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  1. Spent an hour or so rolling putts down a yardstick and over a dime. . Tweaked my setup a little bit since I was rolling the ball off the left side at about 32 inches. Closed my shoulders just a touch and was able to start getting them to roll off the end pretty consistently..
  2. My post was #17 about the quality of graphite. [emoji12]
  3. I am 5'10, use a 35” putter, and my eyes are inside the ball. I was fit to my specs based on how I see the putts line. There are lots of ways to fit a putter. Feel is important but I also believe firing is just as important. I want the putter that helps me roll the ball the best and has enough feel that I can tell when I don't hit the ball correctly.
  4. Not being brutal, just questioning a fitter that would say your swing was too fast for graphite. You are now saying that you weren't interested in graphite. You not being interested is fine, but now we see it wasn't the fitter
  5. Hmmm..... puzzling statement to me. Graphite has come a long way and I don't think this is accurate.
  6. I used S300 for years and the weight wasn't an issue. But that is something you need to decide. What are you currently using and what is the weight difference? Is this the underlying reason for the question? You hit both shaft about the same with a little more distance with the. S300. If you are concerned about end of round weight, get a club with an S300 shaft and go hit a couple of buckets of balls and see what you think.
  7. Looks like he has been reading the old threads today. 2015 is still a bit in the future, I think he is operating in 2012 right now.
  8. Yep. I tried to write my comment from that perspective. Said he was missing left which is a push. Also indicated he may be a little more left side dominant. High rotation putter with left miss may mean he needs to work on getting the putter through to the right side. Basically the body prevents the left arm from getting the putter completely through and the face is left open. His new low rotation stroke may not help since he is probably still leaving the face open. Completing the stoke by trying to move the putter back inside the target line may help bring the ball back to the right. More words here but based on your comment I tried to explain in more detail.
  9. That's a good deal. Wish I was available to take advantage. Enjoy the weather
  10. So you are pushing putts. If you are using your left arm/hand a bit more it could result in a push because the putter you aren't able to bring the putter through to the right side. My suggestion would be to work on rotating the putter through the finish to get the putter through to your right side.
  11. What changes did you make to your stroke? How do you power your stroke? Shouders, left arm, right arm?
  12. So GG fitted you to a strong arc and you are seeing slight arc on the ping app. How do GG determine strong arc? There are lots of opinions regarding putter fitting. In the ping app arc is the same as rotation. So for a slight arc the general recommendation would be less toe hang. And no, you can't easily make a putter with lots of toe hang have less toe hang. Let's try to analyze what you are seeing regarding your putting. How do you power the putting stroke? Do you miss left or right or do you hit your line? To check you can put a dime about 16” in front of a ball and using different length strokes see where you miss the dime. If you hit the dime consistently don't do anything with the putter if you have a consistent miss changing you putter or possibly your stroke. The putter or stroke change is a bigger discussion. Putting is about controlling distance and starting line. If you can manage those two things your stroke and putter are right for you.
  13. 1. What information are you trying to gather? 2. Possibly. Some people are successful with the wrong lie angle. I putter that is too upright will have the toe in the air and may lead to missing left. 3. Yes you can bend putters to get the right loft and lie. Easier to bend for lie than loft. Bending loft has a tendency to make the putter sit open or close. I am an advocate for a properly fit putter. If the putter doesn't correctly fit your stroke, it makes starting the ball on your intended line more difficult. If you are starting the ball online, don't change anything about the putter. I don't necessarily consider made putts since there are multiple factors that determine if the ball goes in the hole.
  14. 90 - 18 = 72. Just referenced as angle from vertical shaft
  15. Sometimes with that much damage you wish it was totaled because you never know what you are going to have when the car repairs are finished. Hope it all turns out well.
  16. Just to clarify I didn't say that you needed to use the rock the shoulders approach. I am left side dominant in my stroke. You sound like you are better at controlling face angle and use different speed/tempo with a single stroke length for different length putts. The cupped wrist and always having the same stroke length is how you get the face angle correct at impact. But your point about acceleration is still important. You need to make sure you complete the stoke to get the ball to roll the right distance consistently.
  17. Game is a mess. Seem to have things under control for a few hole only to fall apart for a few holes. The only positive think I can say is my pitching/chipping is moving in the right direction and I am hitting fairways off the tee.
  18. Wedges are the key for me. The pro game is now bomb the driver and hit wedge which I can do on shorter courses/holes. When I play a longer courses i start to miss more greens and need the wedges to pitch and chip. Either way, wedges dictate my score and yes, i agree it should be something we focus on. I think the issue is the same as putting; when you go into a store, they use the launch monitors to fit woods and irons, but not wedges and putter.
  19. Shouldn't be missing short from that distance. Try to make sure you are finishing your stroke and make the putt with some authority and not dying the ball in the hole.
  20. Make a bigger swing with the putter? There really isn't a secret to hitting a putt farther; just have to make the right length stroke for the distance. Does this happen at a particular distance or do you leave all putts short?
  21. Will wait until the crowds die down.
  22. Finally had the opportunity to read through the review. Thanks for the complete and indepth review of the school. Sounds like you got some solid instruction; just keep working on what they taught you changes seldom come easily
  23. That is most people's thought when they see the car. Cop said unless there is a fatality they don't do investigation into speed and listen to the stories of the drivers to determine fault. With only a big knot on her head from hitting the window and having to have us drive her to school everyday it is a life learning experience for my daughter.
  24. Insurance adjuster stopped at $23k worth of damage and said that was without digging into all the engine damage. Has taken a few weeks but it seems like all the insurance settlements have been done and the judge was nice to my daughter and told her she has to go to a driving school and come back in6 months. If no tickets or anything he will dismiss the ticket.
  25. I was just glad my daughter, her boyfriend and the people in the other car were ok. I was surprised no airbags were deployed in the car. Apparently since it was not hit in the front and to far forward on the side for any of the bags to deploy. Impact spun the car 180 degrees and onto the sidewalk. My daughter was turning left off of my street. Driver of the other car said he was doing 35 when he hit the car. While my daughter was at fault for not yielding right of way, I think he had to be doing faster. The EMTs and tow truck driver asked what happened because they could figure out the accident since the damage was on the wrong side of my daughters car and the other car was half a block down the main road.
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