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What putters does everyone use?


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I've been using a TruTech blade putter for years. I put a golfpride tour SNSR grip on it (got as a free sample)...great grip.

Some back story - I had a t-line blade putter that I won a putting contest at a national AM Cancer Soc tournament. Won a gold budwiser putter. Being not too smart I sold the t-line putter... but found this trutech and never looked back.


:taylormade-small:Taylormade R1 driver (set to 9 degrees)
:taylormade-small: Taylormade SLDR driver 10.5 degrees
:callaway-small: Callaway big bertha 3 wood
:wilson-small: Wilson 5 wood
:taylormade-small:Taylormade Aeoburner irons (5-pw)
:taylormade-small:Taylormade 52 degree wedge
Ping knock-off sand Wedge
Warrior 60 degree wedge
Trutech putter

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well, you knew there had to be at least a hundred different answers.....

but interesting to hear which...

I use a red Odyssey works two ball.

which superceded a Slotline;

which superceded a 60's Ben Hogan.

I think the two ball helps line up short putts.   Otherwise my shoulder rock style putts about the same; even with a borrowed Scotty Cameron.     So i guess I'm not too sensitive about what equipment I use.

Titleist 915 D2

beryllium Ping eye2

Vokey wedges

Odessey 2 ball putter

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Odyssey Stroke Lab 2 Ball Ten with White Hot insert for me on my end!

I like golf. You should like golf. If life is tough, play more golf!

Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond 10.5, ProjectX HZRDUS Smoke Black

Titleist TSi2 18 Degree Hybrid, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black RDX Hexcel

Takomo 301CB's, KBS Tours S

Vokey SM8 48 10F, 52 08F, 56 08M, 60 08M

Odyssey Stroke Lab 2 Ball 10 

Nike VR Tour Staff Bag

Titleist Pro V1x and Vice Pro Plus


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Scotty Cameron Squareback 2 lengthened to 34.5” and I put a slightly bigger Ping PP58 grip on it versus the stock grip

Current WITB:

Driver:                      image.png.ad4d66f798557c86ee934344d1a24ed2.png       Paradym 10.5 Ventus Black 6S

Fairway:                   image.png.3077938d887c52577470dba42554f0aa.png     ST-Z 230 3-Wood (15°) HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 60 Official Test

Hybrid:                    image.png.a874a9a429fd132acae64968308d6a89.png     ST-Z 230 Hybrid (19°) Ventus Blue HB-8 Official Test

Irons:                       image.png.a874a9a429fd132acae64968308d6a89.png     MP-18 MMC (4-9)

Wedges:     image.png.8641af187e8958a5ff8c3c2146b1fc7c.png  Vokey SM8 (46.10F, 50.12F, 54.14F, 58.12D)

Putter:                image.png.a85c45cc6c173613e90f345a17c689b4.png      Select Squareback 2 34.5 Ping Corded 88G PP58 grip double taped

Ball:                       image.png.c4e52864bdd9535caa79ae03a9376870.png        Pro-V1 (currently testing the Callaway Chrome Soft X LS Triple Track)



2023 Red Rooster Sussex Glove Official Forum Test

2023 Mizuno Long Game Official Forum Test

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Currently Gaming an Evnroll EV 5.2 Short Plumbers neck. When getting fitted I didn't mind the size of the putter however, when getting on the course I found that it was a bit of an adjustment coming from a blade putter (stroke labs #1) that the insert fell out of. Long story short, I absolutely love the Evnroll, great on lags and 5 footers.

Driver: Ping G400 LST 8.5 Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 73 X

3-Wood: Titleist 910 15 Diamana kahili 75 S

2-Iron: Exotics EXS Ti-Utility 17

Irons: Callaway Apex Pro 19 Dynamic Gold TI x100

Wedges: Callaway MD5 54 and 58

Putter: Odyssey Rossie Slant Stroke Labs 


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Scotty Cameron Del Mar California. I was able to buy it used for a solid price earlier this year. It's been my dream putter for probably 10 years or so. Bought it at 33" but got it extended to 34.5" with a Winn DryTac Midsize grip on it.

