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    How's that for a click-bait tile? But it's true. My MGS Anniversary and story. Four years ago this week, I was browsing my Twitter timeline, when I saw a Tweet thread by MyGolfSpy and it got pretty heated. It wasn't your typical forged vs cast debate---shameless plug for this weeks NPG episode. It was deeper than that. While I can't recall exactly what everyone was so worked up about, they were definitely piling on MGS for a story or take it had put out. Like most times when we witness a car crash, we slow down to take a look...we know we shouldn't and we probably say we don't, but we all know we do. Anyway, I digress, I logged onto the site to see what all the fuss was about. As I said, I honestly don't recall the topic, but what I found was a very well written story with tons of inside information that I had not seen the likes of from the current forum I was on, even though it had contacts with all the companies as well, they had never written a true piece of journalism like this. So I was hooked, I read several past articles, and not once did I find anything that I thought was false, untrue or inflammatory as the twitter trolls were calling it. Again all I found were great articles, by Tony Covey, John Barba, Dave Wolfe and Chris Nickel And four years later, they are all still pumping out the best golf writing in the business. Then I found my way to the forum, and what I found really hit home. A very welcoming and friendly place. It seemed to be led by guys like @revkev @hckymeyer ( who was the Forum Director along with @GolfSpy Barbajo ) @fozcycle @Kenny B@Jmikecpa@chisag @jlukes @DawgDaddy and of course @BIG STU Each one of these members and the others set a tone, I had never seen on a discussion board before, and I was part of the two other big ones as well. It was a friendly, non confrontational tone. I felt welcomed and at home right from the start. In all honestly the forum wasn't near as big those four short years ago, and content was not as plentiful as it is now. True story, I told someone just this week, that I could log on and read all new posts and threads in less than 30 minutes or an hour. And that's not a testament to my speed reading skills...ha Over the next few months, I started noticing some names from the other forums coming on board, some I had interacted with for several years such as @ole gray @cnosil and @PMookie and a few I 'recruited" Going back to the lack of new threads. During those early months, I would often go back and find a thread from a year or several years ago and comment on it just to stoke new conversation. Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn't In a ironic twist, @GolfSpy STUDque who joined about a year later, kind of did the same thing, but in a more weekly time theme of for #ThowBackThursday, and had fun reading the responses to old threads that some didn't notice the original date on. I was fortunate that in December 2017, the site posted an opening for a couple Moderators. I applied like I'm sure many of you did. After a several stage application and virtual interview process, I and Studque got the email, to start picking out our @Golfspy_names I was stoked! Then just a year later came the opportunity to be Forum Director, again Studque and I both got to split the duties of running the forum. The opportunity to really have a direct hand in the things the forum does from Forum Testing. contests and other cool content is something we both enjoy and are appreciative of. We had to bring on a moderator to help us and we sorted through dozen and dozens of applications. It was impossible to choose just one, and we had a true half dozen finalist that all would have been great. But @GolfSpy Stroker and @GolfSpy MPR stood out and I can honestly say, the forum would't be doing nearly as well and have so many cool things going on without these two. Most of you have no idea the amount of time and effort they put in behind the scenes to keep things functioning and running well here. Thanks guys, I'm truly lucky to get to work with three talented and dedicated guys as you all are. So I promise this isn't a "phase 1" of a long drawn out post...ha It's already long enough. I'll just end by saying this place has been my internet home for the past four years, and I've enjoyed every single moment of it. In away everyone that contributes here whether it's 20 posts a year or 3,000 posts a year....looking at you @Shankster is like another family to me. And I truly appreciate you all!
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    See this? This, friends, is the best equipment award in golf. They don't hand these out for buying full-page ads. Most Wanted is earned, not bought. And these irons are Most Wanted. Anyone interested in seeing how the numbers in the MyGolfSpy HQ translate to real golfers on the course? [It looks like over 1,800 of you were interested in doing just that!] So which forum members will get these in hand to let us know what their real-world performance is like? @MattF @revkev @HardcoreLooper @Thin2win @greggarner Let's congratulate our testers and stay tuned for their updates!
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    #MGSCobra2020 #CobraConnect SpeedZone Iron Review - edingc, a.k.a. #TeamCalvesLikePhil An all-new carbon fiber topline on the long and mid-irons is the big story headlining Cobra’s 2020 SpeedZone irons. The weight savings from use of carbon fiber allowed Cobra’s engineers to push the head’s center of gravity lower than in previous models. Cobra hooked me up with the conventional length SpeedZone irons (1/2 inch short, 2 degrees flat), 4 iron to gap wedge, with KBS C-Taper Lite x-stiff shafts and Lamkin Sonar grips. Previously, I played Maltby PTM Forged irons, which although are “game improvement” irons, are a forged head and offer a more traditional appearance than the SpeedZones. Looks - 3.5/5 Stars I’ve read several comments on the Internet that say the worst thing about the SpeedZone design is the carbon fiber topline. I wholeheartedly disagree! Sure, at first glance it sticks out because it’s different from any other iron. After hitting a few shots, however, it blends in and isn’t distracting at all. From the 8 iron down to the gap wedge, Cobra removed the carbon fiber, leaving a pleasing and not-too-thick topline for the precision scoring clubs. Offset is minimal throughout the set and not off putting in the least bit. My biggest complaint concerning the looks of the SpeedZone irons stems from how much the backside is visible at address, especially in the 6 and 7 irons (the 7 iron is pictured above). Ideally, I would prefer those mid-irons to look less like a driving iron and blend more toward the scoring clubs. These are big clubheads; nobody is mistaking these for a player’s iron. The perimeter weighting, sole design, cavity badging and topline are uniquely game improvement. That doesn’t mean they are bad looking clubs, and I applaud Cobra for pushing the envelope. But, you’ll need to look elsewhere if you’re wanting a traditional look in your irons. Sound & Feel - 3.5/5 Stars Well-struck balls offer a very solid sound, both with the carbon fiber long irons and the more traditional short irons. It’s