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Who’s Played Yale?

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Hey Guys.

So I’ve been dying to play Yale for quite some time so just the other day, I went and applied for approval/access to their online tee time booking website. 

Just two days later, I got an email from the GM of athletics granting me approval.  I almost fell over as I applied thinking I might have at best, a 1/100 shot but it’s legit and my account is registered.  

That said, last thing I want to do is invite a coworker or even my boss for that matter, show up and their be an issue in not getting on.  I’ve read everything on their website and I can’t find anything, but all I’ve heard by word of mouth is that it’s extremely difficult to get off on as it’s private and extremely exclusive.  

I live in Manhattan so while I don’t mind the 1hr 1/2 drive, would suck if I invited someone for a business outing and then get carried out the club house before I could even see the first tee box. 

Anyone played it and can help maybe put my mind at ease? Would rather not risk, calling the head pro directly only to have him revoke my access. 


Brock C Davison 

Things To Know :

  • I hit my 7-iron like John Daly hits the 3
  • Brands I Stand By: Peter Millar, Taylormade, PING, Seamus, and of course Titleist 
  • Favorite Golfer Of All Time: Payne Stewart & Freddy "Boom Boom
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I was able to play Yale a few times, but its been several years.   The course is aweome, challenging and fair. Great layout.   I have seen that Yale is opening it up to some nonmember play and it seems you have to have some affiliation to Yale, teacher staff graduate etc.  Wish i could help you more but thats all i got.  If you get the opportunity, play it.  

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I played recently.  Online tee times for the public after you make an account and are sent login info.  I agree that it is a fair course and great layout just beware that hole 18 can take bite back.  A renovation is planned soon.  
Beware of the Gnome on 14.


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