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  1. First round (and first time swinging a club) in 3 weeks due local courses aerating, rains, flooding and me having a hell of a cold

    Decided to take my usual set out and not use Arccos. Played surprisingly well given that I had some rust to knock off

    Shot +6 78 with two double bogeys from lost balls off the tee. Other than those two swing I played really well. Struck my irons about as good as I ever have. The workout program and swing speed training I’ve been doing has given me about a half a club more distance with the irons which was great to see. Burned a bunch of lips on some short birdie putts but did get two to fall



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  2. 8 minutes ago, Shankster said:

    Time for me to find a new hobby.

    Cmon man - you know how the game works.  You of all people are not one to buy equipment when it is brand new just because you want new equipment.  

    And most of the "averages Joes" are in the same boat - they aren't out there buying new equipment when it comes out just for the sake of buying it.

    I mean think about it - if you are doing things the right way and getting fit into equipment - you should really only considering buying a new driver once ever 3-5 years.  

    So is $50 more for a new driver every 5 years really that big of a deal?



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  3. 32 minutes ago, Shankster said:

    Yeah, I’ll just shut up now.  I was a business major many moons ago… I get the workings of all this crap. 


    All it is doing is forcing out the working man.  Yeah. Go buy used clubs whatever, but everyone likes new equipment.

    When are the other brands going to hike up prices on equipment (besides Wilson)?


    Some good stuff in that article.  Also PINGS is just catching up now to the other big OEMs that had already increased their price over the last few years.

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  4. 20 minutes ago, Shankster said:

    I understand.  You are in the business, you se it first hand.

    I still think it is a crock.  I can see the cost going up a little bit.  But there is no way that it costs an extra $50 in materials per driver.

    Gas prices here have been the same for my 2 years…

    Just bringing up some things, not trying to be a donkey’s hind end. 

    Ive seen the same thing in my line of work… 

    Shipping expenditures in July 2021 were 43% higher than they were in July 2020.  That is ocean, air and over the road. 

    It's not just the material costs themselves - it is the entire supply chain

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    Alan, I said this on Facebook in a post about golf green fees.   

    You can't make up for lost revenue.  You can try to maximize current revenue by making sure your product is priced correctly based on it's place in the market, your market share, current economic conditions and competitive set.   I say this having spent a good portion of my career in Revenue Management for both hospitality and golf industries. 

    It really isn't just jacking them up because they feel like it or are taking advantage of COVID.  I really hate that analogy when people use it.   Its not nearly the same thing as if a hotel were to all of a sudden jack it's rate up by $50 a night during a hurricane or blizzard  because people are stranded. That is price gouging, and it's illegal in most states.

     These companies have been faced with real and actual costs.   Many companies have gone to private and expedited shipping methods in order to try and get the product from overseas to the US quicker in order to fill the backorders.    The cost of gas/oil and other aspects that are affecting the country as a whole are no different to the golf companies.   if they have increased costs, it's only expected that they would have to pass them on, especially for a product that has such small margins to begin with. 

    Just my thoughts on it.  I understand we all get emotional about golf because it's our hobby, and we are passionate about it.   But we have to realize it is also a business to all these companies as well.  


    Price of metals have gone up.  Price of rubber has gone up.  Cost of shipping, especially overseas as gone WAY up.  

    These are real costs of doing business, and unfortunately businesses have margins to maintain and often pass price/cost increases to the end user.  

    It sucks, but it's unfortunately how business/capitalism work

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  6. If I could mix up my bag my changes would be:

    Radspeed XB Driver in 9* --  I could use a little more spin.  Unfortunately the 9* XB was unavailable during my fitting

    Radspeed Tour 5 wood -- this would replace the 3 wood and serve as my 2nd shot club into Par 5s

    King Tec Hybrid -- 4H would take the spot of both the 7 wood and 4 utility

    King Utility 2 Iron - This would be my secondary off the tee club

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  7. 15 minutes ago, txgolfjunkie said:

    As we enter September, I'm getting the itch to start a gofundme for the set of irons and 3 & 5 woods that have yet to be received so we can get this thing going.

    For selfish reasons, I'm playing really well and I've got a lot of golf lined up in September in anticipation of the challenge starting up. That and I want folks to keep their interest in this challenge despite the delay. 

    Yeah I’m anxious to get things going too. We just got some catastrophic flooding here so probably won’t be playing for the next week or so

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  8. 4 hours ago, greggarner said:

    carry is measured, spin is calculated (not the other way around) -- so it's actually reading the carry distance but then it's trying to calculate spin based on all of the other measured variables (which is one reason why I hope the spin can be improved through firmware updates)

    Carry is measured if you are hitting balls on the course or at a range and it can track the ball the entire time.

    Carry is calculated if you are hitting into a net by factoring in ball speed, launch and and spin (which is also calculated/estimated most of the time)

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  9. 18 minutes ago, greggarner said:

    I think Harry's write-up is pretty much exactly how I look at it: you'll get what you want out of it. If you want a unit that's reasonably close most of the time and has some features that other players at the same price-point don't have, this is the unit for you. If you're wanting a GCQuad/Trackman, move along. I've now used it twice, both times outdoors and I'd say that 90+% of the time, it seems like it's close enough. (Full disclosure, I stopped looking at the spin numbers after the first session when it said I had 3k spin on my driver and I know I typically have 1700-2200) I know my 7 iron goes about 165. So when I see a cluster from 162-168, that's good enough. If the GCQuad said the same cluster of shots was 161-170, does that functionally change how I play my game or reduce my confidence in the Garmin? Not really. But that's also specific to what I'm using it for: clubhead speed, ball speed, carry distance. And when I'm on the range, if the actual ball flight looks like the ball flight on the screen, then I'm also willing to look at the other data to get an idea of what's going on. But if I hit a draw and the screen shows a fade, I just delete that shot and move on because I know it misread.