a satisfying thwack, I have no issues with it at all. Coming from a fully forged head, the feel of the SpeedZones is obviously a bit lacking in comparison, but likely similar to other irons in its category. It’s fairly easy to determine where the ball is struck horizontally, but I’ve struggled to know where the strike is vertically on the face. With exception to extremely thin shots, a few grooves high or low all seem to feel the same to me. I was originally fit into stiff flex KBS C-Taper Lites and not x-stiff. Stiff flex was unavailable due to COVID-19 supply chain issues, so we bumped up to x-stiff. They are definitely different animals than the stiff flex, and right now I’m still struggling a bit to adjust to the feel of them. The x-stiffs don’t have the same swift kick at impact I experience with the stiff flex CTLs, and I think that is partially influencing my feel of the head. Basic Characteristics - 4/5 Stars Unlike my woods, I do get creative with iron shots. My desired stock iron shot is a push draw, with my miss being a straight draw or overcooked pull draw/hook. The video above is a slight pull draw. However, I often need to hit a low stinger under tree branches, and I also like to club up some and play softer finesse shots into greens. It’s not often that I’m taking a full cut with an iron. I am impressed at my ability to do all of those things with the SpeedZone irons. By default they want to launch high and stay straight, but by manipulating ball position and/or gripping down, I’ve been able to hit low or more feathery shots when required. (As a quick aside, the reduced taper shape on the Lamkin Sonars has been very helpful with gripping down on the club.) The sole design is unique with the smaller “effective” sole. We have had hot and dry conditions since I received the clubs, but with the way the sole glides through heavy rough I doubt I’d have much trouble in wet conditions. Turf interaction is great, nice small divots without digging much. Obviously, the SpeedZones are loft-jacked (see: my six iron ball speeds above - with a range ball!). They generate a lot of distance as a result, but they provide adequate height and spin to stop the ball, especially in the shorter irons. I would definitely recommend pairing a more “spinny” ball with them to optimize spin as much as possible (I’ve alternated between Snell MTB-X and Srixon Z-Star XV during the challenge). On Course Performance - 4/5 Stars The SpeedZone irons are outstanding at what they are designed to do - get the ball airborne with serious distance, while being extremely forgiving of mishits. On more than one occasion, I’ve hit a completely disgusting shot only to watch the ball end up near my target line and distance. I’ve also had the pleasure or puring a few irons and watching how the ball rockets off of the face. Don’t expect to suck a ball back on the green with these clubs. But, if I strike the ball well (not a groove low), I can expect the ball to fly high enough to land softly and stop within a few feet. I haven’t experienced any major distance inconsistencies, but I have hit a few low-spin fliers from the rough that kept on going and going and going and wouldn’t stop. I don’t think that’s exclusive to these irons, but perhaps is made worse by the naturally lower spin rates of the design. I often hit mid and long irons from the tee at my home course and the forgiveness has helped me be in better positions than with my Maltby PTMs. The amount of distance I retain on mishits is impressive. Extra distance off the tee combined with longer carry distances from my scoring clubs means I hit shorter clubs into greens, which puts less pressure on my swing to be perfect. My scoring hasn’t changed dramatically for better or for worse since putting the SpeedZones into play. However, I am finding my iron striking to be more inconsistent with the SpeedZones in the bag. My hook miss has gotten worse, and I’m struggling with a tendency to pull across the ball from the top a lot more often. This is resulting in a lot of strikes toward the toe of the club. I’m not a fantastic golfer, but as my Arccos baseline showed, iron striking was one of the better parts of my game. I’m not sure if these exaggerations of my existing misses are to be blamed on the irons or something in my swing, but I can say sometimes I feel like I’m working too hard trying to get the x-stiff C-Taper Lites to do what I want. If I take a nice relaxed cut at the ball, I feel like I’m getting desirable results more often. All in all, the SpeedZone irons are producing predictable ball flight and predictable distances when I’m swinging well, and that’s all I can ask of them to do. Miscellaneous - 4/5 Stars These irons are not ones I’d want to buy stock off the rack. I understand distance is king of sales, but the stock specifications for these irons are very upright and very long. I doubt a low-spin, two-piece surlyn/ionomer ball would stop well with these either, and I’m certain that is the type of ball most played by recreational golfers. Play It or Trade It - 3/5 Stars I’m conflicted. On one hand, I love the forgiveness of the SpeedZones, specifically in the long irons. The clubs are rockets! On the other hand, I’ve tested forgiveness so much because I’ve struggled to find the center of the club face. That wasn’t the case during my baseline with my Maltby PTMs. I’ve thought of multiple scenarios for how these irons might stay in the bag: Do I try soft-stepping the shafts once or twice to see if that returns some of the feel I enjoy with the stiff C-Taper Lites? I’ve considered making the 19 degree 4 iron a true driving iron by putting a graphite shaft into it, so this could be done with just a little basement club work. Do I reshaft a test club with a stiff C-Taper Lite, and, if I like the results, bite the bullet and do the rest of the set? Should I play a split set with my Maltby PTMs? The lofts and lengths are setup in a way I could split my set at the 7 iron, and play SpeedZone long irons (5, 6, 7) and Maltby PTM mid-to-short irons (7, 8, 9, PW, GW) without messing up gapping to the wedges. Do I just practice more and try to sort out my issues with the x-stiff C-Taper Lites? When struck well they do feel effortless, but I think the difference in flex or weight may be partially responsible for the issues I’m having with my iron swing. #CobraConnect will take me to the end of my primary golf season, but over the fall and winter I will have some testing to do to answer these questions. Overall Score - 3.5/5 Stars Going strictly by handicap, I’m probably on the lower end of the target range for the SpeedZone irons, but I wouldn’t say only high handicappers should play these irons. The long irons are excellent - easy to launch, forgiving and crazy fast in regards to ball speeds. Short irons have a good look and generally stop the ball when needed. For the price ($799 USD off the rack), I’m not sure there is a better value out there among the major OEMs in the game improvement/super game improvement category. I’m just struggling a bit adjusting to them. Since we still have a lot of time remaining in the challenge, I’m hoping with more practice I can get a good understanding of what I need to do to play my best golf with these irons.
