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  2. I finally had a chance last night to grab a couple pictures of each course. Grande Dunes: #11 - Pretty hole, but nothing terribly difficult. #14 - Tough shot to get the right yardage. We both bailed to the left to make sure we were dry. Wild Wing - Avocet: #3 - Picture doesn't do the steepness of the bunker faces much justice. My friend hit his second to about where the picture ends in the bunker on the left. Borderline ridiculous stance and made a very good shot to get out of there the first try. #5 - water is behind the green, too. There is a ball on the green. It was me and I missed the birdie putt. TPC Myrtle Beach: #1 - Course was in great condition #5 - Another pretty par 3. Slightly downhill on a breezy day made club selection tricky. * Gator sunning itself on the bank Myrtle Beach National - King's North: We were told it is possible to reach the bank near the green with a good tee shot. GPS showed it was around a 230 carry to do so. No one tried in our foursome #6 - "The Gambler". Par 5. From our tees, it was around a 200 carry to the island, which leaves 150 - 170 second shot. 3 of the 4 of us landed safely, with me being the moron to sky the ball and end a few yards short of being dry.. #17 -Another nice par 3. Being long wasn't terribly fun.
  3. I never look at contest threads because you usually have to be in the States to win.... Good grief Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
  4. Not a fan of the M4, from the awful look, to the feel and sound. Seems they stole the color from BMW too.
  5. Thank you for the link. I just watched his video and this thing looks pretty cool!
  6. These brands are nothing more than names and nostalgia now. All of the patents and the R&D people that made these companies great have been long sopped up by other oems
  7. Top 5 if I may... 1. Partagas Série E 2. Arturo Fuente Añejo Reserva 3. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2 4. Montecristo No 2 5. Bolivar Belicoso
  8. I use cigarone.com ... ships them in from Switzerland for relatively cheap. Never had an issue. And they are 100% Habanos guaranteed.
  9. Congratulations!! Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  10. Check out the link - not sure if this is limited to the UK or worldwide. I don't use their grips so didn't pay attention https://www.nationalclubgolfer.com/news/win-set-lamkin-grips/
  11. Randomly saw this topic and figured I'd post with my thoughts and see if anyone had any updates. I have the Series 1 watch which I got before I started getting into golf more seriously. Been using the Golf Logix app after playing with a few people that suggested it and doing some research. As mentioned in rosier posts, the gps location is based off of the location of the actual phone. Not a big fan of carrying my phone around on the course a lot - I like the idea of just tossing it in my bag and forgetting about it for a few hours. However, since I'm carrying around the phone I find myself looking at the phone more than my watch. Works pretty well but have had some cases where the yardage took a while to update which got annoying. Debating on purchasing a gps watch/range finder for this season bust haven't made any decisions yet. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  12. I am pretty new to navigating forums. I have googled things in the past and the information that I am looking for pops up in a thread of a forum and then I go down a rabbit hole trying to find what I am looking for. I have seen on the top of the forums page you can filter by recently updated, trending, etc. This may be a way to generic question, but is there a legend/guide anywhere on how to navigate through MGS? The only way I've been able to find targeted info on something I am interested in is by typing it in the search box and then bouncing in and out of threads until I found some relevant info. I'm sure that I've posted questions that have been already answered by jumping to the last couple of pages to find the most current response.
  13. Love the paint fill on the mizunos, that green was my second choice but i went with the red paint fill on my kyoei MBs
  14. If you don't mind spending for the latest and greatest, I'd go for something in the JPX 900 line. What's your handicap? Not sure if you'd need the JPX 900 Hot Metal or not.
  15. Hey just letting you know you may want to reconsider the price as I see you can buy the hea for about $25 from Callaway pre-owned and shaft new from golfworks for $50. Good luck with the sale! [emoji846] Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  16. I play one of their 3 woods. I'll echo what some others have said; it's a great club with exceptional distance. Sometimes I wonder why I even keep a driver in the bag. Something I don't know if others have mentioned is the lifetime warranty. One day I teed off with the 3 wood and it felt like a mishit, when I leaned over to pick up my tee and used the club to sort of balance myself the shaft broke off right at the hosel. I was bummed, but when I went to the golf shop where I got it to get the shaft replaced, they told me about the lifetime warrantee and took care of it for free, and it wasn't a cheap shaft.
  17. I have both the ES14 and SC 200. I'm not altogether sure how accurate either unit is. I have used them side by side and gotten swing speed difference is up to 8 mph for the same driver swing with identical ball speed numbers. The ES 14 seems to be more consistent in regards to swing speed and ball speed, but the launch angle and spin calculations are pretty far off compared to trackman. I recently did a driver fitting and on a 101 mph avg ball speed showed 2100 spin and 13 degree launch angle with 240 carry on track man. The next day I took the ES 14 out and got identical club and ball speed numbers as well as identical carry distance but the spin was 2800 and the launch angle 14.5. The SC 200 is pretty erratic. I've used the training mode to try and dial in my wedge distances. I find the numbers to be very erratic on these wedge shots. Hitting to a pin that I shot with the laser will show variances if over 10 yards. In summary you can get good club speed and ball speed numbers from the ES 14 but the calculated numbers are not reliable enough to base any swing or equipment changes on. The SC 200 is too inconsistent to be of much use for anything in my opinion.
  18. Thanks pmookie Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  19. What's your asking price on the Bridgestone wedges? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Hey gang -- After 22 years in Minnesota, I'm getting ready for my first New England golf season since 1995! Arranging events is always hard, if not impossible - but any newbies or folks who've been around (I'm looking at YOU @strokerace!) and want to get together for some golf this spring and summer - let me know either here or in a PM.
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