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Official Forum Member Review - Srixon Q STAR Tour 3-Piece Golf Balls

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Official Forum Member Review


Srixon Q STAR Tour 3-Piece Golf Balls



Spur22                Stage 1            Stage 2

Apes44               Stage 1            Stage 2

Scooducks         Stage 1            Stage 2

HeathS16           Stage 1            Stage 2

golfinnut             Stage 1            Stage 2

miboy62             Stage 1            Stage 2

newballcoach     Stage 1             Stage 2

GolfSpy Shawn  Stage 1             Stage 2

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Srixon Q Star Tour – Official MGS Forum Review Stage 1 by Spur22 





​​When I was growing up my grandparents played golf and they decided to get me lessons when I was 12.  I actually got quite good but once I got to high school my focus shifted to other things. I am 32 now and have been playing pretty regularly for about 10 years. Then I made the best or worst decision I've ever made and got my wife interested in playing. The good I get to play A LOT, the bad sometimes she gets very angry on the course. I'm pretty sure it's karma for all of the melt downs I've had on the golf course in the past.




​Handicap - 9.6 but I am capable of shooting anywhere from 74 to 92. 

​Strengths - ​Chipping, Putting and Scrambling

Weaknesses - ​Driver and consistency (Hence the scrambling)

​Typical Ball Flight - ​Piercing to Mid

Typical Miss - ​Push fade with driver and pulls with irons

​Current Ball - ​Callaway Chrome Soft

​Swing Tempo - ​Slow to Moderate

Driver Swing Speed - ​95 to 100

​What makes you love the game? - ​That one pure shot




What's in my bag? - ​

​Bio Cell+ Driver

​Bio Cell+ Fairway 17.5*

​Adams Pro Mini Hybrid 21*

​Titleist AP1 712 5-GW

​Cobra Tour Trusty 54, 58 and 62 Wedges

​Scotty Cameron Select GoLo Putter

​Why did I choose them? - ​Honestly I bought the irons because of the name and the price was great.  The Driver and Fairway I bombed when I demoed them. The wedges performed just as well as the Vokey's I had at the time and they were cheaper. The Hybrid was an impulse buy. The putter I drooled over for a year and finally I decided to drop the cash on it. ( totally worth it to me)

​What region do I play out of? - ​Southeastern U.S.

​Am I a tinkerer or set it and forget it type? - I used to tinker with everything until I realized it did more harm than good. The only thing I adjust now is the loft on my driver and that's just so I can refresh my grip. (I don't believe the loft changes enough if any to effect my ball flight)




​On to the Srixon Q Star Tours, I've played Z Stars in the past so I knew what I was getting into as far as looks but they are also very similar in feel. I've also played the original Q Star but did not get along with that ball, so I was interested to see if these would be more comparable to the Z Stars.




The packaging definitely catches your eye but the fact that I've had success with Srixon in the past would make me want to give these a try.




Now to get these bad boys out on the course and see just what they can do for my game.



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Srixon Q Star Tour – Official MGS Forum Review Stage 2




​Performance on the Course


  • ​​Distance​ - The QST was about 10 yards longer off the tee than my current gamer Chrome Soft. All other clubs were about the same
  • Consistency ​- The ball flight was mid to high, I'm used to a more penetrating flight but it was playable. Chipping and putting is where I struggled with this ball, there was more roll out than I would like and the ball would just fly off of the putter face. This is the first ball where I felt like I needed to use my 62* wedge on short chips. 
  • Feel ​- Nice soft feel off of all clubs. Felt great off of the putter just can't get the distance down.
  • ​Carry vs Roll ​- This ball really wants to stay in the air off of the tee and I get plenty of roll once it lands.

Course Score:​ 40 out of 50




Looks & Durability


  • This ball looks great and is what I've come to expect from Srixon. Love the packaging it really catches my eye.
  • The durability is average to slightly above average, just depends on what you hit. The ball pictured above on the left was played for 5 rounds. The ball in the middle was only played for 2 but took a big gash after one cart path. The ball on the right was played for 4 rounds.
  • The first ball I tested lasted almost 7 full rounds but unfortunately found it's way into the pond on the 18th that day.

​Looks Score: 12 out of 15




​Sound and Feel


  • ​This ball has a powerful thwack sound on full shots and a nice soft feel with all clubs.
  • ​I would say it feels slightly better than my Chrome Soft


​Sound and Feel: 15 out of 15




​Likelihood of Purchase


  • ​I would consider purchasing this ball but only if they run a special, I could see this being a good winter ball for me​.

​​LOP Score:​ 15 out of 20




​Subjective Notes


  • ​I loved the distance off of the tee and the way this ball felt and sounded
  • ​But I just did not get the performance around the green that I feel I get from the Chrome Soft



​Conclusion and Final Score


​​​This was a great ball off the tee but it just did not preform for me around the greens. My game relies on chipping and putting and I just did not have confidence that this ball was going to do what I wanted it to do. Every once and a while full iron shots into the green would take a huge hop and fly over the green but honestly this could just be me, I'm not a very high spin player. In conclusion I really loved the feel of this ball just not the way it preformed for me.


​Total Score:​ 82 out of 100





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Srixon Q Star Tour – Official MGS Forum Review by Apes44

Player Intro. So my story, I am 32 year old casual golfer. I took lessons back when I was in 5th or 6th grade and never got in to golf seriously. I would play with friends 3 or 4 times year in college, then pretty much put the clubs away until about 3 years ago when a coworker convinced me to join the company golf league.  We went to the range a few times at lunch and I got “a” swing back, it's not pretty but it will work for as much as I play. Currently I play on Tuesdays with my dad, which is probably my favorite round to play, and then try to place one day on the weekends.