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    Official Forged Tec Irons Review - GB13 Player’s distance is one of the fastest growing irons categories. The Forged Tec are Cobra’s first serious offering to compete with clubs like the P790 and I500. How do they compare? Let’s find out!! I was lucky enough to receive a Forged Tec set in 4-PW with Stiff KBS $Taper Lites. I was originally fit into Modus3 105s, however these were unavailable at the time and Cobra advised me that these were the next closest shaft option. Previously, I gamed PING I200 irons which are more player’s irons as opposed to player’s distance. I was looking for more forgiveness without compromising workability. Looks - 5/5 Stars These irons are drop dead gorgeous. They maintain a classic look, with not too much offset, and a reasonably thin top line. The matte and chrome color play is simply perfect. For a company known to be a bit flashy these will absolutely appeal to any traditionalist. There isn’t a whole lot to say here, which is a testament to the classic appearance of these clubs. Sound and Feel - 3/5 Stars Solid strikes offer a pretty good thwack, and feel pretty much like a player’s distance iron. Minor mishits sound and feel pretty good as well, but major toe shots sound and feel terrible. Even though the Forged Tec faces are forged (obviously), I still prefer the sound and feel of my cast PINGs. Don’t get me wrong, these are still quite satisfying, they just don’t offer the same crunch my PINGs did. Basic Characteristics - 4/5 Stars I usually need a lot of creativity to recover from my tee shots, so having an iron that is workable is very important to me. The Forged Tec irons certainly are workable left and right, however it takes some effort. For the most part, these things was to fly straight, and it’ll take something significant to stop them from doing that. That said, I’ve not had any trouble hitting the shots I need to. My biggest complaint about the Forged Tec so far is the inability to take a decent divot. I know @B.Boston has referenced this as helping fat shots, however I feel my fat shots are almost just as bad, and I’m unsure if my good swings are actually good. I like seeing a decent sized divot, especially with the scoring irons, and the lack of divots keeps making me question if the strike was descending or not. Hopefully I’ll get used to this, because the results have been pretty good. On-Course Performace - 5/5 Stars Performance wise, these have been outstanding. They are forgiving, easy to hit, workable, and pretty darn long. Well struck shots stop on a dime, and while you shouldn’t expect muscleback spin rates, and 7 iron seems to get about 6000RPM of backspin, which is very respectable for a player’s distance iron. I do recall some complaints of “hotspots” with other players distance irons like the P790, and I’m happy to report, that I haven’t found them. And trust me, I’ve tested every square millimeter of the club face. My scoring seems to have gotten more consistently low since changing to the Forged Tec. I’ve posted my lowest round of the season, and my irons only round was quite spectacular. These are long off the tee, and precise with approaches. I couldn’t be happier with the on course results. Play it or Trade it - 5/5 Stars I miss the sound and feel of my PINGs, I really do, but I couldn’t justify putting them back into play with the way the Forged Tec have performed. I would like to see some divots start flying, but overall the performance has just been amazing, so they’re in the bag! Overall - 5/5 Stars Overall, these irons perform wonderfully. If you’re in the market for players distance irons, or even just players irons, you’d be remiss to not try these. I’m looking forward to putting more time in with my new sticks as the challenge progresses, and hopefully they can keep dropping my approach handicap further. (Spoiler )
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    Well came home to a nice package on the steps. Shoutout to cobra for crushing the shirt game. I am not a SnapBack fan but this thing is so comfortable I’ll be wearing it and might be changing over from my mesh fitted....maybe. Will be rocking this gear Friday for my round.
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    TEAM HAMMER COBRA SPEEDZONE IRONS REVEIW As a previous Cobra iron user I was really excited to see how the advances in technology would translate to improvements in my distance & game. As a reminder, I selected the traditional SpeedZone irons 5-GW for my set. After years of wrist, elbow & shoulder issues I opted for the Recoil 460 graphite stiff shafts and the Cobra Connect Lamkin Sonar grips. My initial reaction to seeing and holding the irons was first; how light they were compared to my old Cobras and how much larger the sole was on new clubs especially the longer irons. When I received the new irons, I thought a couple of the heads were loose because there was a rattle to them, but it turns out the rattle is due to some of the Cobra Connect grips. Looking at the specs of both irons my old clubs have a swing weight of D1 while the new irons, with the Recoil shafts, are D0. That weight difference really makes the SpeedZones very easy to swing & swing fast. The lower center of gravity provides a very good feel for where the club head is at any point during the swing. Personally, I think this really helps square the face at impact and has led to both longer and higher ball flights. To back up my claims that the SpeedZone irons have improved my game & distance, take a look at this Arccos comparison between my old & new 5, 6 & 7- Irons. ON-COURSE PERFORMANCE: LOOKS: I don’t hate the looks of the irons, but I think Cobra could have done a better job translating the gorgeous color scheme of the woods into them. The red dots on the irons reminds me a bit of the “Speed Injected” nonsense from Taylor Made and I am indifferent about the carbon top line, let alone it only being on some irons & not others. While I know some members felt the wide top line with the graphite insert and the wide soles would both be distracting, I have not found those impediments at address or in their ability to get through the turf. Here is a comparison of the width’s of my old & new 5-irons. As you can see the top lines are not that different, but flipping them over shows how much wider the SpeedZones are compared to my old clubs. SOUND & FEEL: I don’t know that the irons sound different than any other irons I’ve hit, but I love the feel of these heads with the graphite shaft when you flush them. Even when you don’t hit them perfectly the graphite shafts really help with the dreaded elbow shiver. MISCELLANEOUS: Besides the rattle issue mentioned earlier, the Cobra Connect grips are a bit squishy near the butt where the Arccos sensor is enclosed, which may cause you to choke down on the club a bit. But having lost a sensor on my old clubs after just a few rounds, I see the benefit to enclosing it in rubber. PLAY IT OR TRADE IT: The advance in technology from their 1994 irons to their 2020 clubs is night and day. Do I like the new irons and have they helped my game? Absolutely, so much so that I plan to purchase a 4-iron to add to the set after the challenge is over. I was seeking more distance in every aspect of my game & the Cobra irons have delivered that improvement. With my old clubs I was hitting driver/hybrid & sometimes wedge into long par 4's and now I'm hitting driver and 6-7 irons in. It's so much more enjoyable to have a mid-iron into greens than a long iron or hybrid. I played the old Cobra irons for 24-years so this is very likely the last set of irons I’ll ever use. Unless of course I am selected as an iron tester sometime in the future. Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more. OVERALL SPEEDZONE IRONS RANK:
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    Well, I finally reached 8,000 posts........I have been a member of this forum for almost 11 years and it has taken me awhile to get to this level. Lately, since retirement, I have slowed on my posts mainly because there is way too much content to stay caught up. I do enjoy reviewed equipment and I do enjoy reading other spies content. This forum is the best on the web for golfers of all ages, no matter what part of the world they are from. I so enjoy being a member and hope to be a contributor for another 8,000 posts.
