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  2. Kieldog (PMookie)

    Rattlesnake Ridge Crack

    Makes me wonder to what degree did the mining help contribute to the instability? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. GolfJunkie302

    Ignore / Block

    What was that mile-long post about the course in China from VOO? I can't really imagine anyone going to that place and actually using the notes from that enormous post... Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  4. tommc23

    Best Putter Grip?

    I've been testing something out on my putter and I think I should get the counter weight for my SS Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  5. kardboard.kid

    Joining The Land of Spy's

    Now that you are in the SPY community, you must eat this thread before anyone can read it. Welcome.
  6. Initially, I would suggest "word of mouth" so to speak. If you happen to be playing with someone that you perceive to have a good game, just say that you are looking for an instructor and do they have any recommendations. Understand that anyone can claim to be a teaching professional, I've seen it at ranges. Make sure that you see a PGA certified professional. Many teaching professionals will offer packages for multiple lessons at a reduced rate. But I would advise that you first take a single lesson before purchasing such a package. Do this to make sure that you and the professional fit on a personal level-that you relate each other. That is that you like them and their teaching methods.
  7. HardcoreLooper

    Dad Holiday Gift Ideas

    Funny you should mention that. She turned 17 not too long ago, and we watched Top Gun (she loves 80's movies). Still a no-go on the nickname, no matter how much she liked the movie.
  8. HardcoreLooper

    Supercharged Bags from Sun Mountain

    I'll pass. I keep my SM 2.5 nice and light when I carry it. I wouldn't want to lug a USB battery around. If I'm pushing my ClicGear, I'd want the battery in the mesh pocket, which is where my phone is. But I'll give them credit for trying.
  9. HardcoreLooper

    Would you bid on a green jacket?

    HardcoreLooper agrees.
  10. Flipper554

    Do You Fly The Flag?

    Might get some use out of that Lightning flag this year they are having a very good season.
  11. MaxEntropy

    PXG vs Taylor Made

    From the stand point of the industry in which I work, where I review competitors patents somewhat frequently, I do not understand this lawsuit. Club makers have apparently been making hollow-bodied irons for a fairly long time, so that can't really be (or shouldn't be) the complaint. In my somewhat simple mind, that really only leaves the goo put in the cavity. As long as the "recipes" are slightly different and/or are processed differently, this lawsuit could be nothing more than an expensive exercise in futility. I haven't read the claims, though, so I have no idea what they are actually going after.
  12. MalteBrask

    Gratuitous Picture Thread - Callaway Rogue Hybrids

    I love Them! I a high handicapper with slow swingspeed and I love hybrids! Much easier to hit than fairway woods so I have a 3 and 5-maybe 6 hybrid in my set.
  13. PlaidJacket

    Putt like Shoot?

    I'd seen this putter somewhere on the intertubes this past year. No interest.
  14. bullldog

    Oh, BALLS....

    Few years back, I was off back of green, bout 6~7 elevated. Buddy up on the green said he could hear the ball (e5) spin back. Hehe
  15. DawgDaddy

    Lefty from Germany

    Welcome aboard!
  16. DawgDaddy

    New Oldie from South Africa

    Welcome aboard!
  17. DawgDaddy

    Hello From Colorado Springs

    Welcome aboard!
  18. tony@CIC

    New to the forum from India

    Welcome Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  19. Miboy62

    LPGA Player Profile: Beatriz Recari (Photos)

    Maybe she can top $200,000 this year.
  20. I called them recently and it all sounds real good. I just can’t imagine hitting off a Mat spending that kind of money and it feeling how I’m expecting.
  21. Dr Strangelove

    Cleveland smart sole

    Another thing. This is the club you want to use when attempting that ill-advised pitch shot from a terrible lie in the crap (sticks, leaves, long weeds, shrubs) after you put one over the green.
  22. BigHappyVA

    lead tape to cobra LTD pro

    thanks. I'm guessing I can take lead tape and put it on the outside first and play around with it. Then take it off and apply it to the inside once I found what I like. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. ddryan

    Hello from the frozen north!

    Welcome to the Forum! Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  24. RookieBlue7

    Taylormade TMX golf bag

    I’ve got the whole bag I’d sell, hood and strap included
  25. blackngold_blood

    Ping Tyne gone

  26. Up for sale is an extremely mint set of Honma Tour World 737v players irons. Some of the softest set of irons I've played. Irons are 4 thru PW or 10 iron. Been used three rounds and look almost brand new in person. 7 thru wedge have the most usage shown. Will show in pictures. Trades: Mizuno MP 18 mbs 4-pw 120-130 x shafts Taylormade 730 4-pw 120-130 x shafts Callaway apex mb 4-pw 120-130 x shafts Mizuno jpx 900 Tour 4-pw 120-130 x shafts Srixon 945 4-pw 120-130 x shafts Thanks for looking 1.) Honma Tour World 737v 4-PW (9/10 condition) Length is 1/2" over standard Lie angel is 1* flat of standard Lofts are standard Shafted with KBS Tour 130x Lamkin REL 3 Gen (3 Wraps) $900 $800
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