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What second hand clubs to buy

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Have been racking my brain and need help on this .

Currently i am playing off a 20 handicap (90-95) want some better clubs but cannot afford new, So was looking for second hand but dont know which can help me improve my game, Was thinking of Titleist 718 but not sure AP 1 2 or 3 Not looking for distance just more forgiving 


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This is a good time of year to shop. You can search all the popular golf sites for close outs. You get new clubs for 1/2 price.  I don't  know what your budget is but shop for game improvment irons and see what you find available. Then you can look at the reviews. 

:titleist-small: Driver, TSi 1 S Flex

:cobra-small: 3 wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex

:cobra-small: 5 wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex 

:cobra-small: 7 Wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex 

:cobra-small: 5 Hybrid King Tec MMT R Flex

:cobra-small: Irons, Tour UST Recoil 95 R Flex (6 - Gap)

:cobra-small: Wedges, Snakebite KBS Hi- Rev2.0 54* & 60*

:cobra-small: Agera 35"

image.png Ultralight 14-way Cart Bag

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I played the 718 AP1 irons with the Tensei red shaft. Very forgiving. I can also recommend the Callaway Mavrik Max irons which launch high and are very forgiving of mis-hits. 

14 of the following:

Ping G430 Max 10.5 degree

Callaway 2023 Big Bertha 3 wood set to 17 degrees

Cobra F9 Speedback 7/8 wood set at 23.5 degrees

Callaway Epic Max 11 wood

Ping Eye 2 BeCu 2-SW

Mizuno 923 JPX HM HL 6-GW

Hogan sand wedge 56 degree bent to 53

Maltby M Series+ 54 degree

Ping Glide 3.0 Eye2 58 degree

Ping Glide 3.0 60 degree

Evnroll ER2

Ping Sigma 2 Anser

Cheap Top Flite mallet putter from Dick's, currently holding down first place in the bag

TaylorMade Mini Spider

Bridgestone XS

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Go back and look at the MGS game improvement most wanted lists from 2 and 3 years ago, then look on ebay and other golf equipment sites for the top performers in the appropriate category for you.


  • Driver-  Ping G410 Plus 9*
  • Fairway- Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220 3 Wood 16.5*
  • Hybrid- Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 19* & 22* 
  • Irons-PXG 0211 DC, 5-GW
  • Wedges-  Sub70 286 54* & Sub70 JB 58*
  • Putter- Ping Sigma G Tyne (Superstroke grip)
  • Ball- Snell MTB-X Maxfli Tour X
  • Grips- Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize
  • Bag- Ping Hoofer USA Edition 
  • Arccos 
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The classifieds section on here and another popular golf forum are a great place to find used clubs.  Typically they are a lot cheaper than ebay since the seller fees are a lot lower.  Game improvement clubs don't pop up daily but there are usually a set or two available as long as you don't need specs that are far from standard.  Shortening clubs is pretty straight forward and even cast clubs can usually be bent a degree or two.

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Buying used clubs is no different than buying new ones.  If you are buying without being fitted or trying them first you are taking a risk.  At least with preowned clubs you are getting a discount off of newer clubs so the financial risk is less.  But buying a used club that doesn’t perform any better than what you currently have and having to replace it a second time isn’t helpful either.

Before replacing your clubs take a few moments to review the clubs in your bag.

This will help you prioritize your needs and perhaps focus where to look and what to spend your money on. 

First, determine which club in your bag you hit the fewest times in any given round.  Why do you not use this club very often?  Is it because you have a lack of confidence with the club because of poor past results with it or is it because the courses you play don’t give you the yardages you would need to use the club?   This may reveal a club to trade or sell.

Second, determine the club you use the most and assess how happy you are with its performance.   If you use the club often because it is a favorite and very dependable, then consider keeping it.  If you use it a lot because the course requires you to but you get poorer results than you’d like, maybe trade or sell it and upgrade to something that will perform better.

Third, is there a yardage that makes you feel like you are always in between clubs?  Is there a situation that makes you feel like you don’t have the right club?  For example maybe you need a club that will give you a long carry and a high launching shot that will stop on a green or maybe you have a need for a long low running shot to get under trees with overhanging limbs or to get under the wind.  These situations may point to a club or two to consider adding to your bag.

Finally, assess how your current equipment suits your strengths and helps your weaknesses.

Why do you have a 20 handicap?

Do you lose strokes on or around the green?  Are you getting penalties from errant tee shots?  Do you need more distance, more accuracy or both?

How often do you play?  If you play infrequently and aren’t able to dedicate time to practicing, then more forgiving clubs would be a direction to consider.

On the other hand, if you play frequently and practice often, then maybe different equipment or an assessment of your technique is the way to go.

New equipment that fits you better can and does make a difference.  But if you are fitting yourself you will need to consider what club length, swingweight, shaft model, shaft stiffness, grip size, lie angle, and loft are the best for your needs.

If there is a club in your current bag that is your absolute favorite, an “old trusty”, then try to copy its characteristics for the rest of your clubs.

Best wishes to you in your journey to find the right equipment that will help you get more enjoyment and achieve better performance.

Cobra LTDx LS 9.0 TPT Power Range 18 LO

Cobra LTDx 3W lofted to 16.5 TPT 17 HI

Tour Edge E723 21 degree Diamana Thump f85 S

Cobra LTDx 24 degree 5 hybrid TPT 17 LO

Corey Paul - 5 & 6 CB with KBS $-Taper 120 Stiff Black

Corey Paul 7 - PW Japan Forged Minimalist Blades KBS $-Taper 120 Stiff Chrome

Corey Paul Functional Art 52, 56 & 60 all with BGT ZNE shafts

Odyssey O Works Black #7 with BGT Stability Tour Shaft, SuperStroke Traxion 3.0 & 75g CounterCore

Bridgestone Tour BRX or MaxFli Tour

Tracked by Arccos, Bushnell V4, Vessel Lux XV 2.0 bag, Bag Boy quad XL cart with Alphard V2 wheels

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