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    Allow me to introduce the newest Riley: Christiana Hope! Born this morning around 4:45. Mother and baby are well. She is our fifth child, so we're starting to shop for larger vehicles now. No word yet on whether she prefers forged or cast irons, mallet or blade putters, or whether she roots for Bryson or Brooks. I'll keep y'all posted when she starts indicating her positions.
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    Here's @Erik-M's and my entry to the iron's only challenge. Note, for the record, that @Kirke beat both of us, but in our defense, he was playing with his full bag (and 3,000 fewer yards): My takeaways: This was my first round with my new Sub 70 irons: talking about diving right in to an iron test! Love the irons so far; more about that over in the Sub 70 review thread. Our course is short: 6,030 from the back tees. Honestly, I didn't miss my longer clubs. My last 18 hole round that I played, I shot an 82. Yesterday, with just irons, I also shot an 82. Apparently, I wasted money buying other clubs. I missed my wedges far more than I missed my driver and woods. Most of our greens are crowned. I'm used to tossing soft high shots back up on the greens when I miss; having to play it low, at the mercy of the ground, was an entirely different game. Arccos liked it: it estimated my chipping game at a scratch level. The chip-in from 47 yards on the 15th hole undoubtedly factored in heavily there. My putting was fine except for a stupid 4-putt from 9' on the 18th (we played the back nine first). I was below the hole, left the first putt about a foot and a half short. Casually went for the tap in, which horseshoed out back down the slope to 4-5', and I missed that one. It's the sorta putt I might have given myself in a casual round, but because I knew I was playing @edingc, wanted to count everything. But that one hurt. I used my 4h 14 times, my PW 19(!) times, and putted 28 times. 61/82 shots were taken with those three clubs!
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    First off let me start with WOW...Irons only was both frustrating, fun and of course challenging. Paired up with 3 folks, Graham, John and his son...John (will get into my total round thoughts on How'd you play) all very nice, different styles and skills but all had the same dumb founded look when I rolled up with this: (Note wedges were only in here so I could toss some around the green and greenside bunkers as I am swapping over from my CBX2's to the SM7's) First few holes they probably thought in their head "this jamoke has no idea what hes doing" and they were right I got eaten up not realizing that I should probably game plan the hole and not be left with 80-100 yard PW shots... It wasn't until one of the guys (Graham) said "just relax man if we were that good we would be out in San Francisco right now" on hole 4...The round completely turned around there. I also found this sucker on hole 6 and proceeded to get my full Ricky on: Long story short I had a fantastic day shooting 79 and my handicap on this course is a 9 (also helped that my putting was on fire) which is A) my best score for this course ever and B) My lowest round this year
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    For the actual round, though, you need to remember the high stakes challenges you've received, and please tense up accordingly.
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    Time for a first impressions post! My irons arrived yesterday afternoon. I was at the house waiting; I wonder if UPS has a way of signaling to their drivers when someone has hit refresh on the tracking hundreds of times in a day, just so the driver knows he might be encountering a totally crazy person. But that aside.... Here's the unboxing video, with cameos from @Kirke and @Erik-M (and my dog, Rohan): Erik was at the house, using my SkyTrak to gap test his new Hogan Icons for the review he's doing. He and I are planning to play this afternoon, irons only, as we compete with @edingc and @GB13 in this week's Cobra Connect Challenge. Visually, these irons hit the sweet spot for me: clean without being boring. I think they're really a great looking design. Size-wise: they're not tiny, though they're definitely smaller heel-to-toe than the G700s (which is what I hoped). I'll need to get a few more picture comparisons, but the top line is much more appealing than the G700s, with less offset. I was surprised that the sole is as wide as it as. That's not a complaint, but I'll be very interested to see the results on the course. Before the G700s, I played with a set of Adams XTD Tour irons, and was a small divot-taker. The G700s have made me a sweeper; I'm intrigued to see what kind of turf interaction the 699 Pros favor. After getting the irons out of the box, I got on SkyTrak for a few swings with the PW. Sound-wise, the 699 Pros represent a significant upgrade over the G700s. Both are hollow-bodied irons, but the G700s have no filling of any sort. They have never been "tingy", but they are loud, with a significant crack at impact. The 699 Pros are much more dense and muted sounding—obviously not as dense as Erik's Hogan blades, but better than my PING's. We're hoping to set up some mics to do a sound test in the near future. I wrapped up my initial experience with the irons with a gap testing session on SkyTrak. What I saw was right in line with my expectations: each club is a bit shorter than the G700 it's replacing (the 699s are about a degree weaker on each club). I have a bag mapping report from February with my G700s; a quick side-by-side comparison (carry distances here): On average, I'm getting about 5 yards less on each club. The problem club, in both sets, is obviously the 5 iron. This season, I haven't been using the G700 5 iron at all: I've replaced with an Adams XTD dHy. That club has been a go to for me: a last-resort safety option off the tee when nothing else is trustworthy, and a perfect shape club for punching out of bad lies and under trees. I am pretty confident that my 5 iron going shorter than my 6 is a bit of an aberration. It's definitely not the fault of the club. I'll be working and practicing with it. But there is certainly a chance that, at the end of testing, one of two things happen: either the Adams goes back in the bag in the 5-slot, or I look into shafting the 699 Pro 5-iron in graphite. In any case, I'm really looking forward to getting these out on the course for the irons-only round today and a league match tomorrow night. More updates coming!
