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Carry Bag that will fit Mid Size Grips?


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I am attempting to walk more often heading to Bandon in May. Anyone have good suggestions for a lightweight carry bag. I have midsized grips and almost always carry 14 clubs. I am looking for something with a side pocket that will hold some rain gear and dividers that wont stick with my midsized grips. I have a Jones Trouper R that I like but the grips stick, the stand gets dis-attached from its base,  and I feel like the straps are a little slippery. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

Driver: Callaway Rogue Ventus Blue VelvoCore 6X 

3 Hybrid: Taylormade Stealth Ventus Blue 6X 

3 Iron: Titleist U505 Hzd Smoke 7x 

4i-6i- Srixon 585 KBS Tour V 110 S 

7i-PW: Srixon 785 KBS Tour V 110 S

50, 54: Vokey SM9 Dynamic Gold 120S 

60: Taylormade Hightoe Dynamic Gold 120S 

Putter: Scotty Super Select Newport 2.5 

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I have found the 2021 (I think...wasn't labeled really well...maybe 2022?) Titleist Players 4+ bag (mine is the navy blue w/ orange accent version) is great.  The 4-way top lets you get the clubs in and out very easily (I have mid-sized Lamkin ST2 Hybrid grips with 2 wraps of tape (so 1 extra wrap), and carry a full set of clubs:  driver, 3W, 3H, 4-PW, 50, 55, 60, and putter.  I have a plenty of room wood tees (I tend to collect them and try not to use plastic...no real reason...) and room for more balls than I'd ever want to actually carry around the course, plenty of spare gloves to account for the humidity, a couple of towels, a club adjustment tool, spare spikes, a spike tool, and an old Gatorade bottle that I use to carry sand for filling in divots.  Even with all of that, the bag is still plenty light to carry if I decide I don't feel like pushing my cart around the course that day.

  • Callaway Epic Flash Tour Certified - 8.5° with MCA Tensei Raw AV White 70 Gram Tour X - Tipped 1" - Set to -1 / N
  • Titleist 917F3 3W (13.5°) with MCA Tensei White AV 80X stiff shaft - D1 setting
  • Titleist TS2 Hybrid (18°) with MCA Tensei White AV 80X shaft - A1 setting
  • Taylormade P7MC (2020) Irons - 4-9 (Standard L/L) with Tour Issue X100 Shafts at +1/2"
  • Taylormade MG4 48.09SB TI X100 and 52.09SB / 56.12SB / 60.07LBV wedges with DG TI Onyx Black X100 Shafts
  • Lamkin ST Hybrid grips on all wedges / woods (midsize) / Irons are a TBD (came w/ Standard Tour Velvets)
  • Sik DW (2.0) C Series Putter in black finish (36") with Sik Golf Black Pistol
  • Balls: Mostly Maxfli Tour or OnCore Vero X1 (both white and yellow)
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