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Test In-Progress: PuttOUT Golf Training System

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Equipment Type: Training aid
Vendor: PuttOUT

Testers Announced!

Please congratulate the following testers (3 first timers!):






4 Testers Wanted

Open to U.S. and International testers!

We've all been there.  You hit a great drive in the middle of the fairway.  You've got 100 yards to the flag.  You knock it to 6 feet for a chance at birdie!  Then... The old saying "drive for show, putt for dough" rings true and you settle for par (hopefully). 

We need 4 MyGolfSpy members to test and give honest feedback one of the hottest putting training aid systems on the market today!

Putting practice does not have to be boring, and one company has created one of the most addicting training aids on the market.  

Enter PuttOUT and their pressure putting training system.


PuttOUT hoped to sell 5,000 units of their original parabolic ramp. That number was blown away and is now safely in the mid-six figures. With an established footprint in the putting training aid space, PuttOUT tweaked the design and added several new features. 

Testers will review PuttOUT's pressure trainer, putting mat, and putting mirror.


Enter for a chance to be an official tester by clicking the 'Signup' button on the top right.



Awesome stuff, love the perfect practice. My floors aren’t level enough for the putt out 😂

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I have been using the puttout trainer since last winter.  Love it.  It makes one focus which in turn helps on the course.  

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Would be happy to test this product; need all the help I can get to lower my scores

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Have the Puttout, but not the mat or gates! Would love to try either! Thanks for the oppotunity and good luck to all.

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Look forward to testing the latest putting training aids. Check out the puttOUT website. Have used one of the original devices which is portable and easy to use 

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Always looking for something to improve my game. As a former PGA member..many years ago... I keep hoping some of the old game will reappear. Maybe this training aid is just the ticket. JJ

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This is the worst part of the game I could benefit indefinitely. I would love to be a tester. 

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I would welcome the opportunity to test this putting system.

My handicap is 5

John Smith



65 years old 

I play 3-4 times weekly



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I putt in my living room now! I can accommodate any length you have, the larger the better. thx

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I do not own a putt training system or putting centric mat.  Have been using the golf mat that came with my golf net and a little cup to work on putting.  Would love to see how this can improve my game.

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Seems like the most realistic home putting system. Would love to test it.


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I am an avid user of the original puttout setup, but I have been eager to try something new. This could be real good…looking forward to the feedback as always!

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Fantastic opportunity. Even if I’m not lucky enough to be selected I’ll be following along with the reviews of these products. My putting has failed me since having a baby a couple years ago. Having a home training opportunity could bring the game back!

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I really want my 10 year old daughter that plays competitive golf to try this product.   Very good ball striker - putting not so much 🙂

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Definitely keen on testing and getting my hands on these! My short game has been my weakness throughout. Currently playing at 5 Handicap and want to take this game to the next level by improving my putting (it’s atrocious!). I need this. 

good luck to all of us!

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Puttin is The One thing....

If you cant putt.... 

More practice, more confidence, more par saves, more birdies


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I’ve always been curious about trying a product like this,  to see if they would really help improve my putting.  Literally, I use two chalk lines on either side of the hole, as my go-to routine when I practice my putting.  #oldschool

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This looks so cool, I would love to test this

Pick me Meezter Kotter!!!

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I would love to have one to improve my putting technique. Thanks for the opportunity!

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