·         Handicap? 22

·         Strengths of your game? Distance off the tee and 40 yards and in

·         Weakness of your game? Ball striking with irons, slice the ball

·         Typical ball flight? Slightly higher, but play lower lofted driver to counter act that.

·         Typical miss? Slice

·         Current Ball? ProV1, Chromesoft, Volvik Vivid

·         Swing tempo? Faster

·         Driver swing speed? 105

·         What makes you love the game? – I love the game because I know I am competing against those in my foursome, however I know there are friends I will probably never beat, but I can always try to beat my best score on the course. That keeps it challenging to me.

·         How long have you been golfing? Consistently -3 years – Started 20 years ago

·         What kind of golfer are you?  Bomb and recover

·         What is in your bag? Driver-Woods- Hybrid – Ping G30, Irons Taylormade 2016 M2, Wedges Cleveland RTX 2.0 CB, Putter – Cameron Golo 5

·         How did you choose them? Ping's got fitted and loved how they felt, wedges had an older version and loved them so just upgraded, Putter, always wanted a Scotty. Irons – TM warrantied out my RSi2 that were separating from the shafts.

·         What region do you play out of? Western Pennsylvania

·         Are you a tinkerer or a set and forget it type? Set it and forget it

My first impressions of the ball are, the packaging is a little flashy, would catch my attention in the store and at least make me look at them, and knowing the price point is $29.99 a doz helps. They look like any other golf ball, I can't really tell what the spinskin is compared to another ball based on look or feel alone.  I was really interested in testing these because a friend of mine plays the QStar ball and swears by them, this gives me a chance to see for myself. 





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Stage Two - The Review: 1,000 Words (or so…)



Performance on the Course

So what I did first, since chipping has become one of my stronger points, was take them down to the local range that has a chipping area. I chipped from the rough at a pin about 30 feet away from the green and the pin was about 15 feet in.  The Srixon's seem to be landing where I wanted and would roll out to where I felt they should based on aim and distance. So I thought why don't I add a little comparison testing to it? I had a chromesoft, Pro V1, B330-RXS in my bag. I put a tee in the ground behind me to try to mimic the same length of backswing, I had a friend set all the balls up with the logos down, so they were indistinguishable. Surprisingly enough, all 4 balls ended up within about half a foot of each other, with the Srixon right in the middle. (See picture #1 below). I then took them out to a course I've played a handful of times and I really like these balls. I didn't have a really bad round with them.  They flew straighter off the tee. They really seem to have stopping power on the green. I had several shots that stopped extremely close to the pitch mark. There was a lot of spin on shots with 8 irons through my wedges, to really bite the green. (see pic #2) I shot a 39 on 9 holes, which was the best I've ever played using this ball. My putting has gone down to 2 putts per hole or below with these, It was around 2.2, so not a major difference but a little improvement. I shot a 90 on another course I've never played before. My handicap has dropped to a 20 from a 22 with these balls. (I'm sure some of it is that I am getting better too) but most importantly, with these balls I beat fellow member SilentP!

·         Distance – The ball is long off the tee, I was hitting my drives roughly about 5-10 yards longer than normal, this may have had something to do with the fact that they were much straighter off the tee as well. I was having to hit a club less because the ball seemed to be traveling further than I usually hit it.

·         Consistency – The ball feels very consistent. Same flight path after almost every shot. Chips seemed to stick where I wanted them too. Putts were coming off well too.

·         Feel – This ball feels very soft, which I liked but not too soft.

·         Carry vs Roll – The ball does roll, I usually hit lower shots and it would roll well for me.

·         Negatives – I hit a cart path or two and it seems to scuff the ball, more so than what I am used to seeing

Course Score: 48/50

Performance Notes

·         In all honesty, I was very impressed with this ball. Usually playing a higher end ball, I would say it compares really well to other high end balls. The distance was there and it seemed to be flying straighter for me than some of the higher end balls. The spin on it is great and I feel like it almost stuck greens better than the ProV1. Two examples, I was about 103 yards out, I hit my gap wedge and you could see the pitch mark about 3 inches in front of the ball and I was about 2 inches from the pin. The picture below illustrates the stopping power, this was about 120 out with a pitching wedge, downhill. The ball was close enough for a 1 putt and only about 5 feet from the pitch mark.  Playing in another round, I missed a hole in one by inches, (see picture 3)



Looks & Durability

The silver and blue box, is very attention getting. The back looks like mostly every box. Their ball is “longer, straighter, spinnier, softer, etc.” with a little arc drawn for flight. The ball itself feels like any other ball. The durability is good if you don't hit a cart path. The ball seems to scuff more than most balls.  Simplistic if you don't like a lot of logo's, lines etc, you can easily put it those down so you have just white looking at you when you putt.


Looks Score: 12

Sound and Feel

This sounds just like any other ball, I think that the noise would be more from the different club.  As far as feel goes, it feels like a soft ball and seems to compress easy. Around the green the ball feels softer as well. Easy to stick greens. The ball came off the putter very true.

Sound and Feel Score: 14


Likelihood of Purchase

I think I may have found my new gamer. For 29.99 a dozen, it plays as well as a high end balls for me. I can almost get 2 boxes for one high end box. Also they had a order 3 get one free on their website, I will be placing that order!