Current WITB:

Bag: image_2024-02-27_104948566.png.b92168231016d467eb3d016dba2075b9.png MV2 Golf Bag

Driver:  image.png G425  Max 9.0º, Graphite Design Tour AD VR-6S

Fairway: image.png.75de9ed8d611880163bbacfe51b6bf91.png TSR2 3 wood 15º, Ventus Red 7S, image.png.75de9ed8d611880163bbacfe51b6bf91.png TSR1 5 wood 18º, Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW Blue 65S

Driving Iron: image.png G425 Crossover 2-iron 18º, Aldila Rogue 95TS Graphite 

Irons: image.png.b5950bd367d637859d211fef578a14af.png MP-54 (4-P), Project X 6.0S

Wedges: TM23WDG-MG4-Stacked-Color-OnLight-v1-1024x410.png.ac724a75349db558663486b0cf600638.png 50.09 SB, 54.11 SB, 58.11 SB

Putter: image.png.2a889a80c6a733b582bbac9dbc3cecf2.png California Del Mar, 34.5 Sweet Rollz "Safari" Midsize Grip

Ball: image.png.52cb58764bddc9c00ba3060db6a87cc7.png Tour B XS

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I play a 35" Taylormade Rossa Daytona 1. My dad won it in an office tourney raffle probably 10 years ago, gave it to me and I've used it since. Feel of the insert is great, I used the stock grip for a long time, and just this year put on a SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip. I'd love to get a new putter, but living in a city I don't really get to practice much. Maybe a new putter would be the motivation I need to practice more often... 🤣


Driver - Taylormade Stealth 

3 wood - Callaway Rogue HL

4 hybrid - Nike Covert

Irons (5 - 9, PW, AW) - Sim2

52*/60* Wedges - Cleveland 588 RTX

Putter - Taylormade Rossa Daytona



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I've always been drawn to a mallet putter, so my first putter was a no name brand just with a bigger head. When I started to take golf more serious in high school, I upgraded to an odyssey 2 ball center shaft. Which worked well but I never could get properly aligned. About ten years ago I upgraded to my current putter the Odyssey 2-ball white hot putter with 35' shaft that was not center shafted. This setoff the best putting of my life till about 4 years ago the grip had gotten wet and started to deteriorate. I put on a super stroke XL grip and that just doesn't have the same feel, this year I doubled down and put on the super stroke wristlock grip and it's been much better after getting used to it but still not to the same degree. Now I'm debating if I just go upgrade to a whole new putter next year or try and find an old stock Odyssey grip!

Driver - Titleist TSR3 

3-wood- PING G10 

3 Hybrid- Taylormade M2 

Irons- Taylormade R9 

Gap Wedge- Cleveland CG12 

Lob wedge- Cleveland CG10 

Putter- Odyssey 2-Ball White hot 

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I recently switched to rolling a LAB MEZZ.1 MAX.

I really love it but I am now what they call a LAB Rat and am on the hunt for a DF and Link in my specs for academic testing purposes hahaha

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


 Takkomo.png.2fd3ccfadfdb71195da27b04616ac6c5.png Takomo IGNIS Driver 10.5* (1* strong) with HZRDUS Smoke Black 60g 5.5 shaft

 Takkomo.png.2fd3ccfadfdb71195da27b04616ac6c5.png Takomo IGNIS 5 Wood with HZRDUS Smoke Black 60g 5.5 shaft

Untitled2.png.80d892461ed08eaa7fe955b28995d7e9.png Ping G430 22* Hybrid with HZRDUS Smoke Red 80g 6.0 shaft

Untitled.png.5ecdabcbb4b233d7651619da934c3a6a.png Srixon ZX5 Mk II 5-PW with KBS Tour Light R shafts

Edison.png.1b14460d57753ae667327c0f7d3399a9.png Edison 2.0 Wedges 51° 55° 59° with KBS Tour 110 R shafts

 image.png.a072db0e36674771c57e6581a9a7be30.png L.A.B. Golf MEZZ.1 MAX with LAB x Accra shaft

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I work in a golf shop part time. I have putt with all of them on our putting green. I am not good enough for the high dollar putter, but the best one for me was the Edel EAS 4. I didn’t want to spend that much. Over time, my top two, Cleveland HB Soft Milled 11 and Taylormade Bandon. I bought both, gave the Cleveland to my son. He loves it and putts great with it! I like my Bandon as well. Here is what I tell people wanting to buy; Look, feel, sound. That’s how you decide. It is different for each person. Obviously there are more technical things too, but for me I just used all of them until I felt which one was best for me. If you want to get more technical, go get fit with a Quintic Ball roll system. Good luck!  

