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TP5 dilemma TP5 or TP5X


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I found a TP5X and played it until I lost it the other day. I liked it and went to the store where they have a special to buy 3 get on free. They know me at the store and said I would be better with the standard TP5 as my swing speed being under 95 MPH could get more from the softer ball. I need to make a choice and wont have a chance to buy a sleeve of each as the sale is over today. I could use all the distance I can get so need to make the right choice. Thanks for your input.

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The TP5 is a good ball, I've hit some of my better drives with it. It feels great of the club face and has great spin around the green. I've just started playing the X today and really haven't seen much difference, it just flies a bit lower and spins a little less. If you're comfortable with the X and how it performs with your game, I'd stick with it. You know it and what you can get out of it, besides golf balls are a personal preference. 

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Also you can go to golfdiscount.com and they have close out deals on 2019 model TP5 and TP5X practice balls.

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That they would think you’d be better off the the non x model simple based on your swing speed shows that their knowledge of golf equipment is limited.


They may mean well but I’d smile, nod and ignore going forward. 

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Agree with @revkev.  X vs non-X has nothing to do with swing speed.  The difference is in firmness and spin.  Your big box store guy needs a better education on balls.  You made the right decision to go with TP5x.  

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For most of us it is hard to find a difference in any ball.  How much difference would any ball make in your handicap?  Whatever that intangible is, go with it.

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My understanding is the X tend to fly higher. More than anything, I think you play what feels good to you.

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I started playing the TP5X, and not looking back. Around 95 swing speed.

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3 hours ago, 550025KV said:

Agree with @revkev.  X vs non-X has nothing to do with swing speed.  The difference is in firmness and spin.  Your big box store guy needs a better education on balls.  You made the right decision to go with TP5x.  

You are correct that TP5 is softer and spins more, but it's also lower compression and suited to a slower swing speed.  The TP5X will be longer for a faster swing speeds, but not for at 95 SS, which won't compress the TP5X.

OP would likely be a better fit and see better performance with the TP5.  But always start with the ball you like in short game and work your way back to the tee.  If you like the firmer feel of the TP5x, go with it.

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I play/practice in simulators during the chilly Ontario winter and watch my numbers closely (or the COVID ridden summer, we're the only territory, province, state in the world not allowed to play golf, but I digress)...

I have a very steep swing, and rather than change it, I compensate accordingly. The goal for me is spin reduction, and I've chosen club, shafts, balls, etc. to beat spin. I use the TP5X accordingly. 

My swing speed in only marginally more than the OP, but the 'X' takes about 200-300rpm of spin off vs. the regular TP5. I would say that you feel the compression (or lack thereof) on off centre hits, but if you connect with the sweet spot more often than not the TP5X will work at a slightly below 100mph swing speed.

It works for me around the greens, and the small tradeoff in spin is worth it to me to maximize my shots, especially off the tee.


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The 2021 models are SOOOOO close together in testing, it may not matter to you.  distances are identicle, so spin rates and launch angles mean nothing out on the course. if the 7 iron goes 160 with ball x and 160 with ball y....who cares.....pick one and use it...dont overthink this one....both balls are so similar to each other its scary...

Golf is cool

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