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How to Choose the Best Golf Balls?

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I'm looking for a new ball that have 70 Mph swing speed. While I was searching for 70 Mph swing speed, I came to know Srixon Soft Feel Ball. When I was about to purchase for amazon,reviews confused me. Weather should I select this or go for another one? Can anyone help me to select a ball having 70 Mph swing?

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Play the firmest ball you enjoy playing around the greens

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:titelist-small: ProV1



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If you want to play a urethane ball (higher spinning around the greens) buy a Kirkland ball from Costco.


if you don’t care about spin, the srixon soft feel will be fine.

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And as always, Kudos to Craigers.

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The top balls in the market; like the proV line,  will perform the best at any swing speed. But you may also want to consider price, how many you lose, what you are looking for in a ball, etc.   what confused you about the reviews?  

id look at ProV1, Snell, Kirkland.  

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To add on buy different balls and test them on e course to see what one performs best all around.


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5 hours ago, RoadPaul said:

I'm looking for a new ball that have 70 Mph swing speed. While I was searching for 70 Mph swing speed, I came to know Srixon Soft Feel Ball. When I was about to purchase for amazon ,reviews confused me. Weather should I select this or go for another one? Can anyone help me to select a ball having 70 Mph swing?

As indicated above, there are many things to consider.  I think ultimately cnosil hit upon the most important consideration..cost.  If you want the most consistent, performing, and least variation ball to ball, then likely the expensive ones Pro V1, Srixon Z-Star, or TP-5, will likely live up to the adage you get what you pay for.  Depending on your ability you may or may not reap the benefits of the added 25-30 dollars a dozen.

However, that being said I use Bridgestone E12 Soft(24$ a dozen, you could probably track some down, but they replaced them with another ).  RickyBobby got this in first I see.  The beauty of inexpensive ones are that you can buy 3 dozen sometimes for the cost of 1 dozen pro v1, and try them out.  I've played Wilson Staff Duo Soft, they were nice.

Lastly I would add (just keeping an eye on the big picture)  buy ones that are not cost prohibitive for you. I mean no offence, and don't know your ability,  but play ones that the cost of which, allow you to without very much hesitation drop another one and play on. 

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Pretty much everyone has said what you should look for, but also keep in mind that if you are new to the game, there is a chance your swing speed will go north of 70mph.  I liked the Wilson Duo when I wasn't swinging very fast...first ball I ever shot par with (36 par, 9-hole course) and the only time I've shot par.

Also, welcome to the forums...stick around and gain a lot of insight, and offer some input as well.

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I suggest the Snell if you are going to stray away from the proV or whatever top tier ball you prefer. Usually takes some trial and error to find what’s good for you but Snell is close for half the price! 

Richard Walter 

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I would say we can't help you.  I will also say, go out and buy a bunch of balls you are interested in and try them.  Hit full shots with your irons and woods as well as half shots.  Hit wedges, chip shots, bump and runs etc and see what ball feels best to YOU.  That's the ball you play.

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If you don’t have any kind of starting point in mind you can buy a random assortment of balls off eBay for pretty cheap it won’t be brand new balls but for testing purposes it will give you several choices. Then shag the rest of them. 

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Cobra f9

titleist ts3 3 wood and 4 hybrid

titlesist u500 2 iron

srixon z forged 5-pw

cleveland zip core 50 and 55

taylormade high toe 60

taylormade spider x 

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