Jason Catlin, Ole Duffer

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Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Select. 34 inches. 
Just changed grips to SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol 1.0 Grip.  For some reason the feel & look, is like a new putter.

Titleist T200 Irons - 5i thru Gap Wedge - Stiff AMT Black

Callaway PARADYM X 9.0 with Hazrdous X Black 6.0 Stiff Shaft

Fairway Woods:  Callaway Maverick 3W & RazrX Black 5W - Stiff Flex

Rescue:  Apex 4 (22 degree )- Recoil 75H stiff flex 

Wedges: Titleist SM8 - 54 (D Grind) wedge flex; SM8 58(M grind) wedge flex

Putter: Scotty Cameron Phantom X5.5

Ball: Titleist ProV1

Handicap: 0

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I played a Carbite Golf DD mid-mallet putter for over 20 years and really liked the look and size of the putter. I recently switched to a Sub70 002 Mid-Mallet putter for the softer milled putter compared to the cast Carbite. It's the same shape and size, albeit a little heavier. It's been great so far and at a fraction of the cost of the other putters on the market.

In My Sun Mountain C-130 'merica Cart Bag:
Driver: :taylormade-small: Stealth+ Rocket 3W, 13.5* turned down to 12.75*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX, 75g
Fairway: :Sub70: 949x 3w, 15*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Red RDX, 70g
Fairway: :Sub70: 949x 5w, 18*, Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Blue RDX, 60g
Hybrid: :Sub70: 939x 4H (21*), Stiff :projectx: HZRDUS Smoke Black, 90g
Irons: :Takomo: 101's, 5-PW, :truetemper: DG120 S300
Wedges: :Sub70: 286 @ 50*, JBFG @ 54* & 60*, :truetemper: DG120 S300
Putter: :Sub70: 002 Mid-Mallet @ 35", Super Stroke Pistol GT 2.0, Desert Camo
Ball: :maxfli: Tour & Testing :OnCore: Vero X1
Technology: :ShotScope: H4 w/ Tags, Pro L2 Rangefinder

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I replaced a scotty with Evnroll a few years ago and really like it. I rarely switch putters but my top 3 are easily Evnroll, Spyder, and LAB. If money was no object I'd do LAB. I also really like the Huntington Beach #1 is a sleeper for sure, and the Scotty Coronado is a work of art! ha 

  Untitled design-3.png

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I’m using an older Rossi II bronze mallet , I own a bunch of putters , bullseyes, Ping style including Ping , custom built putters , Scotty Cameron putters so yeah I’m an addict 

Ping driver 

ping fairway

tour edge irons 

Cleveland wedges

Scotty mallet


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LAB Golf Link1 with the Accra shaft. 

I've gone through a number of putters... including a couple of Scotty's, an Evnroll, a handful of Spiders, etc.  I was gaming a Scotty when I started my LAB Golf experience with a DF2.1.  The DF2.1 transformed my putting from "meh" to pretty decent.  A few years later, the Mezz1 came out.  I liked the more compact look of the Mezz1 and ordered one with an Accra shaft.  My putting got even better with Mezz1... like so good that my playing partners were gob-smacked.  When the Mezz Max came out, I ordered one of those with the LA Golf shaft.  More is better, right?  Uh, no... not for me.  I putted pretty well with the Max, but I still like the Mezz1 better.  And the extra cost for the shaft was so "not-worth-it".  I was reluctant to try the Link1.  But I was aware that after grounding the Mezz behind the ball, there was a hitch in the motion of picking up the putter before I started my stroke.  Plus, I actually prefer the look of a blade.  I made the mistake of giving the Link1 a test drive at the local PGA Superstore.  It's lighter than the Mezz and that little hitch was gone.  Direction control and pace control seemed really good too.  And... it was my birthday.  🙂  I'm still torn between the Link1 and the Mezz1.  I like them both.

Every once in a while, I'll pull out the Scotty and do some practice putts with it.  90% of the time, it works as well as the LAB putters.  But then the bad putt sneaks in, where the putter head just does its own thing and the putt doesn't quite go where I wanted it to go.  It is a pretty putter and it feels good when I putt with it.  But when it comes down to playing a round of golf, I'll use the LAB putter every time.