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    When other people win shoes Oh, I mean congrats @goaliewales14
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    FedEx delivered the final piece today!
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    5,492? Seriously though, nice round. Well-played for the FIR/GIR challenge, too. Enjoy the vacation!
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    B.Boston’s #CobraConnect Challenge 4 Review – Forged Tec Irons Edition Already onto week 3 of the competition and our second weekly review! This week’s challenge is all about iron play so its fitting that this week’s review is on the Forged Tec Irons! I am including my thoughts on all of the Forged Tec irons including the GW even though I won’t be using that during the Irons Only rounds. I was chosen to compete this year with the Forged Tec irons. I was originally fit into the Nippon Modus 120X shafts but they were unavailable at the time of build, as were the C-Taper Lite X I could have gone with (Cody got the last set of those it seems!) so mine were built with the ProjectX LZ 6.5 shafts. I had at least hit those before in Mark’s P790’s and liked the way they felt. I built my set trying to maintain tighter gaps as I play a 5-wood as my longest club outside of the driver. That meant going 5-GW in these Forged Tec irons, along with 3 MIM Black wedges, a Speedzone 4-Hybrid, and the aforementioned Speedzone 5-wood. Looks – 4/5 Stars The Forged Tec irons look sharp. Largely finished in a smooth Satin they lean Modern and Technologically Advanced versus a more traditional Chrome finish. There is a nice polished detail along the perimeter of the back of the iron to give the finish a little depth. At first I thought this polished area would be to help blend and shrink the top line, but I don’t think it really comes into play at all. Speaking of the top line, I would say these are on the thin side of moderate. Same goes to the offset. Overall They have a bit more than my old AP2’s in both departments. Down at address they look powerful and forgiving. I can’t comment on the 4 iron since I don’t have one, but that back of the 5 iron is not visible past the top line when I address the ball. So far the finish is holing up very well, with some wear on the dark gray finish of the face, but minimal wear and scratching otherwise, which surprised me. I would prefer these in a more traditional chrome finish as I think over several seasons that would hold up better, but these are so well finished I almost don’t care. I will say the bladed profile of the hollow body design looks awesome in the bag and is better than even the players cavity of the AP2. Something about those clean lines just looks flat out awesome. 8 Iron and 5 Iron Comparison: Sound & Feel - 5/5 Stars The Cobra Forged Tec sound and feel solid. On the higher pitched side due to the hollow nature of the clubs, But solid. Pure struck shots give a satisfying thud and I haven’t had a shot yet that I couldn’t tell you where I struck it. Whatever it is they used to make these hollow irons feel as solid as they do is working wonders. I’ve hit a few off the toe that I should would feel a lot worse than they did. I wasn’t so sure on these right away as they’re a big change in weight from my old AP2s but I quickly grew to really enjoy the sound, feel, and feedback I was getting. Basic Characteristics - 4/5 Stars These have been playing great for me. I was fit at my usual specs of -1/2 and 2 flat. I knew I was moving up in weight on the shaft, and felt that was due anyway with the evolution of my swing. I will not complain about that as all with the on-course performance I am seeing from the Cobra KING Forged Tec Irons. I’ll just comment here that on top of the added shaft weight, it seems the heads themselves are heavier than what I had before. Now my old set was MOI matched which leads to lower swing weight and total weight at the long end of the bag, but even comparing my 8 iron with Mark’s P790 in the same shaft, both with Arccos (his a screw in sensor) mine was 7-8 grams heavier. The sole width is a little greater than the AP2’s I was using and it also appears that these have more bounce. I am finding that I have greater feel for where the club head is and turf interaction has been stellar. On Course Performance – 5/5 Stars I am loving these irons on course. At the start of the competition I was worried that the jacked lofts and stiffer shafts were going to lead to my hitting the ball low on my already lower trajectory. Particularly in the long irons. Boy was I wrong. These appear to be hitting all of the windows I’d expect (maybe even a touch higher flight than my AP2s) and as an added benefit my flight tends to be a slight draw vs a slight fade. I like this because it’s always been easier for me to work the ball left to right than right to left, so If my ‘neutral swing’ can be a little more draw biased to start I’ll take it. I’m not going to jump into going 7 vs 7 of my old clubs since the lofts are different. I’ll say these are flying where I would expect them too for the loft, but in a higher window than I was expecting. I also want to add and that I have not experienced any “hot” shots that fly significantly further than expected. If I’ve overshot a green so far with them it’s because I took too much club or didn’t account for the wind or slope appropriately. I’ve nearly had a hole-in-one on a bad strike and have had a significant increase in birdie looks on par 3s. I can recall 5 or 6 shots with these irons (including a towering 8 iron that moved back 10-15 inches from the pitch mark) that have been pin high. A quick look at my scoring from the baseline period and my performance to-date shows it all. More Birdies, Less Bogey or worse. It’s hard to argue with that! Miscellaneous – 4/5 Stars I’m going to dock one point here because the grip on the PW is about 30 degrees out of alignment, and I wish they had used a more traditional chrome finish on the sole and face. But those are just my preferences really. Play It or Trade It - 5/5 Stars Play it 110%. These are some seriously good irons if you are in the market you owe yourself to give them a swing. Even if I look into the Modus 120X after the competition it will be in these heads. And if the performance holds as it has been its going to be difficult for me to justify a change. I’ll be looking at the data and feel of the two side by side before making a decision there. But I may have stumbled into something that fits really well for me with the PX LZ 6.5 shafts KING Forged Tec Irons Overall Rating - 4/5 Stars TL;DR? Want to know if the Cobra KING Forged Tec Irons are the real deal? · Drop Dead Sexy blade profile with consistent distance and forgiveness built into the design? · Solid sound and feel that is sublime when on center and lets you know where your misses are without hurting your feeling about it? · More Birdies, Less Bogies? · Staying in the Bag? · #cuetheduckboats
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    Here's a picture of me on the course later today...
