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How Much for a Bucket?

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TopTracer range just off the interstate (x101 I-30, shout-out to Hartline’s Golf) $6 for small bucket, $8 for large 104 balls. They have even larger buckets, but the $8 bucket is plenty. It has the different games, drinks and food, which is not as cheap as the balls. Actually, it’s more expensive in the evenings, but I stop by on Mondays coming back from Dallas. They also have a 9 hole par 3 course. They make their money with tournaments in the evenings. It’s always packed, but I don’t go to them. 

I plan on stopping by this afternoon. 

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At our local muni, $4/bucket. Only problem is, it’s between 16-18 balls. Range balls, not premium. They do have mats & grass, both to hit off of. 1 course I play, no range. A couple of private courses, range balls are included with every round. Both of these courses have the titleist practice balls. Not a bad range ball, imo. Another private has a short range, 140yds and below, but you bring your own balls. But they have put poles in place around the perimeter & have the netting up, to make it accessible to hitting more clubs for other players. They are going to provide balls to members in their dues & guests will pay a fee, yet to be determined. The local driving range however, is $1/bucket, each bucket contains 12 balls. However, this is an old school range. May have 3 pro vs, 2 nitros, 2 pinnacles, 1 tour balata, 1 golden bear, & 3 balls that have a cut in them. You truly never know what you’re getting. I’ve spoken with the owner a couple of times, about maybe purchasing off the bay, some of the decent balls they have to offer. I’ve seen some deals on there, 500-600 decent balls, for under $100, shipped. He has a real problem with people stealing the good balls. Crazy. 

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7 hours ago, GolfSpy_APH said:

Also wondering. We have these auto ball machines that are quite nice. Don't have to go to the pro shop or anything. Just walk up, tap a card and go hit. 

Anyone else have these?

The range near my office has those, which makes it nice for off-season practice if you get a warm day and the window is closed. However, their mat quality is so poor that it's really not a benefit to me.

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The local range that I have been frequenting on my lunch breaks is $8 for 40 balls - Well enough for an hour practice session - 

Another range that I've been to $7 for about 40 balls but is mats only and is normally packed to the point where you might have to wait to get a bay. 


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Range by me , Small 5$-40 balls, $8-75, $10-110, or so.  I'm not to worried about the balls themselves.  When I do go which isn't often I'll admit, I'm more concerned with just repetition of my swing, and not SHANKING any.  Very similar to when I practice putting(on mat in basement) not really concerned if they go in the holes, just repeating stroke, and trying not to hit backstop 14 " or so behind.

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When I lived in MD, I had a driving range near my home that cost $9.00 for a large bucket ( like 150 Balls). Balls were in good shape, they got cleaned on return from the range field. I always liked that place because it was automated, you put money on a card and then the machine fed you the balls to the bucket. This meant even it the range was closed, as long as there was light you could park and hit a bucket, so early morning and late evening practice was available. In fact they used to keep the lights on for an hour at night after them closed (timer) so that people could finish. Now in PA I am in an area where the only range is at the course and the buckets are smaller but cost about the same and you can only go in when they have staff to help you. Not as convenient.



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Our local muni, in central California, charges $6 for a small bucket of 30, $10 for a medium of 60, and $12 for a large with 100 balls. Prices have jumped over the past two years. 
However, they recently installed 15 TrackMan stations with screens which are free to use with the purchase of range balls. 
They also have a discount program with a key fob. For $185 you get $250 in range balls. You can select any size bucket and use TrackMan with the key.

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All depends  -  most are around $5 for a small bucket (about 25 balls); $7 for a medium (about 40) and $9-10 for a large (about 70).   One course I know has exclusively Srixon range balls.  Another has a blend of Callaway range balls with some found balls thrown in (could be anything from ProV-1 to Nitros).  The one I use the most is a pure mix of range (Wilson, Srixon, Callaway) and found balls (again every brand, all ranges of types, etc).  The ball quality is reflective  - those with the exclusive brands seem to have better quality balls and it steadily goes downhill from there.   One I know of in terms of mats is mats only, the others are grass year round - they just move the range lines back and forth to allow the grass to heal and fill in.    

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You would think that living in North Scottsdale there would be a lot of ranges.  Not so.  We have only a couple that are reasonable and the balls are OK.  However places like Grayhawk, Troon, Boulders, etc... you can not use their range unless you have a tee time.  

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In my area independent ranges have been affected like independent private golf courses by The surge in development and population growth. 

Where there was a range with 25 to 50 hitting bays there is now a cul-de-sac with six houses on it. Where there once was a range with lights for night practice there is now a Chevrolet dealership. 

That only leaves you ranges at golf courses with no competition or restraint on pricing so now we pay upwards of $12 to $15 play small bucket containing maybe 30 balls. The balls are in generally good shape but it depends on where you are at in the cycle of them. If you catch the end of their life they can all look pretty rough out there just before they buy a new batch.

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I rarely go to the range, I much prefer to play, especially now that I have a kid and my golfing time is limited. However, I recently went to the range with a friend and a large bucket was $12. I live in Minneapolis.

The balls were TERRIBLE. It made me realize that might be the reason people experience wear on their clubs. I have been playing golf for years and never got much face damage on my clubs, but after one session with 15+year old public circular stones, I noticed several marks on all the clubs I used. I think I will continue in my range-averse ways... 


