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Battleground Golf Course in Deer Park, TX

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This is one of the best courses, overall, in Houston, when you consider course design, condition, price, pace of play etc.  Now I've only played a dozen courses in the Houston area, but this one is best overall so far.  I'm not a guy who is willing to drop $100+ on a course, so you can rule out those from my list.  


Design: Each hole is named for something associated with San Jacinto battlegound where Texas fought for and won independence from Mexico.  This course has a little bit of a "Link-sy" feel to it.  The fairways undulate naturally.  There are some tall grasses growing naturally in some locations along the rough. It is not a very long course, so you can expect to score well here.  There are also plenty of trees.  Some Houston courses are all but devoid of trees. Many of the fairways at Battleground are lined with trees.  Hole #5 is especially challenging for me.  It has a short tree lined fairway where water crosses at about 250 yards.  Then it turns sharply left and uphill to a green protected by sand traps.  You need to get the ball to the right side of the fairway and as close to the water as you dare so that you aren't hitting over tall trees to cut the corner up to the green on the left.


Condition and Facilities: The staff is great here.  They maintain the course well.  The greens have all recently been reconditioned.  The fairways are kept short and neat.  Houston weather is very tough on sand traps, so all the course have issues with keeping traps dry and playable.  The clubhouse has a nice restaurant and bar.  The pro shop is small but adequate.  The driving range is good size and they have three practice holes that loop around the driving range.  The practice holes consist of a par 3, 4 and a 5.  They also have a practice green and bunker for your short game.  Darren Heflin is a fantastic Pro with very reasonable rates. I've never had an issue with pace of play. It gets busy on weekends, but the marshalls are attentive.  Average price here is around $40.  There are routinely discounts as well as Golf Now and Groupon deals.



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Wedges: Scorgolf.jpg 4161 in 53, 57 and 61

Putter:  :ping-small: Pal - Karsten TR

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Nice overview Jcropp! Can you add some pictures? Pictures really give people an idea of course conditions and layout. If you don't have any, consider taking a few on your next round. Thanks. We need more courses add to the review list.

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Nice ...... good to know.

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I really enjoy battle ground....a lot. Good track reasonably priced. What other courses have you played in the area. Also hope youre staying dry. Most of my friends live down there and it is sad to see one of my favorite cities in that condition. I saw some of the pictures and told my wife,who is from there ,that I wont be going back for a while. I saw the retention wall on 290 collapsed and 290 is already a mofo.

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I looked on their website but no pics of the course really. Sounds nice and the rates are good too.

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I have not been to Battleground in several months but some of the guys who post on Greater Houston Golfers on Facebook say their greens are in terrible shape right now.  

Hope they get them turned around soon.

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