LOP Score: 20

Subjective Notes

Overall, the ball is a great ball for a 20 plus handicapper with a higher swing speed. The ball stuck to greens and putted true. Can't ask for much more

Conclusion & Final Score

This ball is my new gamer. I am very happy I got test it because I probably never would have tried it out. I will be switching to this ball full time. As I've said it was longer, straighter and gripped the greens just as well as the other big boys. My big issue is that it does scuff very easy. The  rounds I played with it, I cut 6 strokes off my previous score at one course I've played a few times, shot a 39 on my home course (9 holes), shot 90 on a brand new course, and narrowly missed breaking 90 on 18 at my home course. Overall this is a great ball!


Total Score: 94/100





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City: Portland, OR


Handicap: 5.1, trending down.


Strengths: Straight off the tee, deadly 125 and in.


Weaknesses: Ball striking with irons, inconsistency. I can easily go 3 under of the front, and 7 over on the back, or vice-a-versa.


Ball Flight: Mid to low straight ball, but can work both ways consistently


Typical Miss: Straight pull if I get quick off the top


Current Ball: Taylormade TP5x


Swing Tempo: Smooooth, but wish I hit the ball a little longer.


Driver Swing Speed: 100mph




The first time I ever stepped foot on a golf course was on my 16th birthday back in 2006. My dad asked if I wanted to play some golf before the big birthday dinner. Neither of us had every really played, so we looked up how to play golf on YouTube (which was a far cry from what it is today), and headed off to the course. My dad had picked a pretty nice resort course, so when we walked up to the shop and asked to play nine holes, we were met with some pretty comical looks of astonishment at our ignorance.

Thankfully, they were good sports about it, and charged us half the rate and hooked us up with some rental clubs and a cart on the house. As one would expect, our first balls of the tee didn't make it 50 yards. It was early in the round, no need to take any unnecessary risks, better to lay-up and give ourselves a good chance at par double bogey. Course management.


Now, this being our first time out, we were concerned that our less than stellar play would hold up the groups behind us. We also didn't realize that you could drive the cart out on to the grass, so our next three holes went a little something like this.

  1. Duff our tee shots
  2. Drive up the cart path 25-45 yards, perpendicular to our balls.
  3. Dead sprint out to the ball.
  4. Hit ball 25-45 yards.
  5. Dead sprint back to cart.
  6. Drive up the cart path 25-45 yards, perpendicular to our balls.
  7. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The marshal finally caught up to tell us to slow our roll, and that carts were fine on the fairway up to 30 yards before the green. Then he proceeded to explain what the green was as a tongue-in-cheek joke.


We spent the rest of the round laughing at our terrible shots and celebrating the occasional decent strike. From that day forward, I was addicted to the game.

I am a hyper competitive person. Golf serves as a competitive outlet. I love playing money games with my friends on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Most of all, I love competing with myself. Golf has a funny way of always making you think you are just one small step from everything clicking and you finally mastering the game. The longer I play, the more I realize that I'll always feel that way, but will never get there. It's what will keep me coming back.


I spend most of my extra time and extra money on golf in some capacity. I play often and practice even more. I love spending a couple of hours after work on the putting green (with a practice buddy if possible), looking up golf specific exercises, reading about the latest technology, and drooling over pictures of courses I will probably only ever play in my dreams. I just really like golf, it's pretty cool.





My weapons of choice are as follows:

  • Driver: Taylormade M2 (2016) 10.5° - Stiff (stock)
  • Fairway: Taylormade Areoburner TP 16.5° - Stiff (Diamana Whiteboard 70g)
  • Hybrid/Driving Iron: Titleist 915H 21° - Stiff (Diamana Blueboard 80g)/Titleist 712U 3 Iron – Stiff (Kuro Kage 65g)
  • Irons: Titleist 714 AP2 4-PW – Stiff (KBS Tour 90)
  • Wedges: Titleist SM5 50°/54°/58°
  • Putter: Odyssey O-Works #1 38” Counter Balance

Bag 1.jpgBag2.jpg

I'm not much of a tinkerer, but I do like to switch it up every so often. I was fitted for my entire bag (sans putter) when I got my signing bonus after being hired for my first job post college graduation. The hybrid, irons, and wedges are still going strong. The M2 was a newer acquisition, but it is the longest and most forgiving driver I have ever hit, so I don't see it going anywhere (as long as it doesn't get stolen again). The high lofted fairway is a recent experiment that has been going really well. I got the 712U head off eBay for a great deal, and pulled the shaft out of an old Adams hybrid I found for cheap in the used club bin at Golf Galaxy. When the wind is blowing, it's a real asset off the tee on short par fours.


I've always bounced around with the putter, but I've been using this Odyssey counter balance for a while now, and I'm putting really well with it, so I don't expect a departure from the bag any time soon. 






I played the Pro-V1 all throughout high school golf, and then the Chrome Soft when it came out. I recently made the switch to the Taylormade TP5x and have been really enjoying it. It's long off the tee and long irons, seems to be a little extra pop on the lower lofted clubs. I get a nice mid-low ball flight on mid and short irons that stop pretty well. The control on shots 40-80 yards leave something to be desired, but I figure the trade-off is the length off the tee and on lower lofted clubs, so I just deal with it.


I'll be paying attention to a few things during this review period:

  1. Length off the tee and with lower lofted clubs: Is it that “pop” there?
  2. “Drop-n-Stop” shots from 40-80 yards: I'm missing that control, can the Q-Star Tour give it back?
  3. Durability: The TP5x is very durable. I've gone of trees, rocks, and cart paths and have been surprised at how little wear shows up on the ball. 
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Srixon Q-Star Tour Review: HeathS16 


Srixon unboxing.jpg


First off I am SOOOOOO thankful for the opportunity to do this review, thank you MyGolfSpy for the chance to work with this amazing product.  Secondly I would like to thank my lovely wife who allowed me to film and test this golf ball while on our 5th wedding anniversary. 


