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  1. 15 hours ago, HardcoreLooper said:

    Excellent post.

    I'm not ditching my Z-Star XVs just yet.  But I am interested in seeing the test results.  

    Man, I'm right there with you. I've got a bunch of Z-stars on hand right now. Although I did recently find out I "have to" play a tour level ball due to my swing speed, so looks like the Q-star isn't an option for me anyway.


    Tony, I'm over here waiting anxiously for your Z-star review!!!



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  2. Stopped by my local shop yesterday and tried out a Heppler Anser 2. I currently game an Anser 2 from ~1997/8 and have tried a few different putters over the years but nothing felt and sounded as good as my OG...until yesterday. I am eagerly awaiting the reviews and will certainly be following this thread as I might be switching soon, haha.

    Loved the feel, weight, and design. Made me more deliberate with my stroke, the contrasting colors stood out nicely and allowed me to line up the putts better, and the sound was perfect to my ears - but I am severely biased at this point, haha.

    Keep the testing updates coming guys!

    ALSO! Does anyone have experience with Ping Vault 2.0 Putters? Would love to hear about comparisons between the Vault 2.0 vs. Heppler

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  3. Hey Guys,

    It's that time again to replace my glove as I've worn a couple holes in it and I hate to toss all that good leather in the trash each time. Does anyone know of a place that will recycle old golf gloves?  What do you guys do with gloves you've worn holes in?

  4. Guys, I am so excited! Up till today, I have never purchased nor owned a driver that was setup for me. I mostly played hand-me-downs from my father, church members, friends, etc... and they all had regular or even senior flex shafts. I tend to slice the ball off the tee and the drivers that were given to me didn't help that issue much, so I would end up teeing off with a 3 wood or my 4i in most cases. I've still found enjoyment playing this way and its worked for years, until today...

    Went to my local shop and discovered they have a trackman now, so setup a driver fitting for today. After trying Mavrik, Mavrik Sub Zero, Speedzone, Sim Max, and G410 SFT, we ended up on a Ping G410 LST @ 10.5* w/ Evenflow Black 65 6.0 shaft! Spin was hovering around 2000-2200, swing speed was 112-116mph, ball speed was 160-167mph, -2* AoA, and Carry was in the 280+range with estimated distance of 295-306yds with one bomb @ 312yds! My slice is all but gone, I'm more confident on the tee now, and I can't wait to get out and play again!


    PXL_20201021_202345593.jpg.b708fa63f3d1a7e602700127c33c86bc.jpg PXL_20201021_202425581.jpg.6435e13014bbdbb00d9cbac9d48e4396.jpg

    Shout out to all you members who continue to stress club fittings. It's already changed my game and I haven't even played a single hole with my new driver!

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  5. Was a caddie for the recent Dominion Energy Charity Classic and got to see Phil a few times during the ProAm. He was a step above the field off the tee by a good 50yards on most holes. It's almost unfair to the rest of the guys! 

    Got one photo of him on 18 the second day of the ProAm. Was very fun to see him join the "Champions" Tour!PXL_20201015_214824363.jpg.5876ae96877a9b4496345dcb9d38814c.jpg

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  6. On 10/17/2020 at 6:49 PM, Tarheelvolvo said:

    On your rec, I ordered a couple John Morgan shirts that were on sale. Look forward to trying them out! 

    Alright @aerospace_ray, my John Morgan shirts arrived!

    First off, super fast shipping!! I ordered them late Friday night and they were out the door Monday and to my door today!

    Second, the box and presentation are TOP NOTCH! I've ordered much nicer, well known brands and they didn't take the time and effort to put their clothes in such a nice, sturdy box with tissue paper and their little sticker logo to seal it all up.

    Lastly, I tired them on to make sure the fit was right before washing and was equally impressed. Great feeling fabric, longer than regular polos for active wear (eg: looks like they won't come untucked during your swing), and as Ray said, they are mostly cotton so feel soft on your skin😉

    As long as these hold up during use and washes, I think these are my new go to! Nike, Adidas, Puma, Oxford, etc... all feel too plasticky and these are as good as, if not better than, Peter Millar quality at a fraction the price (if purchased on sale...which I obviously did!). Keep you guys posted on wear and tear as I have some tournaments coming up early next month.

