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  1. Hard to justify the purchase when I can buy Srixon Q-star or Z-Star (on sale) for same prices with reliable and proven performance from a solid company. 


    Side note: how the heck do you say Acushnet? Is it like A-cush-net, or Acue-sh-net, or something different? It's been bothering me... 

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  2. To clarify, since it feels like my words are being taken as a cantankerous old man who also wants to "make things great again" and "back in my day I had to walk uphill both ways", I wanted to also note that the newer tech in clubs is a welcome addition. 

    It has allowed more players to enjoy the game with less frustration, less lost balls, and hopefully lower scores. The added forgiveness in my D7's has certainly saved my butt a few times, and I've really enjoyed the clubs overall - especially when moving from my old DCI'S

    It's a small annoyance to have to retool your bag, but I, along with the rest of you guys, have adjusted and ultimately enjoy the game more!

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  3. 14 minutes ago, Tsmithjr9 said:

    I just caught a video the other day. The M6 5 iron is the same loft as the R7 3 iron. It's getting crazy. No wonder lots of GI sets don't go lower than a 5 or 6 anymore.

    Take Dead Aim

    I talked about this very issue when I reviewed the Wilson D7's. Compared to my old DCI's I was playing at the time the loft was increased, on average, about 5* per iron...just crazy. Had to completely retool my bag, drop all FW's since the 4i was @ 19* and then add in 2 more wedges. 

    Needless to say, I'm not a fan of the loft jacking...

  4. So how does this work if we don't have 4 players participating in a given tournament? Looking at my roster, I only have 3 guys currently playing, so do they take the total and divide by 3, or what? 

    Realize it's a long season, but if I have a guy who only shows up for Major's and may play in a different tour, that's not as good a deal than a consistent guy who plays every tournament, right? 


  5. It makes sense that if we want to have a Leaderboard setup, then top 5 scores each week follows it nicely. Takes a little bit of the guess work out for some of the newer, or less experienced players in the league - especially considering the size of this league!


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  6. Got a bunch of last gen and new Z-stars for Christmas, but based on my play and budget preference I'll definitely give these Q-Stars a chance when I lose all of my current balls. Glad to see some of the top-tech filter down to a "tier 2" ball while keeping the price reasonable. Heck, if I see a good sale with the new QST I might as well stock up!

    Good job Srixon for making a great value ball! Here's hoping you guys continue to grow market share!

  7. If it's a time issue, curious as to why MGS doesn't put out a call for forum members in the surrounding area to come down and lend a hand. I'm sure many would jump at the chance to check out the facility, meet the staff, and have a hand in creating a Most Wanted product - I know I would!

  8. Bases on some feedback the testers received from @GolfSpy Stroker, I got a little ahead of myself. Wanted to take it back to the start and show everyone how the product arrived and some initial thoughts.



    Great looking balls, crisp packaging, much like you would expect, but since golfballs.com had to repackage them after the custom Align XL printing was applied, I was even more impressed that it looked like OEM packaging from the start. Also, there was a great personal note from their Dir of Marketing, which was a nice touch. 

    The line itself goes halfway around the ball, much like their site described. I've included a pic and video to get a better sense of the line. Yes, it's a caddy shack reference 😉



    The color is true, lettering is legible and clean, and it has the same sheen as my ball. Unsure if the printing would be matte on a like a Volvik vivid ball, though... maybe another test needs to be conducted. 

    My only very minor gripe is that the printing can be a bit faded in spots. Others have taken close-up shots of the line and some of the printing issues that show so I didn't include mine here. I've got a few of those too, but it's not a distraction on the tee or green since the ball is over 6' away from my eye when I'm bent over the club. 

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  9. While looks are one thing, I've always prescribed to the "function is fashion" ideology. So if I can hit it longer and straighter with a pink driver that has rabbit ears coming out the back, then so be it. 

    Looking forward to trying out all the new and current models as I desperately need a new driver. 

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  10. Having played FF for many years now, this is my first foray into a different fantasy sport. When drafting, are we aiming for who we think will perform best all year, and then maybe a couple rotational guys depending on the tournament? Or is it a fresh start each tournament? Thinking the former, but wanted to verify before I research my strategy too much 😅

  11. 21 minutes ago, PlaidJacket said:

    ... The Last Waltz. (yes, I'm old. LOL)

    One of the best ever, and my college buddies and I used to watch that almost weekly back in 2003. That concert/movie transcends generations. 

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