OK, now for the stage one: 

I decided to film the first part of this review because I thought it might be cool to do it in a pretty place and because the timing of the thread lined up perfectly.  So below, you will find the majority of my thoughts on the Srixon Q-Star Tour and a short swing video of myself to help introduce me. (Please forgive my poor editing skills, this was filmed on a go-pro) 


Video Interview

Swing Video


Srixon, has really made a great looking and performing ball, aimed at that middle range of handicaps who want a premium ball performance at a lower compression and price.  I think that they have hit the nail on the head with the Q-Star Tour, and have really developed a good product. 


Pic of ball .jpg


This golf ball does everything I need it to do, soft off the putter and the irons while still maintaining great distance.  Little to no difference for me in distance off the tee or from the fairway with any club.  Even was able to zip a few back on some wedge and mid-iron shots (see picture below.) 


Spin Rate pic.jpg


Like I said, durability and price point is huge for me in this review and are two things I want to focus more on during my stage 2, here is a picture of a Q-Star Tour after 24 Holes (this is the ball that hit off of the railroad tie).  



This ball still performed admirably, and survived another few holes before water ate it....


I cannot wait to share more of what I have experienced during this test, I have loved being able to be a part of it.  PLEASE feel free to ask any questions.  I hope the video was something different and kind of cool, first time I have tried anything like that.  Thank you so much to the best golf community on the web! 

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Official Member Review Srixon Q-Star Tour- Stage 2




Stage 2 opener.jpg



The long awaited stage 2 of this review is finally here!  I got some goods rounds in with the new QST and feel that I can report back with some good insight.  To review, I am a mid handicapper, very aggressive albeit inconsistent player. I usually score in the mid-upper 80s, but trending down. All in all I was able to get in about nine rounds with the new ball. I was impressed with what I found. 




On Course Performance: 


Before I get started I did want to mention that I was gaming Srixons before this review, Z-star sometimes but almost exclusively, the Q-Star.  One of my goals in this test was to compare the various models of golf ball and get some data, here is what I found: 


Z-Star vs. QST- 

The QST was longer off of the tee by about 8-10 yards on average with considerabley more roll than the Z-Star. 


On full iron and wedge shots the z-star was able to stop quicker and had less roll from 150 and in. The QST was still longer in the distance department by 5 yards or so. 


Around the green chipping and putting I found both golf balls to be comparable, I could do pretty much what I wanted with both of them.  The Z-Star would again be easier to stop but the QST had some grab here on half shots and chips.


I could not tell a difference between either ball off of the putter face, both felt fantastic and rolled true. 


QST vs. Q-Star- 

These two were drastically different and it was apparent which ball I was using very quickly. 


Off the tee is the closest they are, both being pretty long and carrying well, around 260 on average with about 15-20 yards of roll.  But that is where the similarities stop. 


On approach shots in the 150-175 yard range there was a huge difference in my ability to hold a green, the QST was the clear winner here. 


Around the green was the same way, I was able to control the spin and roll of the QST easily where I had to play alot more bump and runs and such with the Q-Star. 


Off the putter both were solid but I much prefered the roll and feel of the QST. 


Basically, if you were wondering if Srixon cut some corners and just updated the Q-Star you are wrong, they put some effort into this baby and it was worth it, much better performance out of the QST. 


This ball had everything I was looking for in a mid range ball, a nice penetrating flight off of irons, a mid-high launch with the driver and a buttery feel I have come to expect from a Srixon golf ball. However, the thing that stuck out to me on performance was the consistency I was able to get from the QST. I was stunned at the amount of times I would walk up to the green and find that my ball had hopped once and stuck. 


Full PW.jpg


This was a full Pitching wedge from 143 that stuck 6 feet from the pin. 


Hop and stop 2.jpg


This was a full 7-iron from 178 that held for an eagle chance. 


I felt like I could do whatever I wanted with this ball. **Side note**: These little babies are hard to lose, so far I have only lost 4 total in 9 rounds.  The only drawback, and this my be me more than the ball was that occasionally I would get some wedge shots that would spin back too much, like 10-15 feet. Here are some examples: 


Even More Spin .jpgSpin Rate pic.jpg


Performance Score: 45 out of 50 


Looks and Duribility: 


In the looks department I have always been a fan of how crisp the Srixon line up is.  The logo is nice and clean, the white seems to be whiter than others for some reason.  The packaging is a bit flashy but certainly catches your eye in the store. 


Durability: Here is where I think the QST is worth it weight in gold.  I was able to play multiple rounds using the same ball without having to sacrifice performance.  I was able to do the same things with a ball that had a few scrapes as I was with a brand new ball.  


Mark on cover.jpgDurability and performance. .jpg


This ball was used for two rounds and is still in my bag waiting for round 3! You'll notice two small scuffs, one from a tree, the other from a cart path certainly are unsightly but do not affect the roll or performance of the ball.  There was no compromise there especially for the price. 


The only thing I will pick on here is the length of the writing on the alignment aid. For some reason I just found it a little long and a bit annoying, a petty thing I know but it did bother me. 


Looks and Durability score:  12 out of 15


Sound and Feel- 


Driver: Sounded good, nice and solid, did not cause a metallic ping sound like a super hard ball or something. The feel was very soft, a bit hard on mishits but a nice feel overall. 


Irons: Sounded great off of the club a solid thwack and the ball soared off in to the air. Again, like many other Srixon golf balls, it felt very soft. 


Wedges: Same as irons. 


Putter: Like butter. LOVED IT!


