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  1. 2 hours ago, StrokerAce said:

    why aren't any Taylormade products ever tested?

    why hasn't there been a test for any Mizuno products in the last 3 years?

    why aren't any Callaway irons ever tested?

    I might be able to shed some light on that one - the short answer is priorities. The longer answer is that the OEM's have decided to shift their priorities to other sites/forums, or to stop the marketing segment all together. Believe me when I say it's not for a lack of trying from our side! Rob used to hound the OEM's continually for test gear and some were 100% for it, and others were not or didn't understand the value prop. 

    We'll continue to stay on TM, Mizuno, Callaway, and numerous others to ensure we bring you guys the best gear we can!

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  2. 22 minutes ago, Berg Ryman said:

    Alright, who is going to be the first to cut one?

    In the PM thread, there are plenty of testers already talking about that, haha. Will be interesting since Ball A & B will be different for a lot of the testers. My understanding is that it will be a mix of AVX, ProV1, ProV1x, Left Dash, and a couple others. I have zero clue what each tester is going to get!

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  3. testerswanted_titleistprototype_ftr-alt.jpg.50cf8fd15ba1cdd53c64ab0cac0f2bcc.jpg

    Testers have been selected, balls have been shipped, but this test will be run a little differently. There is NO final review, so we wanted to create a thread for all the testers, and those interested, to follow along on their journey and detective work that might take place.

    Start posting your questions or thoughts!

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Peaksy68 said:

    Pity it's no international, especially those in Britain, after all it's their Open.  At least it will save them some frustration waiting to see if they've won 😉 . (just following the instructions re smack talk @GolfSpy_THV😅)


    I know!!! I pushed to have them include INTL Grinters for this round, but no luck. Sorry guys!!!

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  5. MGSxGrint.png.87c9034b52e4ae2fdec66619e1bf7ea5.png

    Welcome back MGS Fans and Grinters!

    We have a special contest this time tied to The Open - yes...THAT ONE!

    Our third stop on the Virtual Tour is THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP!

    This one will be a bit different. We need you all to:

    1. Comment below with a players name who you think will have the lowest round on Sunday...so, you know...they have to make the cut as well. You must post a comment with the players name by July 14th.
    2. Log a score/round in The Grint app - The event is already live in TheGrint and will be open for entries until July 17th.

    Same rules apply as before - one entry, select the event BEFORE you start your round (Note: you may enter your score after you play if you don't like having your phone on course on can't get a signal)

    • US participants only - sorry INTL players!!


    • 1st Prize - Custom Wedge!
      • We'll make this really snazzy with an engraving of a logo very similar to the one up top highlighting your victory and clear dominance over everyone else. It will most likely be a Titleist or Callaway, so be thinking of your choice! 
      • Custom-Wedge-Wizard.jpg
    • 2nd Prize - One year TheGrint Premium Membership ($40 value)
    • 3rd Prize - One Year TheGrint Premium Membership ($40 Value)

    Let the smack talk BEGIN!

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  6. 25 minutes ago, fixyurdivot said:

    Round #1 for the Memorial is in the books, and I even remembered to select the event 🥳.  A very nice day weather wise at Madison Meadows in Ennis, MT.  When I left for home at about 1430, the truck temp said it was 73F 🙂.  I played very well today banging out a pair of bookend 37's. My full and short wedge game was as good as I can recall; chipping in to save par on #15 and 0 putt!!  I had several other chips that were on a string to the hole, leaving very short putts.  My partner got a call from his wife just as we headed off the #10 tee... car battery dead... he had to take off.

    The course is pretty dry in quite a few places and needs water. The dry areas were not hard to hit off but just looked awful for this time of year.  The irrigation canals were running but had likely just been started. Forecast is rain tomorrow and hopefully we get quite a bit. 


    Great looking round! 

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  7. 2 hours ago, blackngold_blood said:

    Congrats to the winners!  The metric this time was the lowest round then?  Guess I should have deleted my first and entered my career round 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

    Not exactly - it was a bit more involved and random than that. For instance, one of the winners shot a 92 in their "winning" round, but it just so happened the score multiplication worked in their favor to have the first two numbers of their multiplied score equal the par for course they were playing.

