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Kbs Tour V from DGS300

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Hi all, 

I'm new to MGS forum and am in the market for a new set of irons. Been using Ping S55 in DGS300 for the last number of years. Wouldn't be changing except for the fact that I've worn the grooves away! 

Anyway, I'm looking at the Hogan PTX/ICON combo set and trying to figure out best shaft option. I used Hogan's years ago in the FTX model with an Apex 4 shaft and loved them. Hogan's online fitting suggests Tour V for me but its very hard to find any info regarding that shaft. I've tried to order demo clubs but they're just always out of stock in Europe. All my golf is on links and I currently swing the the driver at 100mph and a six iron average is 160 yards. Kbs online tool puts me in C Taper Lite and True Temper shaft fit puts me in in DG 105.

Any thoughts on here? 

Ping G400, TM M2 HL 3w, Cobra Baffler Pro 20, Ping S55 4-pw, SM7 50, 54, 60, Odyssey White  Hot 8, Prov1x

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The problem with online fitting tools is that they are based on your own self-assessment - which is nearly always biased towards your own opinion. 

Coming from DG S300 - what suddenly made you think you wanted (or indeed needed) a lighter shaft? Having said that, there is some evidence given your 6-iron distance that you may benefit from a lighter shaft with a more flexible tip section. Unless you can be specific on your swing and your launch numbers it is hard to fit a shaft to an individual because it is just that - individual. You really need to try them out to make your own mind up.

Get fit, demo, borrow, maybe even buy a single club - but don't fit yourself into a shaft unless you know how it will play. 

Where in Europe are you?

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Thanks for the response. I'm in Ireland.

As you say, I'm losing a bit of distance with my irons compared to what I should be getting but quite a bit of that may relate to playing in the wind almost all the time.

I'm capable of playing DG and like the weight. Was just wondering was there any feedback on the TourV as it's the only other offering that Hogan do in steel. As I'm nearing 50 years and driver speed is down from 105 to 102 the last couple of years was thinking the slightly lighter option may suit.

Ping G400, TM M2 HL 3w, Cobra Baffler Pro 20, Ping S55 4-pw, SM7 50, 54, 60, Odyssey White  Hot 8, Prov1x

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I just saw Portmarnock in your sig - a beautiful course....

The KBS Tour V plays somewhat similar to the "normal" KBS Tour but at a slightly lower weight of 110g. DGS300 for comparison would be around 127g. The KBS Tour V provides a higher flight compared to the DGS300 but with comparable spin depending on your angle of attack - for links golf I'm guessing your swing is pretty shallow?

Anyway, the shaft feels pretty comparable to the venerable DG but with a little more zip which you can feel through impact due to the weaker tip. It's not everyones cup of tea and in the wind (like on a links course?) can be a bit of a hinderance rather than a help. The DG 105 would be a similar story. 

The are other options like learning how to flight your irons down (easier with a bladed type iron) or just taking a longer club and swinging smoother - there's no shame in losing a few yards as you get older,  but never assume an iron "owes you" distance. I would advise to see a professional to see what your combined options are with swing and shafts before committing yourself to purchasing a set of whatever you want. I'm not too sure of what the pro shop at Portmarnock has to offer but the short trip to Royal Dublin has a Trackman fitting centre that can help immensely. 

It's always tough when you've already made up your mind on the set you want, but you need to have the patience to get the set-up right. If Hogan are on your radar, you could try the reverse method of contacting the US office and seeing if they can ship to Ireland (they say they can) and hold out for a demo set, or go a see if you can demo the lighter shafts in another model . Again - don't put yourself into a shaft ball park simply because it's the only option a manufacturer offers in the irons. 

Best of luck in your golf.

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Thanks for the advice and indeed Portmarnock is a fine club, I'm very lucky to play there. Your input on the KBS Tour V is greatly appreciated and sort of confirms what my own thinking was. Unfortuanlty I'm quite steep on my irons so Tour V sounds like it's out for me. 

I'll look into your idea of contacting Hogan in the US and also try a few other brands here. I already had a fitting for Titlesit and they suggested T200 in KBS tour S.

Many thanks again. 

Ping G400, TM M2 HL 3w, Cobra Baffler Pro 20, Ping S55 4-pw, SM7 50, 54, 60, Odyssey White  Hot 8, Prov1x

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I ... in the exact same boat last winter. I played HOGAN APEX my whole life up until 2000.   At 55 years old (hndcp 2), Was swinging Titleist MB with Ctaper 125S+.  Loved them HOWEVER....  I had to swing aggressive to feel them which I always have but by hole 14 , now I was getting tired!!  So without fitting unfortunately, I thought to myself I am going to try a lighter shaft so I bought the Hogan ft.worth black, 1 degree flat,  with the KBS TOUR V STIFF, 110 g.  GORGEOUS CLUBS!!  Pros: I can play 36 a day again!!  4,5,6 irons have longer down range carry .
CONS: had to change my swing to a longer, much smoother transition .  Tend to balloon a bit when I get and want to get, aggressive.  I could hit laser like bullets with the Ctaper , not these, totally different feel .  Just have to trust the smooth swing and they are fine.  But that goes against my nature 😎😁, so it’s a trade off. 

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I have played the KBS Tour V shafts for the past three years in Titleist AP3 irons.  I’m 53 and our swing speeds are similar and my swing is similarly steep.  I’m a digger, but generally hit the ball first and then the ground.  

The KBS Tour V produces a lower flight than many other KBS shafts and with lower spin.  It appears to be designed to reduce dispersion and help counter a hook.  The Tour V is fairly stiff for a lightweight shaft due to the larger outside diameter of the shaft being carried further down along the shaft and having a more stable tip section.

I’ve recently put the KBS Tour V wedge shaft into play as well.

Very smooth shafts for their weight.  The C-Taper lite shafts will have a higher trajectory and be somewhat heavier in the R & S flexes and lighter in the X stiff than the Tour V.  

The Tour V shaft was used by Phil Mickelson in his irons when he won the Open Championship.

Good luck with whatever iron and shaft combo that you put into play.


Ping G410 LST 10.5

Tour Edge EX 10 - 16.5

Tour Edge XCG7 - 21

Titleist 818 H1 - 25

Titleist AP3 6-48

Corey Paul Functional Art 52, 56 & 60

Odyssey O Works Black #7 with Stability Shaft

Bridgestone Tour BRX

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