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  1. I’m a firm believer in play it as it lies. One thing that seems to be ignored by those advocating free relief is it would almost certainly lead to a reduction in people repairing divots. This would be even more likely if preferred lies was the norm. 

    I actually had to hit out of a divot in my last round. It was in the rough and partially grown in. The ball was sitting down significantly but still playable. Took my medicine and bunted it down the fairway and then holed out from 60 yards for an unlikely birdie after a good bounce. A classic example of good and bad luck balancing out.

  2. Sorry everyone, I have no way of restoring the spreadsheet. It's  probably easiest (although frustrating)to start fresh. Tried going into the spreadsheet from 2023 thread, but as expected it's linked to the same one.

  3. Solid round but should have been much better. 7 over playing off 7. Another poor finish, doubled 16 and bogeyed 17. Had to hole a 8 foot putt to par the last. Missed 3 birdie putts from 3,4 and 5 feet. All were slight misreads but well struck putts. Disappointing as it’s rare for me to have that many close chances. Had 2 birdies, one after a good approach to 6 feet from 70 yards, the next was a hole out from 60 yards. Drove the ball reasonably well, conditions were pretty windy, with a few strong gusts making things interesting 

  4. I’m fortunate that golf in Australia is relatively affordable, especially in the area I live. There are clubs that range in price USD255-USD1800 annual fees within 30 minutes from my home. We can play all year round so even better value compared to those with limited seasons. Perhaps the best value golf anywhere is at Barnbougle in Tasmania. World rated golf for USD160 or 95 for locals. 

  5. Did a bit of everything. Full swing irons, a few drivers, some putting and a bit of short game work.

    Tried something different with my irons. Didn’t aim at all, just swung the club. Lined up with the divot line I was making and swung. Ball flight was very solid, and consistency was great. 

    Putting worked mainly on distance control doing ladder drill.

    Short game hit random pitches from 20-40 yards. Kept it short and sweet as things were working well 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Rob Person said:

    This is one thing I've yet to do. Mainly because I don't want to be exhausted after only 9 holes in our southern heat and humidity. Maybe I'll give it a go in the winter time.

    I normally walk, but recent health issues meant I need to manage it a bit. I feel like I have better rhythm walking than in a cart

  7. Really happy with my round today. Golf was solid, 7 over playing off 7. Disappointing finish, four over for the last 3. Best part was I walked the entire 18. Was thinking I’d probably cart the back 9 but was feeling good so decided to keep walking. Throttled back the pace a little compared to normal but still kept up. Drove it solid, irons ok and putting mostly good. So happy I was able to walk the course comfortably 

  8. On 3/12/2024 at 5:25 PM, Keg74 said:

    How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score?

    Played a little when I was young, taking up the game again around 12 years ago.

    What do you love about golf?

    I’m bit of a competitive animal when it comes to sport so when I finished playing cricket golf was next.

    What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies?

    I love stats and figures and how they relate to actual performance when it comes to sport. Been following/ reading MyGolfSpy articles.

    Where are you from? What is your home course?

    Australia, Victoria, Geelong.

    Home track is Barwon Valley GC

    What are the best and worst things about golf in your region?

    There’s some top courses within a short distance which is good. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be enough more affordable options as it can be difficult to get a tee time on my home track and others.

    What do you do for a living?

    Machine operator

    How’d you pick your user name?

    Nothing to Whitty just my nickname and birth year.


    Current WITB

    Callaway Rogue Driver

    Taylormade M1 3w & 3 hybrid

    Ping G430 4 Hybrid

    Ping i210 irons pw-5

    Vokey SM7 wedges 50, 54, 58

    Scotty Cameron select fastback putter

    Sun Mountain bag

    Bridgestone Tour B XS ball

    HC 9.5

    Welcome aboard, what’s the Stench😂😂

  9. I’ve been thinking about moving into the “players distance” iron space for a while. After my recent health scare I might get permission. My youngest has even started lobbying the finance manager on my behalf😅Her line was “if he died we’d have less money than having him alive and buying golf clubs” Subtle as a truck that one.

    I’ve had a hit of my mates TM790s, easily a club further with a good descent angle, so they’ll be on the list. Will probably look at all the options in the space and hopefully end up with something that works for me

  10. All is going well (apart from the food😂) Had 2 more stents put in another vessel. It was reasonably tricky but went very well.

    Unfortunately I’m a statistical outlier, as I have virtually no risk factors. Hoping that bodes well for the future

    Get to go home tomorrow morning, just in time to farewell my youngest who begins a minimum 8 month trip to Europe/UK on Wednesday.

    Hopefully only a couple of weeks off golf, but I will be doing everything by the book and won’t be rushing into anything 

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