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I have a local "no frills" rage but it has mats and grass, putting, chipping and a sand trap. They wash the balls after collection in a custom-built jerry-rigged machine that I sometimes just stand and watch in amazement at how crazy it is. Balls are mixed in quality. Cash price for a large bucket is $13 but it was only $9 a few years ago. They also sell a 10 punch card that drops the large bucket down to about $9 and on holidays they sometimes have a sale on punch cards where the cost of a large bucket drops down to about $7.

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Standard rate around Pittsburgh is $15 for a 100-110 ball bucket.  Outside of places like Top Golf or Five Iron Golf nobody has gone to the hourly fee deal.  

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While having range balls included is one of the reasons I joined a local club around here. Our range has both grass and mats, but the nice public range down the road has gone to completely all mats. They have 3 sizes for range balls:

  • Small Bucket (50-60) $10
  • Medium Bucket (75-90) $12
  • Large Bucket (110-130) $15

Range balls are various kinds in all sorts of shape. 

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Irons:  :titleist-small:620MB w/DGTI X100 7-PW

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The county course that’s closest use pinnacle range balls. Small $5.00 for 40 balls and medium $10.00 for around 80. Not always in the best condition. The city course has the same pricing and they’re primarily Mizuno range balls. They both have the option to buy a range card and more you spend the more credit you get, so technically it works out cheaper. I would like to see a even smaller warmup amount that you could get before a round.

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14 bucks for a large bucket.

They are absolute crap balls. Some are split.

There's only one range here where I live so it's all I have.

When I go home to Niagara, there's a place that has titleist practice balls. They almost feel like tour softs.

10 bucks for an extra large.

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Swing easy.

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There are a couple of places around NW ATL.  Below are the most recent prices I have from the beginning of this year.

City Club Marietta with a Range Plan: Small (40 balls) $6, Medium (70 balls) $9.50, Large (100 balls) $12

Marietta Golf Center: Small (25 balls) $4.50, Medium (50 balls) $7.50, Large (80 balls) $11.50, XLarge (110 balls) $15.50

Cobblestone: Small (35 balls) $6, Large (70 balls) $10

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In the Portland area the rates seem to be fairly consistent.

$5 small - 35

$9 medium - 70

$13 large - 105

One range I prefer has annual unlimited pass for $550 and has grass teeing area open during the summer

Another has a 50 large bucket card for $455 which is a 30% discount so a large comes out to $9.10/bucket. It seems like most ranges replace their balls in the late Spring so they are in decent shape.

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This year, for the first time, I bought a range membership at my local driving range (scenic farms in Pine Island, NY). The membership was $350 dollars from 4/1 until they close for the season,  unlimited balls, 7 days per week. Large bucket is about $10 (70 balls) and small is $7 (40 balls). I have the average value per bucket down to about $3.80 so far 😀 best deal I've had in golf in a long time. 

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I have 3 close options:

  1. Range vending machine that’s open 16hrs per day and costs $5 for 40 balls. Can hit off grass or mats. Balls are random practice balls. 80% are in decent shape. 
  2. Trackman outdoor range $6 for 35 balls, $10 for 75 balls, $16 for 150 balls. Grass only. Balls are all random practice balls and it’s a new facility so 95% of balls are in good shape. The trackman app has a convert feature that allows you to see distances with a premium ball vs practice ball. Anyone know how well that works??
  3. Grass range at a course nearby - $8 for 30 balls, but it also grants access to the practice facilities where I can spend unlimited time (until close) on the short game, bunker shots or putting. I just found out about this, so I’ve only done it once, but I have a feeling it’s going to be my go-to place because of the practice facility access.


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I get free range balls at my club but have spent many hours at public ranges. I usually opt for the bulk deal where they give you a key or code. You can get a bucket of 100 down to $10.00 or so. Worst ever was Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. At peak times (like after work or on the weekend it was $0.25 per ball! 

Steven "Marty" Grant

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The local municipal course by me costs as follows:


Grass tees all season & mats in the off season. Balls are decent - usually Wilson range balls. There are a few other range only places and prices vary. And of course there is Top Golf! Some of the comments here are sad!

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Our local driving range in Perth, Scotland is £6 for 50 , £10 for 100

All bays have Trackman , which you can log into for stats , games etc 

Srixon range balls replaced every year and new mats in the covered bays , also a small grass area.

Used to be £4 & £7 before they got Trackman in.

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My local course charges $4 for a small bucket (25 balls - warmup), $6 for a medium (50 balls), and $8 for a large (75 balls).

The course about 10 minutes from me charges just about the same, but they collect all the wayward drives from the 9th tee, so you can walk away with a handful of good Callaway's, Pro V's, et cetera.

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Range i go to often is a bar/range literally called “the range”. Used to be 10$ now like 13$ a bucket but i think its come to have the Top Shot effect where you have the “riff raff” come out to just cause mayhem and just “aim” at the cart. Its a higher end bar but the driving range has definitely taken a hit with the popularity of golf increasing. We still go for the good time but for serious practice i dont go there. The balls used to be the yellow practice balls but have become a horrendous mix of practice balls and random balls people have brought and hit, good chance thats youll find several that are broken/cracked or just in terrible condition. If i want to practice seriously then i go across the street to the course driving range.

Been playing for about 2 years in total. Winter breaks and a 6month period when I got sick. Starting to feel like myself again and recently played a “okay” round. 
I currently have custom fit Cobra LTDx irons/wedges, a Vokey 60(cause my short game has been the best part of my game, and a Maverick 9 deg. Driver. Driving is the worst part of my game so My 4 iron usually takes alot of the long game abuse. 

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