Sound and Feel Score: 15 out of 15 


Likelihood of purchase- 


Lets put it this way, I am going to buy this golf ball.  At the price it is for the performance i get I would be dumb not to.  I am however, a budget golfer and try to save as much money as I can and at $30 they are still expensive. So I will certainly wait for sales. 


LOP Score: 18 out of 20 


 Overall Score and Final Thoughts- 


Score: 90 out of 100


I was so very impressed with this golf ball.  At the beginning of the test I was looking at two things: performance and durability.  Srixon delivered on both of them here with the Q-Star Tour. The consistency on approach shots was mind blowing and the feel was everything I wanted from Srixon, felt like the Z-Star at a Q-Star price range. I think that this ball is perfect for a mid handicapper like myself or even low handicappers looking for a bit of distance while still being able to be creative around the green, and not paying $4 per ball. I think this ball will appeal to high handicappers as well for its consistency and forgiveness. 


After the many positive experiences I have had with the Q-Star Tour I can safely say that it is my new gamer. The performance is exactly what I want and gives me a consistent result each shot. Well played Srixon! 


Pic of ball .jpg





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The player: 

I've been playing golf ever since I can remember.  I was 4 years old when my father introduced me to the game. (I was the only one of 3 boys who stuck with it … my older brothers wanted nothing to do with it.)  Ironically enough, I had an accident involving golf when I was 5 years old.  While hitting balls across the street at my neighbor's house, I was hit in the head with a 5-iron.  I was nearly killed by the crushing blow to a young boy's head.  Long story short, I was in the hospital for a few weeks & had to have a metal plate put into my head to replace the broken pieces of skull that were removed after the accident.  I still have a large scar on the left side of my head and the plate is there to this day.  Some people tend to ask why I continue with a game that nearly killed me.  I always reply “once you get the golfing bug, you really can't get rid of it.”  I played golf all thru high school & a few years in college but then marriage and a family put golf on the back burner.  Golfing wasn't exactly paying the bills so to speak.  So I quit playing competitively and it just became a fun recreation to get out with family & friends once in a while.  Now golf has become somewhat more of a passion … love tinkering & finding the next best golf gadget out there to make our games much more enjoyable.  Between playing with friends, or in a league, I just love getting out and playing this game we all love.


Current gamer – Titleist ProV1
Handicap or Ave score – 8.2 or 78 - 80
7 iron carry distance with current ball â€“ 155 - 160 yds

Trajectory – high … I have no problem getting the ball in the air that's for sure

Putter – Scotty Cameron Newport – Firm feel

The ball:
Srixon Q-star Tour – 2017

Distance – same or a few yards shorter off the driver
Trajectory – Mid to High
Spin – depending on the shot, but mainly hop & stop
Feel – softish (not too soft but not overly firm either)
Durability – SpinSkin holds up well to shots but doesn't like cart paths  â€¦ but played 36 holes with the same ball & it looks brand new.
Rating - Gamer


  • Not overly firm off of the driver with a real nice trajectory
  • Same distance or a few yards shorter as my current gamer … was expecting more out of it but that may have been my swing.
  • Stops well out of the fairway & the rough but for some reason it had more roll out than I was used to on green side chips.  Didn't have the bite I was expecting or used to seeing.
  • Didn't see as much bite out of the sand as I wanted to … it kept rolling out further than I'm used to with my current gamer
  • Sucked back a few feet on a number of holes but it didn't really give me confidence enough to fire at flags
  • A bit firmer than what I'm used to off the putter face.  I seemed to blow the ball by the hole more than usual … had absolutely no distance control
  • No real problems with excessive side spin off the driver …. Fairways that I hit on my mishits, I know I would have missed with my current gamer
  • Great alignment aid on the side that I mark over with my Sharpie
  • Need to get a few more rounds under my belt with this ball to get a proper feel for it, especially on the greens and for greenside control.
  • Will definitely be in my arsenal of balls to chose to play in the future.  I have already convinced my father to use it.  


Once again, thanks to the guys at Srixon & MGS for giving me the opportunity to test out these balls.  I hope the information is useful & will help you make an informative decision as to try the ball or not.  


(Pics are of the ball after 9 holes & then after 18 holes ... still in perfect condition.)




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Official Member Golfinnut - Review Srixon Q-Star Tour - Stage 2



I wasn't sure what to expect out of this ball in the beginning.  I had heard about it & had found a few on the course, but had never played them with the exception of a few on occasion.  I was hoping for a ball with consistency & with less spin off the driver.  I also like a ball that is easy to control and does what you expect after you get used to it … with the short game especially with control around the greens. Did it do those things?  Well, in short, yes.  And plenty more.

I've been known to shoot 68 one day & then 88 the next, so like everyone else's game, it is different from day to day. My biggest miss is the push right with the irons & the fade with the driver.  I like to think that every shot is a straight one, with as little of curve as possible.  I have always strived to just hitting a straight ball, never really trying to work it one way or the other unless I have to. 



Performance on the Course


·         Distance – Compared to my current gamer, I didn't see really any distance gains, nor really any losses either.  They went about the same distance most of the time, with a slight edge to my current gamer off the driver. 

·         Consistency, Spin & Flight – The ball flight is a nice medium to high flight off the driver & irons.  A flight I could definitely get used to.  I am a natural high ball hitter anyway, but I didn't see any ballooning or higher than normal flight with this ball.  It starts off nice and high immediately off the face … I can really get this ball up quick.  I hit it over trees very easily.  This ball seems to find the fairway a lot more consistent than my current gamer.  I guess it's creating a lot less side spin off the driver face (SpinSkin tech).  I hit a lot of shots that would have missed the fairway with my current gamer but just seemed to find & stay in the fairway with this one. 