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    Week 3 Challenges! OK all, time to announce the challenges for the third week of Cobra Connect! For our testers: our focus this week is on the core of the bag: the irons. Our testers will be playing irons-only this week (plus a putter; we're not totally cruel). Best net score with only irons wins the week! For forum members: it's time to really become part of the challenge! You've read the introductions, and you have a sense for which of our competitors' games is most like your own. Think you can take down this year's contestants? Now's your chance. Call out the Cobra tester you want to be competing against (the one most similar to your own handicap/level of play), and you will also complete an irons-only round. Post your scores here in the thread. You get one entry for issuing a challenge and two more if you beat the tester you challenged. From the entries, we'll do a random draw for this week's prize.
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    Gave these clubs a full 18 holes today. I am pleased to say that yesterdays club performance was not a fluke. I broke my record of greens in regulation 15, yes 15. I made five birdies and two bogeys. The bogey summary, one was a three putt and the other was due to winding up in a bunker. I tied my lowest round in golf with a 68 today. Pinch me I must be dreaming. I knew I would wind up being 140 yards out on a hole so I did bring a 9 iron from my old set. I hit two balls from 140 yards on one hole. Dropped a ball and hit my old club, then put the same swing on the ball in play with the 699's. In one of the photos below you will see two arrows. The 699 Pro's is the one closer to the pin. It is not taking any time to adjust to these clubs at all. I definitely feel more confident in attacking the pin. The higher trajectory is allowing me to drop the ball much closer to the pin than I was used to. The only thing I am having an issue with is adjusting to the approach wedge. My other sets gap wedge is at 47* and the approach wedge in this set is at 50*. Its interesting that the 46* for me is my 100 yards and in, as well as chipping. With the 699 Pro irons I still hit it 100 yards due to the extra height. The adjustment is in the chipping. I have to fly it further and there is not much roll out as compared to my other club. But here again you can attack the pin more. It might take me a little bit to dial that in. On a positive note my gapping is better because my next wedge in my set is a 56* then a 60* I truly had my reservations about being good enough to play with players irons even though I do have a lower handicap. My low handicap is tied into my chipping and putting. I miss greens but can usually chip and one putt. I feel 100% positive that these have made and will continue to make a difference in my game. As soon as I'm done with this post I will be changing my signature to include these clubs in my bag. They have found a home. Now my curiosity is getting to me. How do the hybrids perform? Hey MGS need a tester on those?
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    Wow. Just wow. Had the 3rd tee time off the box today at Pebble Beach. With expectations at an all time high, I was completely blown away by Pebble Beach. All you golf architecture junkies can complain about the small greens or the quirkiness of the inland holes, but there is not a better walk in golf than holes 4-11 of Pebble Beach. While not my best round, I shot an 85 with a triple and 2 doubles. We tee off tomorrow at 6:30 am again and I’ll look to exact my revenge to shoot a lower score. See below for some of the stunning photos. Let me know if anyone wants a full resolution for a zoom background to make your coworkers jealous. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Alright @daviddvm you got me! It was definitely a mistake playing a new course for this challenge. I was struggling on the greens. The ball went where I wanted it to go, but my reads were just off. I'm also going to never take my SW and LW for granted as I short sided myself multiple times leaving me to basically flop a PW. Luckily, no sand!!! My overall strategy was to take whatever I could off the tee to have a full 9i or PW into the green (130-145 yards). There were a few times I got in trouble and had to finesse a PW from 100 yards. Overall, the weather was perfect and this was a great challenge!!! I shot 86 being a 14 handicap. Course rating/slope = 67.9/120
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    So I guess none of you will be leaning on your SZ drivers from now on?
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    My first iron only round was probably the most stress free round of golf I've ever played. I was not worried about where my driver might leave me on my second shot. On some of the longer holes I got to bypass the forced carries which really made me swing my 5-iron like it was a lay-up shot and I was dead center of the fairway. It really makes me wonder why I need 13 clubs when my score wasn't much worse with 7 and the round was more relaxing?
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    So just quietly, I have completed a round that I'm pretty happy with. 82 on a par 73 for a net 72
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    My setup for tomorrow’s round #TeamCobraONE Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    I need to rope @Erik-M into this challenge as well: he and I need to go out and play irons only. He'll have the Hogan Icons that he's testing, I'll have my new Sub 70 699 Pros that I'm getting today. Erik would have to challenge @GB13. It'll be Cobra vs. the Direct to Consumer iron challenge!
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    Going head to head with @GB13 would be fun, but he would wipe the floor with me since he has this weird thing in his golf game called, "talent." If all of the stars aligned, @edingc and I could have an in person match, but I have in-law duties to handle this weekend. I so badly want to tangle with @B.Boston and that New England ego, but I don't have access to a course for ants. While challenging @Headhammer could be fun, I'm worried he may get Lexi to do his work for him again. My handicap is closer to @daviddvm so here goes: @daviddvm
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    Yesterday 15 years ago, I landed in the US armed with my mail order bride certificate, most of my life in two suitcases and ready to marry my best friend...what a ride it's been so far!
