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  1. 6 minutes ago, Paul Hedrick said:

    Can you elaborate a bit on Arccos leaving current hardware users behind?  I am not sure what you are referring to.

    They are coming out with new sensors and a new link. There is no upgrade path for current owners/subscribers. The new Link can receive major software updates. The old link cannot. 

  2. 2 hours ago, Play18 said:

    I hear and feel your frustration, but tech companies will always create new and latest product.  When Whoop updated their product last year, they offered members to upcycle the older tech to friends.  Friends would get a free trial and upgraded members got a month extended.  That's a better solution, which increases new people to test before enrolling into a subscription.


    BTW, I hate buying new TVs and cars for the same reason.  There's always a new version around the corner.

    It’s really the not offering trade ins combined with the subscription service that bugs me. 

    And after using Arccos for two years I’m not quite sure what I am paying for. Especially when there is a competitor like Shot Scope that offers better hardware solutions and virtually the same information without a subscription 

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  3. On 5/12/2022 at 7:12 PM, jlukes said:

    If I don’t want shot tracking anymore I’ll just go with a Bushnell Phantom 2. Simple GPS with front middle and back works for me

    Arccos system gone.  I don't like their business model of making their own equipment obsolete without any sort of trade-in/up program ON TOP OF A FRIGGEN SUBSCRIPTION TO USE THEIR SERVICES.  

    The original Link can't get feature updates but the new version can?  Those bulky sensors you bought? Well now we have smaller and better ones, but you'll have to buy them too.

  4. 16 minutes ago, Shankster said:

    I will likely be doing the same. I do not have the link, but I find sifting through this data to be overwhelming and how do I use it?  I’ll write down my distances and get on with it.

    I like how it clearly defined weaknesses in my game. I was pretty aware of them but it was cool seeing them confirmed with data

    That being said I found the actual caddie club recommendation garbage. Didn’t account for tree lines. Seemed to favor accuracy over distance off the tee when recommending clubs. 

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  5. Unloaded my Arccos sensors and link. Loved the data, but now that I’ve been using it for two years I don’t really have use for it. I’m not playing competitively and I’m not getting lessons so why do I need more data? Will be nice not have to edit shots during or after a round. I can just play golf now. 

    I ended up getting a lightly used Bushnell Phantom 2 to meet my GPS needs. Front middle back numbers. That’s all I wanted.  

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  6. 43 minutes ago, azstu324 said:

    Oh they're chrome plated for sure. Aside from the risk of rust by grinding off the chrome, are there any other concerns that I should have?

    This is more of an experiment to see if I can create something better than what I'm currently using. If I eff it up, I'll just add it to the pile 😜

    I believe removing the chrome releases toxins so you need to be very cognizant of the process and protective measures you take.

  7. Just watched your video - your start the backswing with your upper body/arms/shoulders rather than your lower body and hips.  That leads to a strong "over the top" motion (out to in swing path) and thus you needs to leave the clubface open in order to not pull the ball dead left. Better sequencing to tone down the severity of the out to in and then other drills to work on face control would be where you should see improvement - but there are a lot of variables that can be the WHY behind why your are coming over the top

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  8. Spin is caused by face to path vs face angle relationship.  "slice" spin is because your face is open to the direction to the path the clubhead is traveling.

    There are literally hundreds of variables that could be causing this and you should see a teach professional to help to diagnose the root cause

  9. 5 hours ago, Shankster said:

    I’ll have to check it out.  I’ve been contemplating on dropping the tech all together. An index card with distances on it used to work pretty well.

    If I don’t want shot tracking anymore I’ll just go with a Bushnell Phantom 2. Simple GPS with front middle and back works for me

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  10. Considering ditching Arccos and moving to ShotScope with the H4

    I am really turned off with Arccos’s implementation of new hardware and how they leave current hardware users behind while still having the audacity to charge a subscription fee

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  11. Considering ditching Arccos and moving to ShotScope with the H4

    I am really turned off with Arccos’s implementation of new hardware and how they leave current hardware users behind while still having the audacity to charge a subscription fee

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  12. This thread deserves a big bump with the SMS Wedge testing signups happening

    Wheels are spinning on potential loft and grind combinations 

    2 hours ago, PMookie said:

    With the opportunity for MGS’ers to be a tester for these I figured I’d bring this out of the moth balls for folks to read about my fitting experience, and SEE the actual effect of moving the weights in pics.

    This system is for real, folks. 

    Haha. Did a google search to find this thread! Didn’t realize you already bumped it!

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  13. 11 minutes ago, dlow206 said:

    I was told my PLD custom fitter from Ping that the graphite shaft is super low torque and they got Tour player feedback that it was too stiff feeling. Maybe that is at least partially the cause of what you experienced?

    I'm not sure.  Could definitely play a part in it.

  14. So I still have (and will always have) the Ping PLD Miller Anser.  It is beatufiul.

    Perfect Anser head, beautiful black shaft and the PP58 midsize grip make it timeless.

    However, something has just been off for me with it and I cannot put my finger on it.

    I went to my local GG and rolled it side by side with the Anser 2 and for me there was quite a noticeable difference between the 2.  The Anser felt almost "lighter" than the Anser 2 and led to an inconsistent stroke for me.  With the Anser 2, it felt more natural for me to take back and easier for me to return at a consistent path and face angle.  The Anser 2 also feels better at impact for me.  It produces a deeper sound, while the standard Anser comes off a bit high pitches/hollow sounding.  Is it because of the black finish?  Is it because of the graphite shaft? Not sure, but it is noticeable to me.

    So I did what any reasonable golfer would do: I used all my saved up gift cards and bout the Anser 2 🙂

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