·         Feel – Very nice feel off the face of the driver & the irons.  Not really a hard click nor a soft mush of a Balata either … something right in between honestly.  A perfect sound.  The feel off the putter is great too.  I get honest feedback off the face and I can tell where I hit it on the face very easily.  I remember a few times where I said “yeah, that's in the hole” immediately after I struck the putt.  Very consistent roll on the greens.  An honestly great ball to putt with. 

·         Roll & Carry – Considering a lot of the courses I have played lately are fairly wet, I can't really comment on the amount of roll.  But carry distances were about equal to my current gamer. Being that I hit the ball high, I don't get that much roll anyway … my shots off the tee are all carry distance.  HA!  In the beginning, I got a lot more roll than I was used to or expecting with this ball in the short game, chipping, etc. But once I got used to it, I started generating a bit more spin with some adjustments in my setup, I started to see the nice “drop & stop” performance that I'm used to. 


Course Score:  45 out of 50 






Looks & Durability


·         This ball has a nice bright white finish straight out of the packaging & doesn't seem to fade even after a lot of rounds on it.  (played the same ball for 72 holes)  The packaging itself is a nice blue & silver that catches the eye & would definitely draw me to it in any store.

·         The durability is great.  No real scratches off the face of the club.  Just with any ball, they don't like cart paths.  But these balls are very durable and can last a long time.  No performance issues with the ball getting “out of round” after taking a beating … it seemed to not lose it's luster whatsoever.

·         Sidestamp is great … just roll over it with my sharpie & it's a great alignment aid.


Looks & Durability Score:  12 out of 15




Sound and Feel


·         ​Not really a loud tinker sound but not overly soft mushy sound either.  It just sounds right ot me off the face of both the driver & irons. 

·         ​I love the feel off the face off the irons.  I can definitely feel where I hit the face to give me immediate feedback as to my misses.  Pure shots in the center just seem to go & go.

·         Feel off the putter face is where this balls shines for me.  It gives me great confidence knowing that it will roll true and solid off the face.  Again … immediate feedback, I can tell when a putt is struck solidly.  I can honestly say I have never made so many putts with a ball before.  Clutch putting has been the name of the game for me lately.  And it's all in part to the confidence in this ball.


Sound & Feel Score:  15 out of 15




Likelihood of Purchase


·         I would definitely be buying this ball in the near future … especially during the winter months, as it's very soft & performs well. 

·         This has become my new gamer!


LOP Score:  20 out of 20




Conclusion & Final Score


·         This ball performed well beyond my expectations.  Off the driver, it is a fairway finder! 

·         On the greens, the Q-star Tour really shined for me.  It has given me the utmost confidence that I can make any putt I stand over.  It just has a consistent roll & feel. 

·         After a few setup adjustments, I was able to put more spin on the ball than I expected.  It started to perform as advertised.  The SpinSkin technology really works for me.  I could only imagine how it would perform on a new set of irons with new grooves.  Yikes! 

·         This ball has become my new gamer.  I hope a lot of you get out and try it for yourselves, you won't be disappointed.


Final Score:  92 out of 100








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Stage 1 Reserved


Srixon Q Star Tour, MGS Review by Miboy62


Player Intro; I am 54 years old, and golf as much as possible now, two to 3 times a week.

Picked up golf in high school back in 1977, stopped golfing for 20 plus years, before I

started golfing again maybe 6 times a summer. When I moved into sales at work I got the

Golf bug back again.


Handicap: 10

Strengths of game: Wedge game 120 and in.

Weakness of game: Putting

Typical ball flight: Driver mid to low, Irons High,

Typical miss: Straight left, come around to fast

Current Ball: TaylorMade TP5

Swing Tempo: Slower back swing Faster follow through

Driver swing speed: 107

What makes you love the game: I like the game all around, time with my kids, and friends.

Trying to beat my best score, being on the green for bird.

How long have you been golfing: 8 years of series golf

What kind of golfer are you: Like using wedges in play the most.

What is in the bag: Driver-Cobra Fly Z + blue

Hybrid- Cobra Fly Z

#2 #5 - Titleist 716 T-MB

Irons- Mizuno MP-5 6-PW

Wedges- Titleist SM6 50F 54M 58M

Putter- Wilson Milled 8802

How did you get them: From my local golf shop

What Region do you play: Central West Michigan

Are you a tinkerer or set and forget it type: Tinkerer with wedges only.


When I first heard this ball was coming out with an Urethane cover I was waiting for the right

time to give it a try.

The price of $29.99 a doz peaked my interest, plus I have been interested in trying the

Spin Skin for a year or so. I played the Q-Star when it first come out a couple of years ago.

Got my first ever Ace with the yellow.


I put an arrow on the balls, so they know what way to go.

Like the packaging Srixon used for these ball.






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Hi everybody! I am superstoked to be reviewing these Srixon Q-Star Tour balls. I think they are a great fit for me personally and I am very happy to be sharing my thoughts with MGS. Hopefully you guys find them interesting, helpful or at least entertaining. Let's get into it!


First off, MGS wants a little bit of info about myself. Since I am also doing the review of the Callaway Steelhead XR irons, I will link to that review so I don't have to necessarily repeat everything (more of me is not always best). Link https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/19945-official-forum-member-review-callaway-steelhead-irons/


Handicap? (Or average score)

I have been hovering around 90's for most of the year. A few times under, a few (more) times over. That puts my handicap right around a 20.


Strengths of your game?

