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How many balls do you carry?

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Probably around 2 dozen total…don’t do anything specific for a round.  Have one pocket with new/good balls that I generally start with…have another pocket of decent balls that I’ll play if the round starts to go sideways (like some of my golf balls!).

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver

TaylorMade Stealth 3 wood

Titleist U510 Hybrid (3H)

TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB Irons

Vokey SM8 Wedges (52/56/60)

Odyssey Ai-ONE 7S Putter

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I carry about dozen in pocket of new balls.  In another pocket are balls I find on course to use  as shag balls.  Then in one of large pockets keep another dozen just in case.   Never had to use on course though.

Mickey Ward 

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12 if I am riding, but have found I really don’t need them.  Most rounds I may lose 1 or 2.  Could definitely get by with 6 and feel good about it.   Especially when walking.  

I play once a week at least with a regular foursome. Between a 14-17 handicap, but working to get more consistent.  Enjoy walking when it’s not too hot.  

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I carry around a dozen new balls in my bag.  When I start my round I have the ball I’m playing out and a spare in my left pocket just in case I need a breakfast ball, want to hit a 2nd pissed off shot or put one in the drink.  I generally pick up lost balls as I see them and occasionally clean them out of my bag.  I add them to my collection of found balls that end up in my yard since I live on a golf course. 

Mark Luft

Driver:  PING G430SFT 

Woods: PING G430SFT 3, 5 & 7

Irons:  PING G430 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, W, 45, 50, 54, 58

Putter: TaylorMade Spider X HydroBlast #9

Bag:  Bag Boy Revolver

Push Cart:  Bag Boy Nitro 3 Wheeler

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I will take a new sleeve to play with. I have a pocket of used balls that are to be donated to my shag bag but might come out if I lose too many in a round. Hardly never happens unless it’s a scramble. I I might have a dozen overall in the bag. 

Now back in the day when I was sure if Jekyll or Hyde was going to show up, I carried all I could until it got too heavy and I’d unload some. Never wanted to run out of balls. 

Glad those days are gone. I also do find quite a few when I play. I’ll keep the ones that are good but give the others to my father in law. 

Matt Dura

Francis Marion University Hall of Fame 2018

default_titelist-small.jpg.035c687f1ee4f222f65826e0f2ccf716.jpg TS4 9.5*, HZRDUS Smoke 60g Low spin driver; PRO V1X

default_taylormade-small.jpg.e5271abefda63fc90c515812858df654.jpg M3 17*HL turned down to 15*, Mitsubishi TENSEI CK Series 65 Stiff

Ben Hogan 17* & 21* EDGE CFT Hybrids

default_ping-small.jpg.4f6644e7b181538ad4356fa5baa9ab06.jpg i200 blue dot, KBS Tour 120 S 4i-PW; Glide 58*/10

default_cleveland-small.jpg.c369c88345deb6bf5d6da562e36c46e9.jpg 50* RTX 588; 54* CG10

 LeanLockLogo.jpg.79bf29d6bf78b2208e2a58de63e92193.jpg.c85827f16c4e90eabef5b35daa9e8b47.jpg APA Model 1

ODIN.jpg.36f5f3d3738de8051e6e80e0aec7b2d2.jpg X1

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9 in the bag; with extra in the car 😉

Currently playing Titleist 905 9.5 degree, 904 @ 15 degrees, 913 @ 19 degrees: Maltby DBM Forged 4 - gw, TSW Forged 54, 58 degree, ping answer 2 Kirkland Signature (2024);  I use any combination of Titleist 905 9.5 degree, PXG 0811X 9 degree, Titleist 904 @ 15 degrees, Maltby KE4 14 degree, Titleist 913 @ 19,  Maltby KE4 Tour FDE 19 degree driving iron, Upswing 7 wood 21 degree, Titliest 670 2-PW, Cleveland 52, Callaway 58, Maltby DBM Forged 4-GW, Maltby TSW forged 54, 58, Vokey 52, 56, 58, 60 Ping Anser 2 (1990), Scotty Bullseye, Wilson Bucktown, Odyssey Rossi White Hot, Odyssey Versa;

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I carry 6-9 new balls, so 2-3 sleeves. I keep a couple what I call "bag balls" normally, which consist of a couple decent ones that I've found while playing just in case I'm having a rough day. 

D - Cobra Darkspeed X - 9 deg - Fujikura Speeder Evolution VI 661X

3W - Taylormade SIM 2 - 15 deg - HZRDUS Smoke Black 80

HY - Taylormade Stealth UDI - 19 deg - Ventus Black HY 9 TX

Irons - Taylormade P790, Project X 6.5 (4-P)

Wedges - Vokey SM9 (50.08F, 54.10S, 58.08M)

Putter - Special Select Newport 2

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A dozen or so. Usually two new sleeves and then some balls that survived previous rounds.

Take Dead Aim

Driver: PXG 0211 10.5* 

Fairway: Titleist 917 F3 15*

Hybrid: Adams Idea Pro Boxer Gold 18*

Irons: MacGregor MT-86 Pro

Wedges: Vokey 50/54/58

Putter: SeeMore X2 Costa del Mar

Ball: Srixon Z-Star

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What's in the bag? This is....
IRONS         Srixon ZX5 5-AW fitted with Elements Recoil 806 F2 Shafts
WEDGE's     Vokey SM9 54* 14 Fitted with Elements Recoil 806 F2 Shafts and A 60* Jean Carlo Golf Wedge (Amazon)
DRIVER       default_taylormade-small.jpg M6
3 WOOD     GX-7 14°
HYBRIDS     cobra King F9 Speedback 3&4  KBS TOUR HB GRAPHITE 75 R
PUTTER      L.A.B Link1 33"
Lamkin       Sonar+ Tour Calibrate Standard Golf Grips
I also use Garmin Approach S70 and a Bushnell V3 (no slope)
And a Full Swing Kit launch monitor for the three times a week or so when I practice. 


