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I know the impact snap has been around for a while, but wanted to share my experience with it.  I searched the site but couldn’t find any threads on it, so as a fairly  new member I hope it’s OK to post this. 

I finally decided to order one and received it Wednesday night. I watched the 7 day training videos on You Tube and worked with it for the last 3 nights.  I played 9 holes Thursday and Friday trying to implement the release with some success. It finally started to ‘click’ on the last couple of holes. 

Today was a member member tournament at my club and I shot a 75, my all time low by 2 strokes. There is no way I would have shot anywhere close to that without what I learned by using the impact snap. By the way, my index is 11.6.  I finally understand how to release the club properly, and stably. I think it’s a great product and highly recommend it!

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Good info.

I have a gizmo that tries to do a similar thing .. the "Swing Setter" from David Leadbetter. Have not picked it up in a long time, though .. maybe I'll give it a try.

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