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    I just happened to see in my profile that I passed the 5,000 post mark... Having been here ten years, it’s probably a little low, but still a cool milestone! We have a “sticker” for that???
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    Was able to get out for 18 this morning at my wife family cottage in Dexter, ME. I felt like @edingc breezing around the course in 2:24 and will be using this round for the FIR/GIR Burger challenge. It’s an improvement on my first 18 this week for sure. I’m including a pic of my scorecard because some of the Arccos holes are incorrect and I sent them an email to update. +4 74 on a short course, but more Importantly 11 FIR and 10 GIR with 7 Burgers for a score of 35. Sorry in advance for cryptic messages this week. I’ll be running to Dunkin’ up here to use their WiFi as cell service lakeside is pretty poor. The view however is quite nice!
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    I was up early this morning for a round at a new-to-me course. After spending the last number of weeks grooving my swing to rock-hard fairways and very dry conditions, I arrived to a very wet, soft course and was in lots of trouble early on in the round. My ball-striking was up-and-down: lots of chunks, topped balls, and pulled shots, but every now and then an absolute gem of a shot. The inconsistency meant that I couldn't string together multiple good shots, and ended the day with only one GIR. I didn't miss my driver much though, in large part because my hybrid, when I was connecting, was going for miles. This tee shot on the 16th was the best-of-the-best (note that I typically drive the ball 250 yards). I also unloaded a few shots with my long irons, like this 5 iron (usually a 180-yard club for me, but it was in the wet rough and I really went after it). Unfortunately those shots were few and far between, and I got myself into trouble far too often, ending the round with 7 penalty strokes. Ended up with 103 strokes, for a net 84. So @edingc it's your lucky day, with the way my day went your score was pretty much safe from the time I hit the first green!
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    Took the day off today, but only had enough time with other plans to get in a quick nine holes this morning. On the way out the door, I decided it was time to do a forum mashup, combining this week's iron only challenge with the Hard Rock Challenge put on by @JohnSmalls. I played the back nine at my course with a Nitro Ultimate Distance rock. And I played OK! Putter was ice cold for the first five holes, totaling 13 putts (ouch...), before I got it together and had only five putts over the last four holes, including a 24 foot breaker on No. 18 for birdie to close out the round. Nice quick "practice" round for hopefully two more cracks at besting Tuesday's 84 with the irons only.
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    Had an absolutely spectacular afternoon at Spanish Bay today. From tee to green, I had a close to record round, but on the greens I couldn’t make a putt for my life (that dang poa grass). I finished the day with a 75, hitting 13/18 greens and 10/14 fairways. Have a 6:50 tee time at Pebble Beach tomorrow followed by an afternoon round at Spyglass Hill. See below for photos from today at Spanish Bay. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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    Wow that was a lot of work today!!!!!!! Hot and muggy , scorching 95 plus with little breeze and 85% humidity Thank goodness for a few clouds to cast a little shade. I did not have my best swing today but my putter was pretty damn good for me. Based on my results I'm kind of like others on doing the irons only...why do we have so many clubs? Played with the same ball all day ( I rarely do that), learned to hit my hybrid (20 shots), Pw (16 shots), and putter (31 putts). Here is your target y'all! I'm a 12 handicap at Bay Forest slope/course 71.0/130 6274 yards on the white tees.
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    The one nice thing about an irons only challenge is that it has given me the chance to really practice with the irons and the hybrid. I was not in love with either for the first few weeks, but I'm happy to say they are coming around after a really great range session today. With both, but the irons especially, I just need to relax and take smoother swings and they are pretty darn good after that. I'm starting to get a good feel for what I need to do in order to get the results I was seeing in my last lesson two weeks ago. It's been a pretty substantial change in the way I feel my ground/foot pressure move throughout my swing, and it's taken me a while to get used to. To top it off, I was getting the club face too open on the back swing and that wasn't helping things any. Still, the takeaway for me is that with the x-stiff C-Taper Lites, I need to take the smoothest, tension-free swing that I can to get them really responding.
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    Now wait a damn minute! You're playing at altitude which gives you a 12% advantage in distance, so I'm gonna need 9 strokes! We have moved up one tee box so as not to annoy the other golfers trying to get in under 5-hours.
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    SpeedZoneONE Irons I am the only competitor in #MGSCOBRA2020 #COBRACONNECT4 competition to choose ONE length Hybrid, Irons, and Wedges #TeamCobraONE. I am using the SpeedZoneONE irons 5-SW. I have been eager to try the ONE length clubs since joining MGS and following the COBRACONNECT Challenges in previous years. The concept (has been around a long time) brought to the forefront by Bryson Dechambeau in recent years just makes a lot of sense to me. The transition to the ONE length SpeedZone irons has been a smooth event. The illustration below highlights the simplification of the golf swing using one length clubs. I have been using game improvement irons since purchasing a set of Ping I3 3-PW irons in 2000. I then purchased a set of Titleist 716 AP1 5-PW irons in 2016. I tested the new Lynx Black Cat 5-PW irons in 2019. To date the SpeedZone irons are the easiest to hit and most forgiving that I have used. They are exceptionally long and high launching clubs. LOOKS 3.5 Stars SOUND and FEEL 4 Stars Nice solid thunk and soft feel when struck solid then the ball races upward and long as it drops softly at its target. BASIC CHARACTERISTICS 3.5 Stars Very much a game improvement iron. ON COURSE 5 Stars I have never played any iron so easy to swing and hit with distance and accuracy. Miscellaneous 5 Stars The combination of game improvement iron and ONE length technology makes these clubs GAME CHANGERS. PLAY IT TRADE IT 5 Stars These irons will be in my bag until I find a better one length iron for my game. OVERALL 4.5 Stars For me it really all comes down to playability. These clubs instill confidence into every swing I take. More players should be playing ONE length clubs! It's that simple. #TeamCobraONE
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    Seems like I have waited forever for this. Cobra's Pars & Stripes special edition. So of course it arrives on the day of a tropical storm in the area. Will that still stop me from giving it a go? Stay tuned.
