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Group Buy Comments posted by GolfSpy_APH

  1. 4 hours ago, Mr. Mushball said:


    BTW, I only knew to order based on curiosity of what was going on with this endeavor and decided to check the thread.   I didn't opt to follow the thread, but definitely had an interest.  Is there a way to send a notification to all of those who expressed interest in the buy so they could get in on the deal before the deadline?

    There will be a newsletter that goes out promoting it, however all of those who made commitments prior  and did the "sign up" are expected to follow up. We have an announcement up on the site so I would hope that if anyone made the commitment to purchase and we had given a general timeline that they would be checking in every so often. 

  2. Okay all now is the time! Links will be posted here shortly as they are going live for you to place and pay for your orders directly from Red Rooster. 

    We have named the glove after the idea creator and one of our hardest working Forum Staff Tim Root - The Root. 

    There will be two links posted. One for those in the US and one for those in Canada. 

    Please ensure you use the proper link!

    Didn't sign up here originally? No worries! You can still purchase yours even if you didn't sign up. Want to add a few to your order? You can do that too! 

    Spread the word and let's make this a big success and maybe we can bring it back again sometime next year. 

    To all who made original orders you will need to place your order before October 1st as this is a limited time and limited run! 

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