My biggest strength is often my short game. This is where I think the Q-star Tours (or QST's from here on in) can really help my game, providing some nice short game spin and control. SPOILER ALERT- They are doing just that!


Weakness of your game?

My weakness is usually off the tee. I tend to get a bit out of control off of the tee and that puts myself into penalty stroke situations, or underneath the tree situations which greatly impacts my score. I am hoping the QST's can help by limiting the spin in the long game, which will ideally help me put the ball straighter.


Typical ball flight?


My typical ball flight with irons is a high draw. Off the tee, well, anything can happen. I usually get a nice high ball flight, which allows me to land shots softly into the green.


Typical miss?


My miss is a big ole pull, where the ball goes pretty far left. I usually feel this when I try to overpower the ball, and I lose connection with my trail arm.



Current Ball?


My current ball is a mix between the Snell MTB, Callaway Chrome soft. I feel like this is the sweet spot for QST, competing with these balls. So when I'm playing, I'm hoping to mix in these two balls as well as the Taylormade project A's (generously donated by MGS member mtisdale) so I can provide a bit of a comparison for myself and for you about how these balls differentiate. I enjoy hitting the soft balls off of the tee, I just really feel like I can compress them well and I also feel like I putt better with a soft ball. I have played enough now that I can really feel the difference between a higher and lower compression ball and I just don't have the same confidence in a harder ball.


The Rest…


I will quickly gloss over some of the other facts that may help you in this review. My driver swing speed has been measured around 110 mph, which means that yeah, I can hit it pretty far. When I first started playing, I made the mistake of buying golf balls that fit my swing speed. So I ended up with high compression golf balls that I didn't really enjoy hitting. This is my 2nd year playing serious golf, playing more than 2-3 times per year. I feel like I have improved a ton and learned a lot about the game. I don't have a lot of experience with Srixon balls before this review, so I am looking forward to using this ball and getting to know how it plays. The price drop they put on these balls this year makes it an extremely attractive product and at $39.99 (Canadian Price) it comes in at the same price as the MTB, and a bit lower than the Project a ($44.99) and the Chrome Soft ($49.99) which means that I think Srixon has a real opportunity to grab some market share in the crowded golf ball market.


BONUS: First Impressions



I played a 6-ball tester pack of these earlier in the year, so I have a bit of experience with these bad boys. First of all, I dig the packaging. It's shiny, and I like that. I also enjoy how the sleeves have clear plastic so you can see the balls, instead of just being cardboard. I think how balls are packaged is important for OEM's to win shelf space, and Srixon seems to be doing a good job here. One thing I really enjoy is how large the putting alignment is, I think it negates the reason for me to put the line on it. I have enjoyed playing these balls so far this year, and without ruining too much for a future review, I've had my best rounds with this ball. Chromesoft no more!



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SRIXON Q-Star Tour Golf Ball – Official MGS Forum Review by newballcoach


Player Intro.

Before this review I had been on a search to find a consistent ball. I have cycled through the Snell MTB, the Callaway Chromesoft, dabbled in the Wilson Duo Urethane and even went with the Bridgestone e6 soft for a round or two. I was looking for something that would give me the soft feel I like, keep my tee shots under control and provide me with some spin and control around the greens. Have I found the answer? Well, read on dear friends!

My handicap is around 20 and it fluctuates depending on the day. I have been fighting a major hooking issue over the past month or so, so I had to conserve my QST's so I wouldn't run out! Like any high handicapper, I have the ability to play a great round one day, and a rough one the next. In fact, I'm very good at fluctuating from hole to hole!



Performance on the Course


  • Distance – I didn't notice a noticeable gain or loss of distance compared to the other soft-type of balls I have used. That may have been due to my strike consistency however.

  • Consistency – The ball flight is definitely a lower ball flight than I would get with a similar ball. Not sure why, but that's what I have noticed.

  • Feel – I love the feel of this ball when putting, I've found it to be great off of the putter face and I constantly find myself closer to the hole with this ball. In the feel department I would put it somewhere between the chromesoft and the mtb. Not as soft as the very soft, but softer than the more medium compression balls. A nice spot to be in I think.

  • Carry vs Roll – I have had pretty reliable carry distances with this ball, but as I said, it has been giving me a lower trajectory. The issue I've had is that I just can't get the spin up. With other balls I am able to get much more “hop and stop” than I am with the Q-star. I am getting more rollout than I would like.

Course Score: 42/50


Performance Notes

Overall, I think this is a good ball. It compresses well, doesn't generate a ton of side spin and offers pretty good short game spin. That being said, I don't see an area the QST blew it's competition away. It spun less than comparables like the MTB and Chromesoft, and I didn't notice much of a distance boost.


Now, the biggest reason you're going to try this ball is the price. At $10 less than the Chromesoft or the Z-Star, and $20 less than TP5 or ProV1, it hits a great price point. At that price, you can't complain about a lower amount of spin and less ability to work the ball.


I think Srixon has done well with this ball, and if this ball fits into a category you play, you should definitely check it out. Srixon does a great job of providing 6-ball packs of most of its balls so you may be able to snag one of those at your pro shop or golf shop. I urge you to try it, but don't expect tour level performance, despite the name.



Looks & Durability

The packaging of the balls was great, with the shiny silver and blue. As I said earlier, I like the clear viewing window in the 3-packs so I can see what I'm buying. Sounds silly, but it seperates them.

I found the ball was pretty durable. I tend to smack the ball everywhere, and after hitting a few trees, some mud, a bunker or two the balls would hold up pretty well. This is an area where they beat the chromesoft, which I always find scuffs easily for me. Probably because I suck and hit it weird.

