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  1. 10 hours ago, Kenny B said:

     Our anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks and we can't play golf. What will we do??

    Kenny, you're just going to have to man up and do what married slobs all over the world do once a year on that "special" date - look her tenderly in the eyes and .. and .. ask her about her .. *gulp* .. feelings .. and then .. listen to her and .. yep .. respond back with something good........

    I promise it'll all be over fairly quickly and you won't feel too much pain. 😉

  2. This was the nice day, a few days ago, sandwiched in between the kinda weather that helps you keep you home.... Yes: enjoying a Stella while I attempted to chip one-handed (yes: put the Stella down and went back to two handed).


    Net is a SKLZ "Quickster" 8x8 and it really is pretty quick and easy to set up and tear down. The chipping target is easily removable (and usually hangs on the inside; I was just experimenting with it on the back side). 

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  3. On 4/1/2020 at 10:47 AM, Berg Ryman said:

    well I certainly hope I get something tagged onto the back end!

    Was gonna say the same thing; I currently have a subscription but only after the last one ran out and I waited until they finally sent me one those $5/mo promos.

    After this current sub runs out I don't think I'm gonna renew for myself, tho (will keep the wife's sub going) - we've been listening to Google Play Music a lot at home and it works well enough in the car via cell phone connected via bluetooth or cable.

  4. 18 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:

    The Recruit Group will be aimed at assisting new members... (etc.)

    * WELCOME * all new Recruits!!

    There are two other important resources to check out...
    #1. MGS Moral Code @ https://forum.mygolfspy.com/guidelines/
    (also found under "Members" on the banner menu at top of every page)
    #2. FAQ (also found on the banner menu)

    Looking forward to reading more interesting golf stories and viewpoints!!!

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  5. Writing and updating a blog can be a fantastic outlet at any time in your life; help re-orient your energy and your thoughts to something positive .. help reduce stress and feel better. Good stuff!!

  6. 23 hours ago, BIG STU said:

    A few years back I did a conversion on an EZ-Go golf cart for a paralyzed veteran to be able to play and hit balls.

    Love it! Can't find it now but a year or two ago there was an article in a local golf mag about a trick shot pro who was disabled and had a cart just like that - swivel seat so he could turn and and then it tilted forward so he could hit. And .. in a funny coincidence .. he always had a (small) dog with him wherever he went!!!

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  7. 4 hours ago, BIG STU said:

    I side 110% with handicapped people in the fact they have a right to a quality of life especially a veteran. 

    110% agree. There's a VA not too far away from me that has a great little 9 hole course on the grounds. I volunteered there for several seasons; a few of the other vols are vets of "different abilities" (yeah the PC term).

    Needless to say *ALL* vets are welcome to play, alongside the regular public, though I've only seen one service dog the times I've been there. She .. beautiful Black Lab .. was part of the America's Vet Dogs program and there to socialize in a new environment. And of course the course owners / managers had absolutely zero problem letting her accompany her handler (who was riding).

    Also another muni near me has a Stand Up & Play cart (donated to the course) and if that golfer has a service dog they'll let it accompany them. 👍

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  8. Rob / Mr. CG2 -

    My truly sincere sympathies......

    Your description and memories of her are WONDERFUL!!!! Hang on to those! 

    I can also empathize with you watching the struggle with dementia ..... I had to watch my father, who used to be fit and outgoing and a quick wit and a kind word for everyone ... waste away bit by bit by bit over a period of almost 13 years. Awful awful AWFUL AWFUL awful disease.......

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  9. I'm with the majority and would enjoy seeing any well-behaved dog on the course .. with a responsible owner. 


    To ask the flip side of the OP's question, though - and I guess as was mentioned earlier it's covered under the ADA - but can someone be excluded from playing on a golf course because they require their service dog to be with them to assist them if/ when need be..? 

    Just tossing out a thought..... some people require a riding cart to be able to play - would taking a service dog really  be any different? 

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  10. Well this afternoon I practiced being a plow horse .. pushing the (mechanical, not motorized) aerator up and down and all across our pretty large yard.

    This evening I'm practicing testing some tasty craft brews (yeah yeah I know there's a separate thread for that but that's what I'm practicing!)...


    "Huntington Harbor Hoppy" aka H3 from the local brewery. One of my all time faves! And during the current, umm, "situation" they're offering curbside pickup and delivery!!! 🍻

    This follows a Dogfish Head 75 Minute, which will then be followed up by a Six Harbors XPA - their version of a cross between a pale ale x an IPA.

    See -- good practicing, right? 😝

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