/cuts; hooks/slices; starting direction?  Does it accurately catch that and tell you?  That’s what I’m worried about with hitting into a net all winter and not being able to see the shot shape - am I grooving a horrible shape, or hitting it straight....  Thanks for sharing. Too me that is worth the extra cost. 

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