The putting line looks good and helps you line the ball up on the green, so you don't need to mark them all over with lines if you don't want to.

Looks Score: 14/15

Sound and Feel

As I said, it definitely has a soft feel, just not the softest feel. But I think it fits nicely with other low compression balls. I do love the feel of it when I'm putting, as I think it fits my game very well and I have the confidence to try and make every putt.


It is easy to compress with drivers and irons and you definitely get a crisp feel when you pure one.


Sound and Feel Score: (13/15)

Likelihood of Purchase

I would entertain the idea of purchasing these balls again. The price makes it hard to pass up and they do have good performance for the price. If you want to pay less for good, these are your balls. If you don't mind paying more for great performance, this probably wasn't going to be the ball for you anyway.


LOP Score: 17/20


Conclusion & Final Score

I have been searching for a go-to ball for the last year plus. As a high handicap player, I like playing urethane balls (the spin it gives me is very helpful) but I hate paying a lot for balls I like lose in one shot. The QST's help alleviate those concerns by coming in at $40/dozen (CAD) which is an excellent price for a ball in that category. They gave me good performance, and with my game, I can live with good performance. These balls fit a great niche, and they're guys like me who want a soft-feeling high-spin ball without breaking the bank. They are also great for older guys who don't compress the ball as well but still want that short game performance. If they came in brighter colours that might help that department, which is something I know Srixon does with their Z-star and they should consider moving down the line.

Total Score: 86/100

Exactly where I would expect this ball to be

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Stage One - Introduction & Interview




Hello members of MyGolfSpy! It feels like it has been quite a long time since I've had the opportunity to review anything for you guys. After some experience with the Hogan brand in their irons and long iron replacements, it's nice and exciting to branch out into a different type of product.


I think the Srixon Q Star is a really interested lens to view the developing ball market through. For a reasonably priced, three piece, urethane golf ball Srixon seems to be trying to take a small brand (think Snell, Vice, etc.) approach to conquering the big dogs in the room. One of which is their own golf ball.


Will attacking the ball market from all angles of the funnel equal an excellent solution at every price point? Or will this ball leave me wishing I had one of the “premium” level balls back in my bag? Those questions (and more from you guys!) and exactly what I am out to answer. But first, the questions!





Strengths of your game?

Driver and consistency.


Weakness of your game?

Putting and short game.


Typical ball flight?

High baby draw.


Typical miss?

Left. Trap hook left. It can be nasty.


Current Ball?

Snell My Tour Ball


Swing tempo?

Smooth with a quick transition. I have to tell myself to slow down sometimes.


Driver swing speed?

Roughly 100-105.


What makes you love the game?

The challenge. It's as simple as that. I love the mental and physical challenges. The focus and commitment required to play at a high level.


How long have you been golfing?

Roughly 6 years consistently.


What kind of golfer are you?

I'm a precision based golfer. I play for fairways and greens and need to learn how to execute the greens side of that equation a little more frequently. I rely on plotting my way around a course and not having to rely on my putter to score. I have added a good amount of distance recently with equipment changes and after losing a decent amount of weight, and it has dramatically changed my performance on the course!


What's your story?

My story probably isn't much different than most of the people reading this. As a young kid my dad put me into a group kids lesson so that I could learn the basics of the game and we started with me going out with him a few times a year and just playing from where he was in the fairway. I was never good (who is at 6 or 7 years old besides Tiger?) and honestly I didn't really enjoy the game for a long time. All through high school and for a few years afterwards I would play only a handful of times per year, and never well or by the rules for that matter. Eventually I decided to give “real” golf a try (you know, using the correct clubs for distances instead of just a 3W every time) and became hooked. That obsession led to finding MyGolfSpy, which led to diving deeper into the game, and now we are here.


As of this season I will be a single digit handicap for the first time in my life, and think that getting it relatively low by season's end is absolutely a possibility. After losing 90 pounds over the last year, the added flexibility and speed has totally transformed my game. I can play more traditional distances now, and have totally opened up my bag to a new style of golf. It's amazing because when I was heavier and not hitting the ball as far my short game and putting were the two strongest parts of my game. With my transition in swing and loss in weight that has totally transformed and now the top end of my bag is a strength and the bottom end is a major weakness. I have a special project in the works (hint: check the link below) that I am hoping will tie it all together and let me get as low as possible. In a perfect world I would be somewhere around a 4 (ideally scratch) and think I have every ounce of that in me.


On a side personal note to anyone reading this who wants/needs to lose some weight. Do it! Not just for the sake of your health and general happiness, but man, can it really transform a golf game! I am always here to help someone on their journey and know it is not easy. But like anything with the right strength and determination anything is possible! That said, back to golf!


What is in your bag?

Titleist 917D3 with Handcrafted HZRDOUS Yellow shaft, Callaway XR16 3W & 5W with Handcrafted HZRDOUS Red shafts, Callaway Apex 5-PW with Fujikura MCI iron shafts, Edel 50, 54 and 58 degree wedges with Nippon Pro Modus3 Special Edition shafts and an Edel Willamette putter.


How did you choose them?

Modern Golf in Toronto. By far the best golf experience of my life to this point. Cannot recommend them enough! Read my thorough recap here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/17354-modern-golf-experience-post-one-two/


What region do you play out of?

Northeast. (DuBois, PA to be exact. Let's arrange a game guys!)


Are you a tinkerer or a set and forget it type?

Set it and forget it based on fittings. Once I can verify the performance of the product on a launch monitor/on course experience I will play that club as long as I can maintain that level of performance. If things drop off, that's when I look for another solution.

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