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Sign up Closed: 2023 MGS Forum Test: Takomo Iron Set

Number of Testers
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4,084 signups
Equipment Type: Irons
Vendor: Takomo

Takomo Golf is a Finland based Direct To Consumer Golf Club manufacturer who produces a wide range of irons for golfers of all levels.

Screenshot 2023-03-08 22.27.59.png

The Scandinavian Mindset
Originating from the country of timeless design Takomo brings the Scandinavian mindset to golf – quality, and durability without compromising on style, for everyone. Takomo’s way of operating seeks to combine functionality and accessibility. Uniting this mindset with clean design has its roots deep in the Scandinavian way of thinking.

Streamlined and ageless design is at the heart of everything we do. We create a design that boosts your confidence and elegance that’s easy on your eyes. Our products combine the perfect balance of beauty and performance, to deliver the timeless experience for every golfer.

We are super excited to have them as part of our Member Testing Platform for the first time this year! For this test we are looking for 4 MGS Forum Members to test their range of irons. 

Takomo 101t - 2 Testers
Takomo 301 CB - 1 Tester
Takomo 301 MB - 1 Tester

This Test is open to Forum Members worldwide, however Right Hand Only!


New to the Forum? Interested in how we select our testers and want to increase your opportunity at being selected in this or future tests? READ MORE HERE!



Discovered this company last year and liked everything about them. To me their designs screamed old school, clean and solid lines, no fancy badges. Especially like the that you can purchase heads only and build your own. 

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2 hours ago, Kanoito said:

Lol I was confused with the name... thought it was another JDM wannabe... then read it means "forged" in Finnish.

Are they only available with KBS shafts? 

I wonder how the 301CB forgiveness will fare, even though they have perimeter weighting, they don't seem to be very forgiving.

They have also released the Obsidian Shafts which are a house brand graphite shaft. They are planning on putting up a specs page sometime soon. I’ve been interested in the info about this new shaft to see which shaft they offer would best fit my swing. 

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A huge Welcome to Takomo on joining the MGS testing party.  Have seen some great reviews on YouTube.  These irons remind me greatly of the first irons I was literally gifted in the late 90’s -  MacGregor Mike Souchak blades from the 60’s (which I still own - see pic).  


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I'd jump in, but I honestly don't think my iron swing is good enough to fully take advantage of these beautiful irons.

If my iron swing was a building it would have scaffolding around it saying 'work in progress'

Good luck to the lucky forum members chosen for testing. I look forward to reading your thoughts

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