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  1. Played in my clubs ABCD tournament and won low net. Played a Texas Scramble where you pick the best ball off the tee, drop and play your own ball the rest of the hole. Our “C” player was long off the tee which helped me shoot a gross +1 73. I really need to add 30 yards off the tee and maybe I’d score like this all the time.

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  2. 45-39 for an 84. Missed a hole in one by about 3 inches on a 189 yard par 3. Irons stunk, Wilson D7 hybrid has become my favorite club in the bag and I threw a Wilson putter in the mix for the first time and had my best putting day of the year.

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  3. 3 hours ago, Peaksy68 said:

    Probably user dependant, I play in a very windy area and the Z Star performs well for me in the wind, better than most other options I've tried (2017 model)

    I played the Z Star yesterday in the wind and had no issues.  But I was back at my home course so maybe is was a one off and a lack of familiarity with the course I had issues. 

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  4. I wanted to close the loop on the “4 more yards” tees I purchased awhile ago. I love these damn tees! Am I hitting drives 4 more yards? Hell if I know! I do know the consistent tee height they provide has helped me a ton. I tend to start popping up drives late in my rounds because I don’t pay attention to tee height. Since they never break I handed out three of them to my group today and they loved them. Worth a try for those of you that struggle with consistent tee height.

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  5. Played 36 at the Bay course at Seaview in Jersey today. 87 and an 83 in very windy conditions. Last time there I shot a 77 but today is where my game has been lately.

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  6. you know that old song about the wheels on the bus going round and round ??
    well, the wheels start off round....turned oblong....and then just plain ole fell off.
    85 on a tight course where if you miss too far one way or the other (left/right/short/long) you may as well reach into the bag for a new ball.
    the shame of it is, post round I can think of at least 5 shots that I hit the ball well, but it flew longer than I expected and cost me 5 strokes.
    ...I can understand being upset when slicing/hooking/topping/fatting but when you hit it well and it still costs you strokes that is maddening.  

    I watched the round unfold Stroker. I log into the Grint and it says there is a live round going on. I click on it and you were on 16. Solid front but what happened on 10? Not gonna lie, I felt kinda creepy watching the round but I didn’t even know the Grint did that so I had to check it out.

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  7. User dependent I'm sure, it's still a great ball that I'm sure would fit a lot of golfers! Try the 2019 out and see if you notice a difference :). If the MTB-X doesn't beat out the TP5x, I'm going to pickup a dozen of the '19 Z-Star and XV to test myself as well.

    I played the Z Star quite a bit last year without any issues but it has been unusually windy every round I’ve played these balls this year. I was hitting the Duo Pro much better so may give them a go again tomorrow when I play.

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  8. The ball test prompted me to stick with a tour ball rather than the cheap 2 piece balls I usually play. I’ve been playing the Z Star and really struggled with it in the wind. Not so much cross winds but I am coming up way short into the wind and way long with the wind. Like abnormally short or long. Is this common with spinnier balls?

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