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  1. How's the testing going, guys?   Are you finding anything in particular that this putter does better than your previous gamer?  Anything that your previous gamer does better than the Evnroll?

    The Evnroll definitely rolls the ball noticeably better than any putter I’ve ever used and my distance control has been really good. I just can’t for the life of me align this putter properly to save my life. I may go have it tweaked a bit to see if that helps.

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  2. I game the XXIO X driver which has finished close to last the last 2 years in most wanted testing but nothing else that finished at the top can come close to knocking it out of the bag and trust me I’ve tried.

    The other thing is in 2018 the Srixon Z585 won most wanted GI iron testing and the Hot Metal irons finished 4th or something like that. In 2019 the Hot Metal irons were first and the Z585 were down towards the middle of the pack. Same clubs tested 2 years in a row with very different results.

    So yeah, use the testing as a baseline as Chisag suggests.

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  3. Has anyone else had any issues getting used to the ER2B from their gamer? It took me at least a month or two of probably 4-5 putting practice sessions a week to really feel like I could trust my stroke.
    Based on the feel I was getting, my best guess is it had to do primarily with the big difference in toe hang between the two putters. But now that I'm accustomed to the ER2B, I'm more confident with it than I ever was before with my Cushin.
    Anyone else have a similar experience?

    Honestly I am still struggling with it and I have practiced a ton. I played in Florida and had 6 birdie putts inside of 5 feet and missed all of them. With that being said my distance control has been great so I have for the most part eliminated 3 putts. I also took the liberty of blacking out the white alignment line and that helped but still missing short putts. My season is winding down so I’ll stick with carpet putting and I hope to dial it in by spring time.

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  4. Just now, McaseyM said:

    Love me some Cobra and pumped about this.  While i'm not in the market to buy anything new. Also pumped that it means the F9 stuff will be dropping in price, looking to change FW and maybe driver soon

    I am pretty sure the price drops happened today.  Got an e-mail from somewhere announcing it.

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  5. 1 hour ago, ballplayer002003 said:

    haha before you know it, black vans will roll up to your house and that will be the last we ever hear of you again!  lol

    It is too risky to rub out CG2.  The golf world would lose too many new club sales.

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  6. 32 minutes ago, GolfSpy Stroker said:

    I've managed to claw my way to the top of the Stud division and seem to have a few expendable assets for the right price.

    Take a look and if you see someone you really want PM me with a fair offer.

    In the words of Ted DiBiase, the Million Dollar Man, "Everybody's got a price..."  😁


    Knowing you about all you would accept is Mahomes for Darnold.  Nice job leading the pack but there is a lot of season left.

  7. My hot take is we should have done 4 leagues with 13 teams. All games should have been within your division or round robin with 3 games each week so all players play everyone. Trade deadline should match the actual NFL trade deadline since our season ends 4 or 5 weeks before theirs. Smaller reserves to create more free agents for guys with injuries or could not make the live draft. No injured reserve spot so guys can’t sit on players. But, maybe this is just how it works, again, this is my first time playing.

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  8. Just now, THEZIPR23 said:

    a. Advice

    During a round, a player must not:

    • Give advice to anyone in the competition who is playing on the course,

    • Ask anyone for advice, other than the player’s caddie, or

    • Touch another player’s equipment to learn information that would be advice if given by or asked of the other player (such as touching the other player’s clubs or bag to see what club is being used).

    So if I laser the pin on a par 3 and someone asks what I get that is a 2 stroke penalty.  If I answer I get 2 strokes as well.  Good to know if I want to be that guy in my Sunday group.  Here's a question:  if I laser the pin and say it is 156 yards to the group who are sitting in their carts 40 feet away can I get a 2 stroke penalty even if they don't ask for it?

  9. 14 minutes ago, palvord said:

    @Wedgie I'm curious as to what you mean by "freed up my game"

    Is it something like you have a baseline of data from Arccos and Garmin, now you are able to set those devices aside and use that information to make better decisions on the course, or is it that your mind on the course is no longer wondering if the shot was picked up and your focus can be purely on the task at hand because you are no longer using those devices?

    I think freed up my mind would have been a better way to put it.  With Arccos I was always on my phone fixing misses.  With the watch I have to tag each shot which isn't a huge deal but that was where my mind always was.  I have since turned off all tracking functions on the watch and just enter fairways hit, putts and score after each hole.  I like having tracking available for new clubs but other than that I just play golf now and don't worry about what each clubs does.  It has helped my scoring a little but helped my fun factor a ton.

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  10. Based on the people at Callaway and at the people at Cobra who would you rather buy golf clubs from? You can’t use technology as a reason, just the people you have met. Let’s see how you avoid answering this one.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    Yeah they pretty much have every club head many in LH as well.  If you have tour mind made up on a KBS shaft.but want to try different heads...then its a great place to go for a fitting. 

    Do you know if you can show up at KBS with your clubs and try different shafts in them?

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  12. I'm happy to see these thread still chugging along.  I gave up on Arccos last year and am close to giving up on my Garmin watch shot tracking.  For me I really just don't care about my stats and how far I hit each club.  I already have a pretty good idea of that.  I get why some people do which is great but I feel just looking at my watch for yardage has freed up my game if that makes any sense.  

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