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  1. I've recently been looking to upgrade my bag.  I bought mine back in 2017 Sun Mountain C130.  It's still in great shape, but there's an Orange and Grey C130 one that just has me giddy with anticipation.  (that and i'm just bored, and want something new)  i'm trying to convince my wife that i should get new wedges too.  Wish me luck!

  2. Thank you all.  I apologize for not seeing this earlier.  I hope 2022 has more Fairways hit, Greens in Regulation, and birdie opportunities!  (i know saying your birthday wish out loud may make it not come true, but somethings got to give!!)

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  3. To be 100% honest to all (and especially myself)  10 feet.  I've been lucky and drained some long ones, but 10 footers are the ones that i'm trying to make constantly.  I've also been working on getting my lag putts closer than 4 feet.  My speed has been off this year, and i've been working on it, getting longer ones close. that's just my opinion.  it looks as though that's about average.


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  4. I have a 2 wheeled, a 3 wheeled and a 4 wheeled push cart.  The biggest thing for me personally is space.  The 2 and 3 just fold in half, so it takes up extra space in my garage or in my Chevy.  My Quad XL folds twice so it saves space .  I switched to walking back in 2014 and love it.  

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  5. took a day off yesterday to play after a Dentist appointment.  I left 6 putts short of at most 2 inches.   It was maddening.  1 of my few birdie attempts that I did have i left that short by about 3 feet. I made that putt for par, but yesterday there were just so many little things that kept messing up for me.  I had a nightmare hole, 4 balls lost. I was even given a mulligan (on the technicality that i hit out of turn) I thought i had honors.  I hit so many good shots and for the score to come out like that was enough to make a grown man cry! 


    I can't wait for sunday, my wife gave me permission to golf on Mothers Day.  (feels like a trap) but oh well!  I still love this game.  Just wanted to vent 

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