I posted my Shotscope putter data here, so you can see how the LAB Mezz putters compared to the Scotty, for me:


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I’ve been using the Kirkland ks1 putter for about a year and a bit. It was on sale and my wife picked it up for me for Father’s Day. No risk with their return policy. Was using a MLA mallet before that. I added the larger weights to it and it has been my best putter ever for me for hitting my aim point and for weight.

Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

Titleist TSR2 Driver, Taylaor Made M5-3w, M6-3H,4H, Sim2 5-PW, Vokey SM9  50,54, 58 

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Currently using a Scotty Cameron Phantom X 8.5 with a Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro grip, which has been fairly awesome, BUT I just received my brand new Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven S over the weekend.  I've already changed the grip to an Evnroll Gravity Grip, which happen to be a perfect replacement for the Odyssey 105g grip/weight combo, and I'm just waiting for the wife to change the sight lines from white to neon yellow like the Scotty 8.5.  Knowing her, and her steady hands, she'll probably change all the other golden yellow hints on the putter to neon as well, making it look it came that way.  Being partially color blind, I find the neon yellow pops much more for me than the white.  Hope to get it on the course this weekend.  

Driver:   :ping-small: G425 MAX 9° Driver w/ ALTA CB 55 Stiff (60g)

3W:   :ping-small: G425 MAX 3-wood 14.5* w/ Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 70 Stiff (71g)

Hybrid:   :ping-small: G425 MAX 3-hybrid 19* w/ Aldila Rogue Black Hybrid Tour Stiff 85 (84g)

Irons:   :ping-small: i210 4-PW w/ KBS Tour 120 Stiff

PNW Wedges:   :ping-small: Glide 3.0 50/54/58 SS Grind w/ KBS Tour 120 Stiff

Desert/Dry Wedges:   :mizuno-small: Mizuno T24 Denim Copper 50 S/54 S/58 V w/ True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400

Putter:   :odyssey-small: Odyssey Stroke Lab 7s w/ Evnroll Gravity Grip

Ball:  :maxfli: Maxfli Tour X

Bag:   :ping-small: 2021 Pioneer Cart Bag

Cart:  :Clicgear: Model 3.5

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6 hours ago, No3Jacks said:

In over 60 years of playing, I've played them all, many more than once. My experience is that it's not the arrow, it's the Indian. These days it's a 2014 Cameron Squareback with a Super Stroke Traxion 3.0 XL grip.  I think the grip is just as important as the hardware.

2 hours ago, KC Golf said:

I totally agree, the grip has a major impact on your putter swing, aim and hand tension.  I switched to a Super Stroke from a Scotty pistolero plus and it’s made a 2+ stroke gained advantage for me.  I should have done it a while ago.  I had a similar grip on my old gamer.  Should have realized that…

I think that’s the problem with custom putter fittings… you are usually stuck with one stock grips. Not sure what the answer is here.

That was an epiphany for me too, after just taking grip as an afterthought and picking whatever looked and felt good to me for 50+ years. I got fitted at True Spec and they told me my Gravity Grip was the opposite of what I needed, and had me replace with a P2 Touch Tour along with two other tweaks. At the fitting I went from making 5 of 10 to 10 of 10 - I was gobsmacked. And I have putt better ever since (over a year ago, so not recency bias)...

  • Titleist TSR2 11° HZRDUS Red CB 50 6.0 w Lamkin UTx Midsize
  • Titleist TSR2 16.5º HZRDUS Red 60 CB 6.0 & TSR2 21º HZRDUS Black 4G 70 6.0 w Lamkin UTx Midsize
  • Mizuno JPX923 HMP 4-GW, T22 54.12WS, T22 58.04DC w Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid Midsize
  • Evnroll EV5.3
  • Maxfli Tour & ProV1
  • Ping Pioneer - MGI Zip Navigator AT
  • Payntr X 002 LE, Ecco Biom C4, Payntr X 001 F (Mesh)
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Edel Eas 1.0


Golf pride pro only cord green shape grip

face balanced

25g weight

67 degree lie angle

2 degree loft

no sightline

I think everyone should get fitted.  I would have never known otherwise that I should have specs so far off of the standard specs Custom-made-golf-putters-EAS1.0_BOTTOM_5

Handicap 5.4

Driver - Titleist TSI3 10* @ 9.25, speeder 757 

Fwy - Titleist TSI3 16.5* 4 wood, speeder 757

Driving Iron - Srixon ZX 18*, recoil x flex

Irons - 4-P Srixon Z945, kbs tour 130 x

Wedges - 50* - Mizuno t22, Taylormade MG4 TW 56, Vokey SM9 60

Putter - Edel EAS 1.0

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I just switched to the Odyssey 5K Double Wide.   True confession:  I putted for 5 years with a $49 Tour Edge putter I pulled off a rack at a course in  South Carolina during a rain delay.   I purchased 3 of them in total.  You can still find it on Amazon for $49.99.   I had a round with 22 putts using that same $50 putter a few years back! 

