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  1. 19 minutes ago, bens197 said:

    A long swing isn't a death sentence.  Some guy named Mickelson just won a major championship a few weeks ago with a backswing that would make JD blush.

    Rather than try and harness it, I would focus on your tempo and rhythm.  This sounds more like a timing problem than body mechanics, especially since your iron play isn't frustrating you.  

    Send a few videos of your face on and down the line swing and there will be plenty of folks smarter than me who could possibly steer you in a good direction.

    Thanks I’ll work on getting a better video. I’ll upload a winter video !

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  2. I have had a long john daly swing since I was 13 years old(now 30). No matter what I try I simply cannot shorten it.  Iron play is fine but my driver is so inconsistent. When I was younger my driver was consistent somehow but in the last 5 years im all over the place with mostly pulls. Anyone struggle with this and have any tips or drills to try? I know most people will say “just shorten it“ but its tough especially when it slices and feels well under powered when i try it. Silly post for most people who have never had a long swing but its a struggle!

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  3. 3 hours ago, Lenge13 said:

    I recently went to Ugolf in Dubuque, IA and was VERY impressed with the Driver fitting session ($150 for an hour, but if you buy that day the fitting fee is taken off your purchase).  Tristan (the owner) got me in on short notice and even gave me a few "lesson tips" to help our session go better.  At the end I was fitted into a TSi3 Mitsubishi AV Raw White 65g stiff shaft.  I was shocked at the numbers the TSi3 provided on the Trackman, I am not great at driving the ball and play with around a 12 handicap.  What I learned by going to a fitter is something I have NEVER read or heard online (anywhere).  My misses are usually a slice, but even (what I feel are) good shots tend to fade out to the right more than I would like.  I was currently gaming the TS2 with Hzrdus Smoke (low spin shaft) because of more "forgiveness", but what I learned from the fitting is that the TS2 (and most "forgiving" drivers) created too much spin for me.  That creation of spin from those "forgiving" heads were making my ok middle hits into bad fades or even slices because of 4,-5-6000 rpm spin rates.  The TSi3 cut my spins rates down by 2/3rds and was hitting straighter and straighter drives (The Callaway Epic Max LS was in the running too).  The last drive I hit on the Trackman with the TSi3 was only 2300 rpms (I hit over 6000 on the TS2), 168 mph ball speed for a total 299yrd drive (and SOLD).  I would have NEVER purchased a TSi3 on my own since I was thinking it was for "better players".  I say all this, so others may think about their driver choices and do not count out "low spin" drivers that are marketed for "better golfers"!  And as always...go see a fitter!

    Curious if your spin numbers were down on the cobra radspeed driver? I had a similar setup and got fitted to the cobra with black smoke. I didnt get to try the tsi3  so i was curious how spin numbers compared if you remember?


  4. I too have 2 daughters that are 4 years old and 5 months old.  We have a public course where i keep my golf cart.  Its nice because my oldest loves to ride or steer the cart.  Sometimes ill use that as an excuse to go get a round in.  Other times The wife and I will trade off days to do stuff so we both get free time to ourselves.  Works out pretty well for the most part. 

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  5. 43 minutes ago, cciciora13 said:

    Can't speak on the 004 model but I demo'd the mid mallet putter ( top performer on mygolfspy in 2019 or 2020 I believe). Putter was slightly heavier than normal, but felt very stable and the feel was amazing. I also liked all the customizable options you have from shaftbend, to grip. 

    Thanks for the info. I dont live anywhere close to demo so In hoping for some good insight. 

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  6. I have been having great success on hitting fairways with the bridgestone tour b x golf ball.  It is an all around great performing ball. The only downfall I am noticing is greenside spin is a little low for me.  
    Anyone have any golf ball recommendations that are similar but with more greenside spin? 

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