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    Edel SMS Wedges


    Well this is certainly an interesting test that I am throwing my name into.

    I have heard nothing but great things about Edel via @PMookie but have never had a chance to try their wedges.  Luckily I have a Club Champion near by where I can go get fit for these wedges and would be able to do a super thorough review against my Vokeys.

    The moving the CoG really intrigues me

  1. 58 minutes ago, Berg Ryman said:

    So, I got thinking about this after reading this critique, and I think it gets even worse now that I wrap my head around it, but I do think there is a solution that doesn't involve a price raise.

    Normally, when you buy a year subscription to things, you can sometimes get a reduced rate instead of going on a month to month basis. For example, I game on PS5, I play for Playstation Plus and I buy a year subscription for 60 bucks, compared to going month to month at 9.99, a savings of 50%. Save thing when I buy a year's worth of a streaming service, like HBO Max I get a nice 16% savings for being a year long consumer instead of month to month.

    Now, I know that's not universally the plan for some companies, but with DDC, it is definitely not. You pay either $30 a month or $365 up front for a year, so there's no saving for going more long term. Now, @jlukes, here's where I think you can make the change. Make shipping free for those who buy in at a year, without a price change. At that point, you're giving perceived value by saying that you get to ship for free, while promoting the lower cost than going to month to month because if the shipment costs 20 dollars, well now you can say you're getting 12 months for the cost of 10, a savings of 16%. If they don't use the shipment, great, you're back to the 30 dollar a month cost with nothing lost, but at least you're offering an incentive to get more money from the consumer.

    Just a thought I guess

    Yup exactly. Shipping is something that you need to make the service work, so charging members a fee for shipping on top of the cost of the program is pretty crazy. Without shipping, there is no DDC so they just need to build it into their membership costs. 

  2. Just read the @Berg Ryman and review and I am perplexed about their business/price model

    So you pay an annual subscription of $360 with the option to get 3 different drivers.  But then you still need to pay every time you want to actually, you know, try a driver?!

    s***, just charge $400 for the membership with no cost to switch drivers.  Don't charge a membership fee and then nickel and dime your customer any time they actually want to use your program how it is designed.

  3. 11 minutes ago, TxTwinDad+2 said:

    Less than 24hrs after placing my order I was notified my shaft is not currently available. I will keep y’all updated through this process…

    Damn. Would have thought their website would work like any online retailer and show what was currently in and out of stock 

  4. I have one round in with my ER1v and I am really enjoying it.  I absolutely adore my ER2 from mygolfspy testing from a few years ago, but the 370g headweight was just something that I wanted to move away from and get into something lighter.  The ERv1 checked all the boxes for me online and when I tried it in the store and it performed well in my first round with it yesterday. 

    Excited to follow along with the testing thread and contribute my own thoughts as well.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

    Great thought but could be tough planning and could potentially take away from the overall review process. The challenges add a great way to force a focus on each aspect of the set which is key. 

    With that being said I thoroughly enjoyed the reviews last year and I think it shows especially with pinging @edingc comment that it showed through the reviews what did and didn't work for each of the testers. Breaking down on a week to week basis for reviews is key so it is not an onslaught of information al at once. Also whether or not the changes came directly or indirectly from suggestions it shows that the testers thoughts most likely assisted in changes. I am sure that is the goal in all this as with any test/review.

    Bingo - while there is a competition aspect to CC - the focus needs to be on the equipment just like any other MGS forum review.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Getoffmylawn said:

    I think there was a T100S test on here last year, and the new TSi drivers too, but for the most part I tend to agree.  As great as a multi-OEM test/competition would be, I don't think Cobra should have to share in that space...reward their dedication with some exclusivity...

    Re titleist, yes. That was my point. They have finally dipped their toes into equipment testing on the forum and we should be grateful for the work the mods did to pull that off

    regarding Cobra, this is their event/testing and while the chosen testers should be honest and open regarding the equipment they test, we should all still be grateful that a major OEM consistently engages the forum year after year

  7. 1 hour ago, Apolloshowl said:

    Before going into this thought I should state that Cobra is absolutely phenomenal for providing the forum with this opportunity for a single year let alone 5! Hats off to them....
    Now could you imagine having CC expanded and include other OEM's and have teams from different OEM's competing against each other. Yes it would need to be arccos based OEM's so ping and there is another isn't there? Either way... or maybe even better have another OEM or 2 put on something similar to CCChallenge, but at other parts in the season and have a year end faceoff between the winners!

    I think cobra is unique in wanting to engage the forum year after year for this.  While it would be cool to have other companies do similar things, I think we have to realize that it’s not going to happen. The MGS mods do a great job of lining up forum testing opportunities year after year. Companies like titleist, who never really engaged golf forums for testing, are now testing products via members of the MGS forum. 

    However only Cobra has decided to support forum testing at this level year after year. And I feel that goes under appreciated. While I have enjoyed following the CC in years past, I hope this year has a bigger focus on the Cobra equipment 

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