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Testers Announced: Fujikura MC Shaft & Evnroll V Series Putter

Equipment Type: Shaft & Putter
Vendor: Fujikura & Evnroll
Please congratulate our testers!
Screenshot 2021-07-02 19.04.22.png Screenshot 2021-07-02 19.04.12.png
Screenshot 2021-07-02 18.37.11.png
The graphite composite/multi-material putter shaft is far from ubiquitous. However, things are changing.
Callaway nearly made it mainstream with Stroke Lab. Bryson has 14 graphite shafts in the bag, including an LA Golf Partners putter shaft.
The most recent addition to the growing cadre of steel alternative putter shafts is the second generation of MC Putter shaft from Fujikura.
While it may not come with a side of fries or a plastic toy, the MC Putter is yet another option that suggests that maybe, just maybe, the future of shafts is graphite.
But, because it's tough to evaluate a putter shaft without, well, the putter, we have a little bonus. Each selected tester will receive a Fujikura MC putter shaft and Evnroll V-Series putter head.
Screenshot 2021-07-02 18.38.08.pngScreenshot 2021-07-02 18.38.23.png
We are looking for 4 (Right Handed Only) anywhere in the world - Please use Sign Up button top right --->


Ohh this is too tempting! I’d love to put the Fujikura putter shaft to the test! 

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Another putter!?! Yessssssssss never used graphite in a putter 

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I'd (almost) pay a "King's ransom" if this putter/shaft combination could improve my putting! 

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This is intriguing. I have a steel shafted putter I used to use, and currently game a stroke lab putter with that multiple material shaft. It'll be interesting to see how an all graphite shaft works in comparison to the other two.

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If it helps, great!  If if doesn't, fire the Product Manager at Fujikura for his Proctor & Gamble approach to golf.

Sooooooo tempting...another flavor.

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I would like to try this putter shaft Presentle I use a Cameron Newport 3

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What an awesome opportunity. I’ve been thinking about finally replacing my Cameron Teryllium and Evnroll is at the top of my list. 

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 Count me in. Very interested. Mr Rife has been a dominant force in the marketplace. 

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Good luck to those that apply...a Carlsbad trip is in your future! That will be fun!

Carlsbad Matterport 3D Service Provider | 3D Toursimage.jpeg.dd45dc29b13d32992fcd91ad944b3b56.jpeg

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Thss Addams for the consideration. Currently playing. Scotty Cameron Newport 2, with a composite shaft (Stability Putter Shafts from Breakthrough Golf.)

Have putting green in back yard, remote learning testing could be an option.

In Midwest 

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Love the feel of the Evnroll putters, and if this shaft has the stability feeling that Fuji is claiming. That has to be an unbeatable feel. 

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I need a new flat stick, and a trip would be awesome too. Good luck to all! It can be any of the other 3 they want to add. 

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My review will not necessarily be an endorsement of the product, but a detailed synopsis of how the product performs on all types of putts and how it feels.

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Definitely could use some help in the putting department. Would love to test it.

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On behalf of left handers across the universe, I am filing a class action suit against my golf spy.  I am so old there were no left hand clubs when I was a kid.  It's the only thing I do right handed except for putting.  Too many years at the miniature golf course

Love you guys,

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