    I do think the write-up could have done more on the 'simulator' side of things. For $10/mo I can play a cartoon version of basically any course I can think of and have some fun with variable practice and get a more realistic approach to working on my game instead of just blasting 10 7 irons in a row. Could I do that in "range" mode? Sure. But it's a lot more fun to pull up the course I'll be playing for next month's Member-Guest and try to mentally put myself in tournament mode to try and give my practice a little more focus.

    How the hell can a unit give you accurate carry distances or ball flight trajectory, direction and shape when it cannot properly read spin?

    spoiler: it can’t

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  10. MGS review is up and they did a great job of making it sound better than it actually is.

    Need 16ft of flight (good luck getting a net big enough to allow that)

    Driver RPMs off by hundreds and iron and wedge RPMs off by thousands

    Sometimes reading fades as draws and vice versa?

    $600 gets you that?

    No thank you.



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  11. 6 minutes ago, The Nug said:

    My whole bag is Mizuno and I am a massive fan, however, I have to say, I was very disappointed with the putters.  I only tried them in the shop a couple of weeks ago and I so wanted to love them, I just didn't.  Did any one else take time to get a feel for them?  I plan to invest in a Lajosi, however, I would still like to add an MCraft to the stable...

    I found the changeable weights really made a difference. Had an M Craft I and still have an MCraft II - both feel much better with the 3gg weights (345g head weight) as opposed to with the 8g weights (355g head weight). 

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  12. 4 minutes ago, russtopherb said:

    So if they're part of an ad network as a way to generate revenue, they may have no say as to what's actually being displayed on the mobile version of the site since the network brings in the ads and just displays them on a rotating basis. 

    That being said - I 100% agree that there should be a way for donors or "paid" members to not have to deal with those mobile ads. I shouldn't have to change to a whole new browser on my phone to make the forum experience better. I am all about supporting the site thanks to everything it provides, but once we've done that, we shouldn't have to deal with those ads which are a giant PITA.

    They don’t necessarily get to choose the exact ads, but they absolutely get to choose where the ads are located and how they interact with the site

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  13. 18 hours ago, yungkory said:

    Try Brave. It's built off of chrome but with more privacy in mind. Any time I can avoid giving my data to Google, FB, etc. I try to do so.

    On topic, not sure if it's the forum software, or the added functionalities, but performance is pretty awful in comparison to when I joined. Maybe it's the amount of ads, and I just don't see them, lol

    Eh I am all up in the google ecosystem so that wouldn't make a difference.  Plus i like having everything synced across devices.

    10 hours ago, HeathS16 said:

    My favorite are the ones that have an "X" button and but still won't disappear when I click it. Frustrating, but I get why the ads are here. 

    Yup and  when you finally click the magic spot to get them to go away they reappear midway through making a long post and cover what you are typing.

    Great user experience!


    It's painfully obvious the ones making the advertising decisions aren't actually using the forum

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  14. 59 minutes ago, Shankster said:

    3 under through three… parking lot party… wind out of sails…I need my own golf course.


    Me and the chrome soft are getting along extremely well.

    Are you playing as a single?  Just really going to be always an issue unless you are playing late in the afternoon


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  15. 27 minutes ago, PMookie said:

    I knew the driver, and the Titleist hybrid, just couldn’t remember the FW. I would think appearance at address would be a bit to get used to, confidence it’s a Ping is still there, but no turbulators, plus it’s not THE club you’ve had success with for quite some time. I’ll have to peak in the CCC thread to see if the Cobra stands a chance to fill the spot.

    The Radspeed 3W has been one of the highlights for me thus far for sure.

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  16. 11 minutes ago, PMookie said:

    Placed an order for a Ping G425 LST 3w with the stock Aldila Rogue White 80X, asked them to up-the-weight as much as possible, so should be D4. Ping says it will take 10 weeks, so I’ll maybe see it in October.

    425LST has been nice at the range so far for me. Going to take a few good rounds on the course to stay in my bag and not sell the head on eBay and by a few 410lst heads 

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  17. 2 hours ago, LeftyMatt89 said:

    Which is interesting. I forget what podcast but it was discussing the decade system and how in a lot of cases it’s better to be closer. 

    ‘’arccos does this for me today I assume because of my driver dispersion or my terrible short game play. It is interesting though 

    Yup. I believe arcccos overly values fairways being hit. I’d take 90 yards out from the rough over 170 yards out in the fairway almost every time. 

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  18. 1 minute ago, Brian A said:

    Planning on playing Kings North in Myrtle tomorrow and figured I’d look at the caddie preview on arccos. Found it interesting that it rarely has me using my driver off the tee, mostly using my 5 iron off the tee based on its recommendation unless it’s a par 5 and even then all but one it has 4 iron. Assuming it’s taking in to consideration my driver isn’t very accurate? 

    I’ve noticed that with the caddie feature as well. To me it values accuracy way too much over ditsance

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