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    @edingc: might need to call you out on this one. To my advantage: my course is short. To your advantage: I think you're better at this game than I am. To everyone's advantage: as a mod, I'm pretty sure I'm not eligible for prizes
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    I wasn't even awake yet
  42. 12 points
    Thank you. That's one thing I want to be clear about too - I think they are great clubs and I probably will continue to play the long irons. Is it solely the shafts? Maybe? I'm inconsistent, which I'm sure is the hallmark of someone around my handicap range. I can have really great days/weeks and really bad days/weeks. Am I just in a funk? Might be! I did take these irons to my last lesson two weeks ago and I was swinging very well that day, and very smooth. I liked the results, but I find I swing better and more freely on the range when my coach can immediately correct anything going wrong. But keeping that smoothness in my swing on the course has been difficult - as I alluded to - sometimes it just feels like I'm working too much.
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    I don't even mess around with "hints". I'll send my wife an email or text that says "This is what I want for my birthday and here is where you can get it". Then I include a link to the exact item I want. No guessing for her and I'm not walking away feeling disappointed.
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    Tried to best my FIR/GIR total from Tuesday, but Mother Nature had other ideas this morning: I intended to gut it out, but after slogging through nine very wet holes with a 45 I had to pack it in. Just too much water on the greens to really putt, and I couldn't keep a good grip on the club. So that means for the FIR/GIR competition I will be submitting Tuesday's round, which had eight FIRs, nine GIRs and five FIR/GIR burgers.
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    That’s right everyone, the ceremonial conch has been blown as we are moving toward the beginning of football, which means… THE MGS FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE is on. Now, we first need to address the largest elephant in the room, we’re assuming that there is going to be a season that will run. Obviously we’re flying blind because who knows what may be happening with the league, players, and a little virus called COVID-19. All we can tell you is that we’ll make necessary adjustments as needed and required. But who is this we? Well, returning for a second straight season are your tri-commissioners, @GolfSpy STUDque, @Undershooter and yours truly, @Berg Ryman So let’s go over the format for those who are intrigued in joining and maybe weren’t around for last year. We play through the Fantrax website. Our league is structured as a 3 division, 14 team a division league. Each division has its own set of players, so for example there are 3 Christian McCaffery’s, but only one for each division. Think of it as its own league within our larger league. What is the prize for winning this league? Well, should you be able to war your way through this minefield throughout 16 weeks of fantasy action (crosses fingers), you will earn not only a badge for your profile, but also the greatest prize that can be bestowed upon you, The MGS Golden Ticket. This gives you the opportunity to cut the line for one of the testing opportunities afforded to the MGS membership. Now, 4 spots are currently claimed. Each commissioner plays in his own division and I am reserving a spot if he wishes it for our defending champion, @Bardle. If you wish to play know this, ABANDONMENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED AND YOU WILL NOT BE ASKED BACK. So how many spots are there going to be? Well, we have discussed as a group and we are willing to expand the league to a maximum of 48 players, if interest demands it. In doing so we will be switching to a 4 division, 12 team structure with potential full cross play between divisions in the schedule. To get yourself one of those important spots, here’s what you need to do. DM one of the commissioners with your information and intent to play. We will e-mail you an invite into the league. I’d ask at this point that you try to DM either myself or @Undershooter as @GolfSpy STUDque is currently enjoying some time away with his family. Admittedly @Undershooter and I will attempt to get you the invite as soon as possible, but we work as well, so please be patient. Also, if we go to a 4th division, we’ll need a 4th commissioner. If you are interested, please leave a note in the thread. Lastly, I’m going to drop this here as well. Last year be brought forth the Circus League, a league rewarding incredible special teams play, including punters, and rewarding awful performances by players. This league is not for a golden ticket, but for fun and was possibly the weirdest best experience you’ll have playing fantasy sports this year. Now, are you ready for some football? Oh, you are… well then, sign-ups are officially OPEN
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    Nice shooting! Amazing how we all can still score OK without so many clubs.
  47. 11 points
    Alright gentlemen. The round is done. 81 from the tips. My course handicap is a 12 off our baseline stats so net 69. I was very happy with the hybrid, 5 iron, and 6 iron off the tee all day. I used them 9, 2, and 3 times each. The Hybrid redeemed itself in a big way today.
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    Well cleaned up storm damage today.....minimal secondary damage removing the tree from the house but wouldn’t be fun if I didn’t break something else in the process!
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    I was able to get out and splash around 18 holes at Bay Forest my home club. Played a very enjoyable round with a fellow handicap association member at the club named Mike. This was the first time we had met and played together. I think we both fed off of each others positive energy and we both had very good rounds considering the soggy conditions. The sun was out for a gorgeous hot day in Houston! I shot the same score as my Thursday round and had the same number of FIR and GIR but fewer Burgers so I will submit Thursdays round for the competition. I hit my driver very straight today but I was popping them up frequently for very little yardage, but got better as the round went on. So many good chances for birdies today but I just could not get one to drop. But I'm pleased with the state of my game. Here is today's round summary:
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    Got fitted recently and have swapped out almost my entire bag. Callaway mavrik pro 4-PW irons custom specs Edel custom wedges (48*, 53*, 58*) SeeMore Platinum mTRI Mallet putter Kept my Ping G410 LST but upgraded to a KBS TD shaft Haven’t played a three wood in a while, the Raijin shaft fit me perfectly so trying it in a Srixon zf85 three wood for now but will be likely swapping it into an Exotics 220 EXS four wood (16.5) I did all of this for a net cost to me (including the fitting!) of $350 by selling off all of my old clubs. Kept my wife pretty happy that I got a bunch of clubs out and it kept me busy for the last couple months working the best prices I could find. LMK if you are looking for any deals on KBS shafts, Callaway irons... I got great prices on those specifically. Can’t wait to get to practicing this week with these new sticks!!
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