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Maxfli Tour


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11 hours ago, CarlH said:

I have played both and prefer the X but my club head speed is significantly lower than yours.  More green side spin/stopping power.  A bit higher ball flight off the tee.  Firmer feel (and clicker sound) off the putter.  

I’ll have to give the X a try. I will say when hit perfectly, I have some of my longest drives ever with the tour but I think I give up a ton of spin on approaches and around the green. 

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The maxfli tour x will be my ball until the price equals the prov1x. Although the Prov1x is 3-5 yards longer off the driver, and spins 200 rpm more on partial wedge shots, that doesn’t justify paying twice the cost.  Ball flies and spins identically off the irons for me. Can’t tell the difference off the putter either. I literally tell everyone I play with about maxfli’s: my playing pards are sick of it!


Driver - Cobra LtDxLS

3 Wood - Ping g410 LST

2iron - Titleist U505

Irons - Ping i59

Wedges - Vokey Sm9

Putter - Mizuno Mcraft IV


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