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  1. 13.1; Michigan

    140 yards - 8 iron

    Ping G410 irons

    First heard about Sub 70 through MSG.  Their DTC model certainly looks promising.  I was looking at their website yesterday and saw that some of their club models are currently unavailable (sold out) so they must be doing something right.

  2. I don't wear a watch on the course but am interested in getting the V3.

    Possibly a dumb question:  will attaching it to my push cart still allow the V3 to collect shot data from synced clubs or does it need to be closer to the sensor to work?  If it needs to be closer (on my wrist), then I may go with the G3 for just the GPS.



  3. Apologies if this is already in a forum.

    I wear glasses when playing and am wondering about using a range finder while wearing them.  On the very rare occasion I use binoculars I lift my glasses but using digital camera view finder I don’t.  

    Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks.


  4. On 5/1/2020 at 4:15 PM, Tom the Golf Nut said:

    If you are going on golf trips and luggage is required I would not go smaller than the Edge. When I go car shopping I bring a golf bag with a driver in it. I had several car salesmen look at me like I'm crazy and a few that were golfers that completely understood. If it didn't fit easily I turned down the deal. I would reccomend going to a place like Carmax and try the fit on many different models.

    Thanks, Tom.  Always shop with a bag in my trunk -- several brands lost sales when bag wouldn't fit.

  5. Course I play most has carts out today with a plastic divider down center from windshield to back of seat.

    Other course I play, only one per cart (two if related/living together), private carts with same rules.


  6. My Ford Fusion is pushing 10 years old and will likely be replaced soon.  I can fit 4 cart bags in the trunk with some Tetris-like moves but often some clubs ride inside the car (back window ledge).

    Any recommendations for sedan or small(ish) SUV that will accommodate 4 golfers and bags easily?  Thinking no larger than a Ford Edge.  Open to all brands under $35,000 fully equipped.



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