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I always start with 3 balls in my pocket.  If walking with my carry bag, then an additional 3-4; if using my push cart or riding, an additional 6-9 (plus any foundlings).

Driver:  Ping G425 Max (10.5º; Regular )

Fwy:  Cobra King SZ (3; Regular); Ping G410 (5; Regular)

Hybrids: Ping G410 (22º and 26º; Regular)

Irons: Cleveland Launcher XL (6-U)

Wedges: Ping Glide 3.0 (54º/12º), and Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 (58º/8º)

Putter:  Ping Karsten Anser X

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I probably carry about 12-18 golf balls. I may lose one on the course, but for the most part play a solid round. I usually carry 12 of the golf balls I play with (I flip flop between Vice, and Callaway) and 6 or so 'water balls'.

Driver: Callaway Rogue ST R Flex

3 Wood: TaylorMade Razr

Hybrids: Callaway Rogue Max 3 - 5

Irons: TaylorMade M5

Wedges: TaylorMade Milled Grind 4 52, 54/Titleist Vokey M6 56

Putter: Odyssey White Hot OG 7





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On 4/20/2024 at 6:30 PM, Rob Person said:

Saw a guy today at the GC load his bag with 2 dozen balls. (New Tour response)

I asked him why so many? He replied that if he hits one cart path, tree branch, root, or hard packed area, that he plays a new ball, then just bags up the "used ones" and gives them to the high school team. 

I'm sure we all have had a ball hit something playing a round, but 90% of the time there's no damage to the ball, and still very playable. 

So how many balls do you pack for a round?

I have 12 usually.  6 for the round, and 2 sleeves incase a friend needs a new ball.

I carry 2 of them in my pocket though.


Rob, great question....When I started, I had probably a dozen or more "plus" any found balls during the course of the round.  Lately, I have pared way back - to, like you, 2 in the pocket and may a half dozen total in the bag.  That does change when I'm in "testing" mode as I will have a sleeve "each" of the varied brands on the testing block that day, but like I said for regular play, its gonna be around 6 total for the bag.  As far as dings, scuffs go - I will play a ball to death - it has to be pretty beat up before I retire it to the shag bag.  I really need to let go sooner, yet when a ball plays well I like to keep it in the game as long as I can still find it or until the dimples go flat....

WITB?:ping-small:  G400 SFT w/Aldila NXT GEN NVS 55 Aflex ; :ping-small: G410 3w; :ping-small: G400 3h(19), 4h(22), 5h(26) - stock Ping Alta CB R-Flex; :edel-golf-1:SMS 6i, 7i - KBS TourLIte 95 R-Flex; Maltby TS1 8i-9i-PW w/Apollo Acculite 85 R flex; INDI FLX-S wedges (50, 54, 58) w/Recoil graphite shafts -R-Flex and :odyssey-small: AI-One 7T BD Milled (aka Millie), ball choice tends to be Pro-V1 or simliar 3pc urethane balls. 

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6 balls is good enough for me. If I gouge one with a wedge or smoke a tree with my ball I will swap it out for a new one. Haven’t lost more than 2 golf balls in a full round in several years. Unnecessary weight to have more than 6. 

JackieMoon_LMS: 3.2 handicap

  • Driver: Taylormade Stealth Plus 
  • 3W: Taylormade Sim 2 
  • 3H: Taylormade Stealth Plus
  • Irons 4 - PW: Taylormade Tour Preferred
  • Wedges: Vokey 50, 54, 58
  • Putter: Never Compromise GM2 Mallet
  • Ball: Vice Pro 
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At the start of the season, I would load up 6-9 fresh balls.

But throughout the season when losing or finding balls that number would fluctuate anywhere between 2 in the bag to 25.

If heading to a new course, I'm bringing at least 2 sleeves, and maybe some "not so premium" balls in the event of a bad day with the driver.


Driver: Cobra LTD X

4 Hybrid: Taylormade SLDR S

Irons: PW-4 Titleist 714 AP2

Gap Wedge: Titleist SM8

Wedges: Callaway PM Grind 54 and 58

Putter: Taylormade B1s Nubbins

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I always start off playing brand new balls every round. I usually start with a new dozen balls to play and 3-4 that are used in good shape for particularly troublesome tee shots. If I scuff one, I take it out of play and put it in the bag to give to my 10 year old. I’ve gotten to the point where I can get through most rounds with about 2-3 balls if I’m playing decent golf. I have one in my pocket to play and the other two from the sleeve in the cart. If I have to go get another new sleeve out of the bag I’m still good. Whenever I get down to 2 new sleeves, I put another new dozen in the bag. 



Vokey 52, 58

Scotty Cameron Select Squareback 2

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I generally carry between 18 and 24. I usually only need one for my round, 3 on a bad day, but I like to be sure no one I'm playing with is going to run out. I play with a remote push cart, so the weight is of no concern to me. 

Edited by Dave Gignac
Corrected off to of.
  • TM Stealth 9* 
  • TM SIM 3 wood
  • TM P790 4-PW
  • Cleveland RTG 580 52*, 56*, 60*
  • TM Spider GT
  • Titleist ProV1X


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10 -12 for me as well. I will replace if I hit the cart path or a rock. Trees not so much.

D- Ping G 400 SFT

16*- Adams Tight Lie

19*- Adams Tight Lie

4H- Ping G 400

5-U- Ping G 400

SW- Nike

56*- Ping Glide 2

P- Sub70 004 Mallet

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