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Golf is great but so is art

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Latest painting, due to several problems, art has been on the back foot for a while, finished 5his naughty dog painting yesterday.

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I agree with you, art is a big deal and it is really soothing. I also painted for many years, but because of job and constant affairs and fuss, I have not sat down in the canvas for many years. your's works are great!

Painting is a magic past time, I get lost in the work and sometimes the painting is finished and you are not aware of it until you sit back and peruse.

You should try to start up again Maxi, it’s good for the soul.

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Not been around for a while, this virus thing is giving us problems we could do without.

Last painting, finished a few weeks ago, not much action in the studio of late. Still we will be upping our efforts soon.

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Anyone out there that likes art, I know this is a golf site but as I am in everything else I am talking about my other passion. As an introduction here is my latest painting
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Not a problem Grasshopper. I’m married to a wife who paints so I understand how artistic folks think. I’m impressed what you can do, amazing!

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