I putt best with a face balanced putter, and I like a soft(er) insert.   The new Odyssey has the insert and minimal toe-hang (about 1/4).    Prior, I was using a TaylorMade Hydroblast Chaska.    

My challenge is I am left-eye dominant and putt right handed.   What I see as "straight" is actually amost 5/8 of an inch left of straight.   So I line up the ball-line on almost everything.   But this new Odyssey seems to help my aim.  So far, so good for the first couple of weeks.   It had better be for the nearly $400 price tag (lol).



PIng G410, 10.5 set at 9.5/  Cleveland 3+ Hy-wood (18*) / Titleist 915 7w / Callaway XR 4h / Tour Edge HL-4 5h / Mizuno JPX-921 Hot Metal 7i - GW / Tommy Armour 845 CB wedges (52, 56*).   Ping Sigma 2 Fetch Putter.   SkyTrak in the Garage.  

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First off I have somewhere over 60 putters. I don't seem to ever get rid of the ones I am not using any longer. As of four days ago I went back to an oldie but goodie, a Ping Echo 2. Pulled it out of the bag  it was in, cleaned it up, put a new grip on it and so far I have been making everything with it. (well not everything but you all know what I mean) I will continue to use it until it goes south on me and then I will dig another one out of storage and put the Ping in time-out. I am a firm believer in the Dave Stockton school of putting. If you aren't putting well it must be the putter because once you start doubting your stroke you are pretty much screwed. It has worked for me for years so until it doesn't anymore I will continue to do it that way.


ECHO 2 putter.jpg

Edited by geno4952

Driver .....TM M2  12* ... Stock shaft Reg.

3 Wood...TM M2 HL 16*..stock reg shaft

7 Wood  TM  M2... stock shaft reg.

Hybrids....Adams.... A3OS Boxer  3-4-5 hybrids..Grafalloy  platinum Reg flex

Cobra F7 one length irons..... 6 - SW .. ...shafts.. Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue Axis @ 37.5"

Putter (varies) currently Ping Echo 2

Peace....  Update... 69 yrs old shot 68 this summer(2021)... God I love this game...




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Scotty Cameron Newport

PXG Driver 9 degrees regular shaft

Taylormade 3 wood and 5 wood regular shaft

Taylormade  3 Rescue stiff shaft

Titliest  Volkey wedges 52 56 60 regular steel shafts

Bridgestone irons 4 thru PW regular steel shafts

Ball Maxfli Tour X or Titliest PV1 X

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Fell in love with an Evnroll ER1v at the PGASS a couple of years ago. Tried 5 models total including a Scotty Newport 2 and a Ping Anser. I just had better results with the ER1v in the drills we set up at the corral, so I took it home. Putting improved over my old ping putter. I do believe Evnroll’s Sweet Face makes a difference in consistency. 


  • Driver Cobra Radspeed 10.5. Stiff HZRDS Smoke Yellow
  • 3W Cabra F8+ 14.5
  • 5W Cobra F8+ 17.5
  • Irons TM RocketBladez 4i-P
  • Wedges Kirkland Signature 52@50, 56@55, and 60
  • Putter KS1
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I’m using an old (1990’s) Bobby Grace ‘The Fat Lady Swings’ mallet that I found online. I used a grey ‘Fat Lady’ back in the’90’s, but bought this one which is black and copper, simply because it is so pretty.  After about a year of looking at it in my office, I decided to put a new single bend KBS putter shaft in it with an EVNROLL 1.0 Gravity grip.

 I was using a TM Spider X.  With the revitalized Fat Lady, my golfing buddies’ wallets are a little lighter!!

Sub-70, Callaway, Mizuno, and Yes! Trying to shoot my age occasionlly.

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