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Sign up Closed: Edel Array Putters

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Equipment Type: Putters
Vendor: Edel

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Custom Fitting At Its Finest

At the heart of Edel's brand is custom fitting. This is especially true with their putters, as their fitting carts host most options with the available “modular” build. If you have not experienced an Edel putting fitting, it should be on your bucket list of golf things to do, as they offer a truly unique experience.

The new Edel Array brings another level of customization to putters and features several new options.

These include four different models, with all three mallet designs now being available for left-handed golfers. There is also a single right-handed only blade design available.

The other options include four different neck options, two alignment aids for the blade, and six for the mallets. As well as five sole weight options, four grip choices, and a Tour Lock Opti-Vibe Weighting system for internal shaft weighting options.

That is a lot of options in one putter!

Edel Fitting Cart - 1.jpg

What Edel Is Saying

Edel says their Array putters are “Machined to the tightest tolerances for exacting precision. Each putter features a striking surface forged and machine-milled from 1025 carbon steel, known for its superior sound and softer feel. In tandem, head shapes and multiple alignment plates offered by the Array Putter line create a very powerful solution to aim bias."

The Testing Opportunity

We are looking for four testers to test, review, and keep an Edel Array Putter they are fit into. The selected testers will share their fitting experience and testing experience with our community to see how this new line truly performs!

Are you interested in being a tester for the Edel Array putters?


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*Registration closes Feb 14
*Testers will be announced on the Forum Feb 20
*This testing opportunity is open to registered MyGolfSpy Forum members located in North America.
*Testers will be responsible to schedule and be fit for the Array putter at their own expense.  A list of local fitters can be provided.


Wow - this is going to be a great opportunity for four fellow spies….i can see the fitting process being a once in a lifetime never to forget experience.  Early congrats to those chosen and a big time thanks for the MGS staff and Edel for putting this test experience together!  

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