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  8. 12 hours ago, ChasingScratch said:

    @GolfSpy_THV Did we ever figure out the issue for those of us who played before the deadline but were unable to input our rounds for the contest (due to the glitch in the Matrix)?  I know there was talk of an ongoing contest as well, so is there any way for us to retroactively put our scores in for Event 1 so that we can still be in the running for the overall season long competition?

    Good thought! Let me see what we can do about those missed days last weekend.

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  9. Hey Guys,

    As I mentioned in the email sent to all members, the App had lost support over a year ago and it has been limping along since then. What forced the change was the creation of the new Testing platform and it was extremely cost-prohibitive to implement a solution for the app - basically, all app users would not be able to access one of the main portions of the forum.

    This, combined with continued future enhancements and development projects for the site, lead us to delist it from the app store to stop new downloads. Unfortunately, an unintended (and unknown at the time) side effect of taking it off the store is that is also loses core functionality to do it's basic purpose.

    I lament the fact that delisting caused all app users to lose core functionality. We wanted to have a staged approach to removing the app and certainly informing all users ahead of the apps deletion - that is my mistake and I apologize to all you guys.

    Regarding a new app for the forum, it's not out of the question. We do have some other enhancements and development projects we would like to tackle first. Then we can look at building a new app that will be able to access all the new functions and make sure we have a seemless experience.

    Appreciate you guys understanding and apologize again for the screw up on our end.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

    That's OK... I just went ahead and replaced the tapatalk app's spot on my iphone homescreen with a direct link to the forum webpage.  I'll just have to go through and check what I get e-mail notifications for and maybe expand that.

    I noticed the tapatalk links appear to be broken, so I'm guessing that access was revoked along with the old MGS app?  Or is that a different issue?

    Believe it's the same issue.

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  11. 11 hours ago, Apolloshowl said:

    Certainly seems like it is a smoother process right now. I can't say I have seen any misplaced applicants in the CC5 thread and that is saying a lot. 
    I really agree and like to move to where it is and it is nice that when following a test the notifications you are getting are for actual comments and not just applications. 
    I use the mobile version, but will there a replacement app if the one is taken down or is it a goner?

    No new app is in development right now and the current version is no longer supported, sadly... I'll revisit it later this year, though, and see what can be done, if anything...

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  12. 9 hours ago, blackngold_blood said:

    I'm not 💯 on it and it is possible I am wrong in doing it afterwards. I took it as you have to choose the tour before you enter your score. Let's tag @GolfSpy_THV and maybe he can clarify for us. 

    Yep, you're correct. You need to select the event before you enter your score. The app being on/off is of little relevance unless you also like the gps yardage features it provides on course. 

    Regarding tee accuracy, unless I shank it way left/right, I normally leave it as "HIT" in the scorecard. That's the default selection, so don't feel like you need to adjust unless necessary. 

    Hopefully that helps @artful_golfer!

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  13. travel golf bags

    Travel + Leisure sure put out an article recently listing the best travel bags for your clubs. Have any of you guys tried these? Do you like soft or hard sided bags?

    I have an only soft sided bag that's full of random clubs I probably need to get rid of, so I'm no use for this topic, haha!

    See the full list here

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  14. 52 minutes ago, tommc23 said:

    So I have the tapatalk MGS app on my iPhone and I do not see the place to apply for testing anywhere unless I missed it. New to the app switched to it since it gives me less spam ads than using the website on a browser.

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    Unfortunately the App isn't supported anymore and the test section will not be available on it. We're in the process of taking it down, in fact...

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  15. 3 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

    It does for the individual test opportunities.  But you used to be able to follow the whole Application thread and get notified when a new one was posted.  

    If the plan is to use a banner for each one opening up like the Cobra Connect 5 one today I don't think its a big issue though.  

    Ah, I see - yea, so since the test section isn't technically a "forum," the IPS software doesn't allow a follow button for the entire section - just individual tests. However, knowing that, I make it a priority to create a site-wide announcement to alert everyone of the opportunity as well as sending out dedicated emails to our entire membership with a reminder a day before the test closes.

    Any bets on how many signups we get for CC5? 3K for the Sub70 test blew me away...I thought it would be closer to 1-1.5k at the most.

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  16. 7 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

    Really liking the new format. I like seeing how many "applicants" there are, gives you an idea of interest VS. the replies previously that didn't give you an accurate account.

    Any movement on following that entire page? (not pushing but 99% of my job is follow ups, its engrained) 

    Does the Follow button exist for you guys?

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