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  7. On 10/16/2020 at 11:39 AM, necostanzo said:

    I have to admit...I get excited every once in a while I get an email from MGS announcing "Testers wanted". Since I'm an extreme golf club tester having purchased most every single golf club year after year, I keep applying but never get selected. I just read their selection rules and have come to the conclusion that I'll never get selected. I'm not complaining, it's just the reality of their selection process. I'll give you the recent Titleist TSi driver testing selection.

    6 golfers selected. Average content (posts) submitted 2464... That's an average of over 2000 posts....I don't think I've ever contributed to any online community in my history of internet surfing more than 100-200 posts...I only contribute when I have something worthwhile to say or something I think everyone will benefit. As for this post, I just want most of the people who enjoy reading and following MGS but who never posts many things to know that you're wasting your time even applying. 

    There is nothing random about their selection of Testers:

    #1. You must be a frequent contributor

    #2. You must not be a twat

    Pretty simple, but I wish they would consider making "one random" selection giving people like myself and the majority of the readers of MGS an outside chance of getting to test. They might be surprised that if they make a random selection, that tester might give the most thorough and enlightened review.

    Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy MGS and will continue reading and contributing. 

    When I was selected to test out the new Wilson D7's last year, I was in the 100's range for posts, had only been a member for maybe 8months, and had never tested anything of real substance until then.

    Since then I only enter my name for something I truly want to test, am passionate about, and know I will be committed to writing a full review of. Sure I'm as bummed as the next guy when I don't get selected, but I'm not in it for free clubs (but seriously, it is a nice perk!). I'm in it to evaluate a tool and convey my unique experience to the community and answer questions.

    Don't lose heart, don't feel like you shouldn't post because no one will read it, don't take the tact of only posting "when you have something to say" because your advice or unique angle on ANY subject may be just what someone needs to hear at that time. Also, take it upon yourself to test something out and let the rest of the community know about it! There are only a few "official testing" opportunities and way too many gear options out there, so let us know your experience! 😁

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  8. On 7/14/2020 at 11:31 PM, aerospace_ray said:

    One brand I recently started wearing for my golf shirts is John Morgan. For years I purchased (for golf) what I saw in a PGA SS, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc the standard Nike, UA, and Adidas. Maybe an occasional Polo Ralph Lauren.

     I really like the John Morgan golf shirts. I get quality, good look/classic look and built in stretch material without feeling overly like a workout shirt. I am stocky build and these do not restrict me at all whether my shirt is out (practicing) or tucked in (competition). 

     First to admit they are a little pricey but IMO well worth investment. https://johnmorgansportswear.com/collections/summer-golf-collection

    On your rec, I ordered a couple John Morgan shirts that were on sale. Look forward to trying them out! 

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  9. 10 hours ago, HardcoreLooper said:

    My daughter had Girls Golf last night, so I was at the downtown Richmond TFT facility with a pretty nice six hole par 3 course.  Of course it rained for 30 minutes, so I only had a half hour to do anything.  So I figured I'd collect a little data.  People were trying to play the course as a course, so I had to hop around a bit between the first and third holes to hit shots without bothering other people.  I'm most interested in dispersion (left/right and short/long), so I'm not too hung up on where the flag is.


    Hole 1:  160 yards long, slight wind blowing left to right - 8 iron
    1.  20 yards right, 5 yards long
    2.  1 yard right, 10 yards long
    3.  13 yards right, 0 yards long
    4.  0 yards right, 40 yards short (very fat)
    5.  10 yards left, 2 yards long
    6.  9 yards left, 6 yards long


    Hole 3:  133 yards long, slight wind in the face - Pitching Wedge
    1.  3 yards left, 5 yards short
    2.  14 yards left, 1 yard long
    3.  20 yards left, 7 yards long


    I wish I could have hit more shots, but I had to make sure I was staying out of the way of people paying to play the golf course.

    So what did I learn?  

