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One Sentence Story

GolfSpy STUDque

This thread started as a one-word-at-a-time story but transitioned along the way to one-sentence-at-a-time to help move it along and let people steer a bit. Have fun with it and keep the story going!

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OK folks. Let's get those creative juices flowing. It's time for a community experiment. Timing seems right since we've got so many new members looking for a place they can participate.


The rules are simple, each post can only be one word. You can post a picture in addition to your one word, if desired. There's no limit to participation but don't post more than one at a time. Together, we'll make an epic story.



Ready?!?!? First poster gets us started.







Here's the writing prompt:

Roy, a carpet salesman in his early 40's is out for a round with his weekend group. A wayward drive sends him searching for his ball down by the treeline. As he approaches his ball, he sees a white rabbit who whispers "follow me."





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