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PXG 0211 Iron Review

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On ‎9‎/‎21‎/‎2019 at 10:34 PM, TxRedMan said:

I’ve looped for enough PXG to throw in my $0.02..., I’m impressed, and that is not easily done, I’m on the fence about at what point they are worth the price, but if price isn’t a consideration I would highly recommend getting to a green grass demo day. Especially if you’re in the demographic of “not willing to concede I can’t get a little bit faster just yet...”

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Tx. I will say the price is what stops A LOT of people. Fortunately enough they offer the Heroes program, which made them more affordable than any other major brands middle of the line, and top of the line clubs. I paid $1195 for 5-PW, GW, SW, LW, Driver (Free), and putter ($95 deal). Now let's compare that to my TM M6's I bought to go with them 3W, 3H, 4H which I paid $700 for with my military discount through TM the price also includes shaft, and grip upgrades. I looked at other brands, and with upgrades needed I was looking $1300-$1500 for irons alone, add in driver, extra wedges not available in a lot of other sets and putter it would never happen at the price I got.

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Recently got my pxg 211’s at Club champion. Love them. PXG is currently running a deal at $125 a club online with some added costs for various shaft/ grip modifications. This is not a heroes program cost but linked to the date 2/11/20. Go get em.

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