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NPG Episode 46: BATTLE: Arccos VS Shot Scope

GolfSpy MPR

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With the announcement of Foresight's shot tracker, Arccos and Shot Scope may have a new rival on the horizon. Also, introducing Tour Stats, the MGS take on tour data.

2:34 - Foresight announces new shot tracker
4:46 - Debate: Arccos VS Shot Scope
34:00 - Top 5 Premium Golf Gloves of 2020
35:25 - Tour Stats: What would Tiger shoot on your home course?

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:cobra-small: Rad Speed 10.5°, Project X Evenflow RipTide CB 50g S
:755178188_TourEdge: CBX T3 15°, Project X HZRDUS Black
:callaway-small: Epic Super Hybrid 18°, Aerotech Steel Fiber FC HYB S
:755178188_TourEdge: CBX Iron-Wood 22°, Project X HZRDUS Black 6.0 85g
:callaway-small: Rogue X 6i
:Sub70: 699 Pro, Modus3 105, 6–PW
:cleveland-small: CBX 48°
:mizuno-small: T22 54° and 60°
:odyssey-small: 2 Ball Ten, Stroke Lab
:taylormade-small: TP5x and Tour Response

Full WITB with pictures

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Good debate on Arccos Vs ShotScope. The one thing not mentioned that was the deciding factor for me in buying a V2, was the pricing format. ShotScope sells you a watch and that’s it, you have access to everything. Arccos is a bit more pricey and has different products that are, at the end of the day, the same but different in price. The grips are expensive and require adjustments to you’re clubs. The sensors are similar to ShotScopes but much more expensive. Then you can buy clubs with Arccos, but have to pay a yearly subscription to access the system. Now they’re releasing the link device but as an additional cost on top of everything else. Very confusing model for the consumer to digest, especially when I can get a ShotScope for cheaper and not have to worry about subscriptions and additional costs.

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After researching both systems, readind forums et, i purchased shot tracker from Dick's at special price.  About a week later it arrived, slow Fedex i guess.

Was excited, downloaded app and instructions.  Turned on watch to connect to app.  Watch said connected but locked up.  App just sat there searching, hour later still.

Sent email to help desk, got following response.

We apologise but it could be up to a WEEK DELAY until we get back to you. The team is incredibly busy at this time. We will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible, in the meantime please view the articles below at visit our support site: https://support.shotscope.com/hc/en-us as you may find a resolution to your issue in there.

was disgusted, got watch turned off after much research and got ready to return.  Came home from golf course, watch working, app working, all good???  Will give it a try, see how it works.  Not a great start.

<p>Driver:  Callaway Epic 9 deg, Graphite design shaft stiff</p><p>Fairway:  TM M1v17/p><p>Irons:  Mission Hot Milled regular, 5 thru sw, TM Putter:  face</p><p>Ball:  Titelist Pro V1 or chrome soft X

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I have used Arccos for a few months and before that I used GameGolf. Very similar systems.

I am writing all this in the hopes of giving some feedback about the podcast. Lots of good room for improvement.

There were many things missing from the review. It would have been easy to give more info -- like -- how do the systems work? What data output do they give? See below.

Arccos is easy to setup (five minutes). It is quite easy use. It gives good info during the round and after the round it gives *extensive data output* either online or in the app. For instance, in post round review it shows shot distances by club, dispersion, percent short/long/right/left, rolling handicap and so forth. GameGolf is similar but not as extensive. This info has been quite helpful to me in deciding what to practice and real distances I hit each club. The Arccos app also gives real time info on the course like elevation change to the hole, wind speed & direction. The recommended clubs use this real time info. Typically for each shot there are two or three club options shown, with the player's statistical info such as likely score outcome by club.  If you like to learn from your data, the whole thing is simply amazing.

If you just want GPS distance to the hole for your club selection, there are much cheaper/simpler options as most everyone knows. My iPhone does this with free apps.

From the podcast review I have ** NO IDEA ** what Shot Tracker does, what data it presents, how it can be used during a round or for a post round review. I can only guess that without tags on each club it can only use GPS to mark shot locations -- no info on which club was used. This is very much less info than what Arccos provides.

One improvement note about Arccos -- it gives extensive Strokes Gained info but its all based upon comparison to a scratch golfer. They are working to release a version update that will let users choose a handicap to compare their info to. As a 17 handicap player I need that info; I get very little useful info comparing my data to a scratch golfer -- it just basically tells me that I have a lot of shots lost. 

Also, Arccos has a track record of "vapor ware". They promote coming improvements, like the Arccos Link belt device, but then it takes months and months before it is available to normal users. This is where they are with the promised Strokes Gained version for various handicaps -- so far it's vapor ware.

If there is more to be learned about Golf Tracker, I have not yet found it. Based on this I'll be sticking with Arccos. I have placed my order for the Arccos Link device to put on my belt; this will be easier than keeping the phone in my pocket. GameGolf, FYI, uses a small gizmo on your belt. Same idea. Works great!  Arccos is better because of the extensive data analysis provided real time and after the round.

The podcast comparison review could have covered so much of this info, but it did not. I hope for more info in the podcasts.


Later, I went back and found the video version which helped. It still was not clear to me that Shot Scope uses sensors on the clubs but searching online I found that it does. So the two are more comparable than I understood from listening to the podcast. After review, I still come down more strongly in favor of the Arccos product. But that may be because I have months of experience with Arccos and like it a lot. (I used Game Golf for 1 year+. Arccos data crunching is way better.)

Also, all the GPS devices suffer from the accuracy of GPS positioning. The accuracy seems to be plus or minus 2-3 yards. That's OK on the fairway, but for putting it's clearly a problem. We'll have to wait for the US Govt to let us have more accurate GPS I guess (it's military technology at the end of the day).

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