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Unique Stocking Stuffer for Golfers!


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    Hey Folks:  Looking for a unique gift for the golfer?   That's not another boring necktie?


Check out :


"Tee Ceremony: A Cosmic Duffer's ™ Companion to the Ancient Game of Golf" by Dan Camilli


Have a "Look Inside" this "funny yet thought-provoking" book at Amazon.


Also available at barnesandnoble


Through 18 Holes (chapters) Dan Camilli uses cartoons, quotes from Buddha to Bagger Vance and presents humorous descriptions of connections between golf and philosophy. Topics such as selecting golf partners, driving distance liars, putting, cigars and the value of walking the course are all examined in a light-hearted yet thought-provoking way.


"The Cosmic Duffer ™ knows that golf offers a transformative experience. It's an exquisitely simple yet complex game- an 18 hole drama-complete with plots and subplots. Yet the hero and the villain are always the same person- YOU."


"Funny, informative,  irreverent, and thought-provoking, Dan Camilli's  "Tee Ceremony" brings a philosopher's sensibility to this mystical game."


May Santa bring you the short game of your dreams. Happy Holidays!

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