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  1. Welcome and feel free to jump in with your thoughts and opinions.
  2. Most of us have probably done this. Most of us probably answer some of the questions incorrectly as well especially when they start asking about ball flight, tempo, and length of backswing.
  3. Stock is 70 so 3 degrees may be a push; might require some heat to move it that far. WIthout heat it is probably 50/50
  4. This is why systems like aimpoint don't work for you. You need to see the imaginary line the ball is rolling on. Aimpoint has you aim left or right of the hole.
  5. There are some many different viewpoints you can take on this. I'll take a page out of Topline's book and say that the bigger problem is that people don't practice enough. People will move to more forgiving irons but still not play any better. People seek more forgiving clubs but the forgiveness prevents them from feeling why they are hitting bad shots. Even if players were to go with fitters recommendations, without lessons and practice play will still not improve because while they may have the right equipment they are unable to interpret the results of a swing.
  6. Yep, cost is one of the big drawbacks to this game. Fortunately, my equipment purchases are minimal and I trade in or resell to fund the new purchases. I typically spend about $60 a week playing.
  7. How about we make automated carts with timers and cameras. Located in the clubhouse is a cart monitoring system that will show how spaced out everyone on the course is, the shop can monitor the players on camera and even tell them to pick up pace. If players continue to be slow you can disable the cart to allow faster groups to play through or they can take over control and drive the carts back to the clubhouse. Don't give the players technology, give control to the course itself
  8. And a lot of mad golfers when the pace is slow and they can't complete the round in that timeframe.
  9. Golf league match last night. My 9 hole handicap on this course was a 1. First hole, flew the green and could never find the ball took a double . Second hole pushed my approach about 20 yards right managed bogey after a poor pitch. Got it together for the next few holes until I started missing greens; had absolutely no distance control on the short pitches, everything was ending up way past the hole. Guess that is better than the chunks I was having earlier this season but ended up 9 over on a course where I only hit my driver once and hit irons off the tees since the longest par 4 was 348 yards 3 doubles, 3 bogeys, 3 pars 3 fairways, 2 greens, 13 putts. team lost by 3 strokes; obviously my play was to blame. Need to stop this downward spiral or poor play that I have been in.
  10. There is some discussion in the TXG thread on this very subject. A head to head comparison is apparently about to hit their site.
  11. @Topline, it has been observed based on your posts that you don't buy into the concepts of fitting using technology such as launch monitors and prefer static fitting, old school club design, and working through how to make the clubs and swing work together. That is fine and you are welcome to have those beliefs. The general reader of this thread believes that technology has a place in fitting and have seen that launch monitors are beneficial in the practice, lesson, and fitting area. Perhaps you should start a thread on your approaches to fitting and swing theory. Provide some detail on how we can get better and how your observations translate into real world performance improvements. I know I would be interested in hearing your perspective in more detail. Please note, this is not taking a shot at Topline, he is entitled to his thoughts on fitting. I am just hoping the attacks on people stop in this thread. I enjoy this thread, I appreciate that Matt is here to personally answer some of our questions, and no I don't agree with everything that TXG has stated in their videos. Ultimately if the TXG content isn't something you enjoy, simply skip the posts in the thread. @matt416, Really want you guys to dedicate some time to putters and Ian's theories behind fitting them and showing how putters with different face balances and hosel types impact the path and rotation of the putter.
  12. Not for the whole set, just each sets 6 iron. After looking at my ball strikes, I do think I am hitting the center of the face more with the Wilsons. Haven't tried my Callaway's on the course in a while, maybe I am just swinging better.
  13. I notice you aren't sharing the tip
  14. Where do you draw the line regarding the amount of detail in a yardage book or do you believe yardage books should be banned? Could we extend that to no practice rounds on the course so that they don't get an an advance look at the green or pin positions? Is the issue the yardage book or the detail?
  15. I don't mean inconsistent distance with the club in general. While my launch monitor numbers seemed to show that I was hitting the the same as my calalways, on the course the Wilson's seem a bit longer especially with the short irons. I am wondering if my face contact on the callaway was less consistent which resulted in less than solid results.
  16. As I get more rounds and time with these clubs under my belt, I need to figure out their distance. Not sure if I was that inconsistent with my last clubs or if these are just a touch longer overall especially with the shorter irons. 4 iron is becoming a question mark due to a lack of consistence, hybrid going back into the bag may be a longer term solution. Need to get some driving range time with the 4 iron to do a better assessment.
  17. Here is some additional food for thought on reading greens. http://puttertalk.com/community/index.php?PHPSESSID=9pj1mqnm1d2h5pcbr64263b792&topic=47324.msg440218#msg440218 There are other interesting posts in that thread but it explains different approaches. Some of the other posts address putter alignment aids.
  18. Keep in mind that unless you can control speed and line then you won't be able to read greens very well. So it is a reasonable question. If you cannot start the ball on your intended line, it is impossible to tell if the miss is the result of a mishit or a bad read.
  19. When you say that the ball is going to be X distance from the hole, do you generally roll the ball over that spot at the hole? You mind may be actually trying to hit that spot. When I Identify a spot left, right, long, or short of the hole, that is more often than not where my ball seems to go. For me thinking about the balls path works better. Learning how you proceed the information you are getting is key to better green reading. Also, If as you indicated rolling on you line and at desired speed you aren't leaving yourself long second putts. Additionally most people have higher expectations on making putts than they will actually make. Remember the 50% line for PGA players is about 8 feet.
  20. Distance control is the hardest part to adapt too. Keep practicing an it should improve.
  21. Multiple ways to read putts and based on you post you are getting the direction correct. If the direction is correct you would start to look at speed and line over time on different breaking putts. Do you miss both directions of break the same? As someone mentioned you could try aimpoint, it is based on math formulas on how much a putt will break based on the greens slope and speed. Many people try to read a putt by how much you should aim left or right of the hole. Another way is to visualize the curve if the putt or the path it will take to the hole. In the end it becomes experience about seeing the slope and knowing speed of greens. The more you putt the more you will be able to predict the break. That is why you do best on your home course, you play it all the time
  22. It is a teaching method on course management about aiming for areas that suit your miss and have the best chance for recovery. One of the premises is that off the tee you should hit the club that will get you to an area that is 60 yards wide. Do a google search there is a website and some videos on YouTube He is a link to YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCeVCpvV8BfIqcLahWaJEATQ/videos
  23. If you are 104 with 7 iron, you should be 120-125ish with driver which would be well into X-Stiff, maybe stiffer.. I have seen people say 107ish is the point at which you may be shifting over if you are looking solely at swing speed. If you want spin reduction, I would suggest M3 with weights forward.
  24. this is basically what I do as well. I do find that some clubs work better that others. I do this with lob to 5 iron depending on carry and roll needs, but struggle a lot with the sand wedge.
  25. Probably true. Go to a fitter aligned with a specific manufacturer you get what they have available in the cart. Go with a brand agnostic fitter, they will most likely have some biases. Picking out clubs for yourself will provide the same differences, some like the older more traditional clubs while others believe that newer larger clubs provide better results. We could also apply this to lessons and what different instructors would have a player work on. Whether it is done by eye or by electronic assistance a fitter will have different ways to get to their desired goal. just as static fitting will give you some measurements but take nothing about the clubs design into consideration so they are all theoretically the same.
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