    • The left/right dispersion was pretty good.  30 yards with the 8 iron.  17 yards with the pitching wedge.
    • If I drop the fat shot, the short/long dispersion was pretty good as well.  10 yards with the 8 iron.  12 yards with the pitching wedge.

    Yes, the sample size is too small to be very valid; if I hit more shots, I'm sure the total dispersions would go up.  But the outlier shot was caused by a bad swing.  No crazy fliers or random shorties.  So I've got that going for me, which is nice.


    When do you want to meetup and compare Forged vs. Non-Forged D7s?? Need to look at distance, dispersion, feel, and how well it pairs with beers 😉

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  10. 4 minutes ago, PurePuttsGolf said:

    What are your favorite golf games to play on the course?  With money/without money?  Games with players of all skill levels?

    Few of my favorites:

    Team Quota system

    Bingo Bango Bongo - great game for players of all skill levels

    5-3-1 (best game for 3 players, in my opinion)

    Not gonna lie, I wish there was an FAQ about golf games because when I get up to the first tee and the other guys mention a game name I just nod along having ZERO clue what the rules of the game are or how to even play a lot of times, lol. Anybody want to put together an FAQ for us clueless golfers? 🤣

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  11. 30 minutes ago, blackngold_blood said:

    Well then you are a better manager than me cuz if I had your backs Connor and Adrian would have been on the bench.  Especially after last week and everything pointing to a timeshare with Snell.   I guess that is why we play fantasy nfl coaches and not real ones! 😂 

    Exactly...I sat him in my other league and boy do I feel silly right now. Just watch, though, everyone will play him next week and he will share carries getting like 7pts while Snell gets all the goal line stands.

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  12. My iron set came with Lamkin Crossline's and I've enjoyed them so far. Tried GP MCC, GP Aligns, and GP Tour Velvet as well, but based on price and comfort the Lamkins are winning for me. Now Putter grips are c ompleteyl different beast, however I have loved my GP Pro Only in a couple sizes and have really enjoyed them.


    Like others have said, those, it's all personal preference.

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  13. Might not be a yarn in a sense of the others above, however it's too funny of a story to not tell.

    My fraternity has a yearly golf game and many hijinx are on display, along with some decent golf, but mostly a bunch of hackers out for a good time. One year I was paired with one of the top 5 golfers in the fraternity, so I thought I had it made! 

    All was going according to plan until the 12th hole. We were in the hunt for victory and my partner had an easy 5ft putt for a birdie, but he pushed it right. In his frustration, he walked to the edge of the green and slammed down his putter like an axe so hard the putter head broke off, went flying through the air, and landed right next to the ball. It must have grazed it, because the next thing we know the ball rolls into the hole! 

    We stood in stunned silence before we both fell on the ground laughing so hard at the absurdity of it all. We then both agreed that since the "player" never touched the ball, he could still mark down the birdie 🤣

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  14. 6'4" and use a 37" putter. Picked up a demo model Anser 2 years ago and now I can't go lower as it feels like I'm hunched over. Recently picked up a TA #3 Impact from Golf Galaxy and immediately took it over to their in-store shop to get an extension and new grip as my lower back felt the strain just in testing it on their in-store green - or maybe i have poor core strength, haha.

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  15. After a day on the beach, I ran out of beer and couldn't drive to the store, so it was the next best thing on hand...

    Not bad if you add vodka to them, haha. 

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  16. I am preparing my expert strategy of basic roster and then 10kickers! You will all be forced to trade your top players for a kicker by mid-season when Covid strikes the rest down, muahahaha!

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  17. I've used my Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedges for a season, but can't quite hit them right every time even after hours of chipping practice. Recently saw the new Mizuno ES21 wedges and i'm drooling already...now to just convince my treasurer they are a solid investment. Perhaps I'll hold off and try them out first to make sure they fit my swing/game so I don't get another Ping situation.


  18. Bit of a tangent since it's smokeless, but you guys ever hear of/try these nicotine pouches? Buddy introduced them to me few weeks back and hadn't heard of them, but he swears by them. He had some On!, but looks like there is also ZYN, Dryft, and a few others out there.


    Curious if anyone has tried and feedback.

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