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How Much for a Bucket?

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Curious for fellow spys how much a bucket of range balls cost for you and how many balls you get? Also range balls typically suck, but are the ones where you go to decent for range balls or do you end up with ones that have no dimples on them?

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Windmill Lakes is $5 for a small bucket and you get around 40 or so I think. I don't know how much the medium and large are because I wouldn't hit that many before playing.

They use yellow Mizuno practice balls and they're all in good shape.

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10 minutes ago, ctg44 said:

To me, this is the 2nd best benefit to being a member of a private club (even a lower tier Invited Corp. one like ours) after being able to numerous weekend tee times for sub 3 1/2 hour rounds at will.I booked the round we're headed to shortly at 08:18 AM CDT on Thursday evening for my wife and I.  We won't have to share the tee time with anyone else, which is nice because even though she's good at golf, my wife is not a fan of social golf.


Our range generally has decent Callaway Practice balls, and if you pull out the ones you don't like, the range staff will throw those away.  Range balls and access to the chipping / putting area are all included and unlimited for members.  On weekends, we get to practice on grass, with weekday practice coming on decent mats with (mostly) good cork substrate.

I echo these sentiments with respect to our lower tier private club. Unlimited range time with good condition Mizuno range balls.

A range 5 minutes from my house switched to an hourly model a few years ago. I think it is about $9 per hour (before joining our club, I bought 9 or 18 sessions at a time for a discounted price). Their balls can be of varying conditions, but since it is unlimited and you can get your own balls from bins placed around the range, you have control.

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There are 3 different ranges or places with ranges where I typically go to practice if not playing a round of golf.

I live very close to the Orchards Golf Club, can walk there and they have a range and large practice putting green and bunker area.

It is $5.00 for 25 balls, and $10.00 for 50 balls. Balls are either Callaway or Titleist practice balls.

Second place is Three Oaks Range, which is a newer, freestanding range and mini-golf course.

They use Wilson Staff balls, and pricing is: $5.00 for 35, $10.00 for 70, and $15.00 for 140 balls.

Third place I visit is Carl's Golfland. There range has Trackman capability using your phone to see the data.

Pricing there is $7.50 for 45 balls, or $10.00 for 100 balls. Balls all are yellow Callaway practice balls, typically in decent condition.

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Around me it will vary based on where you go.  

1.  Local driving range is $6 for large bucket (70is) of used balls and range balls.  I think a small is in the $4 range.   

2. Most local courses range from $5-$10 for about 40 balls.  Decent condition range balls

3.  A few have range balls included with your round;  One course will charge you $30 for unlimited access to the practice facility for the day if you aren't playing. 


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In central New Jersey there are a few ranges near me. Generally, it’s $6-10 for a small, about 30 balls, and $15-17 for a large which is 110ish. Some use generic range balls and others use branded versions, but they are all about the same cost. 

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Around here the lowest cost to hit off grass starts at $8 per bucket. I believe mats is $6. I prefer the local muni where it’s around 40-45 balls or so, usually a mix of name brand. Plus when you buy a bucket you can go use your own balls on the chipping and putting greens. Other ranges are usually around 30 balls or so for the same price. 

The range next to my office makes you buy a 10 bucket minimum pass in order to hit off of grass. Plus the quality of their balls is fairly meh so I’ve tended to avoid there this season, in addition to their mats being very low quality. 

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There is one course I play that gets $7.50 for a small (25+/-), For the same money, at my home course, that same $7.50 gets you a bucket with over 40 balls. A larger bucket is also available. It is more like a tub, to be exact, and has well over 100 balls. I don't get those. I'd rather my 100 shots take place on the course, lol.

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There is one North of me and one South of me that get equal parts of my money. The quality of the balls and the facility itself is far superior at the one that charges $10 for a small (35ct) up to $17 for large (90-100?ct)

The place that has prices which are about half that, the mats are worn and the conditions are crammed, old and rusty. 

I think both places serve their purpose respectively. The high price option is near a corporate park, the intersection of multiple major roadways. The one that is cheap and run down is owner-operated by a PGA pro who gives lessons and range time to youth programs. There are times the place is full and only 2 or 3 people paid.

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Update June 2024:

The primary range I frequent is the Southwest Golf Ranch. I've posted about it a few times, so I won't go into the boring details yet again. Reader's digest version is as follows:

  • small bucket - 35 balls ($9.00) $10.00
  • large bucket - 70 balls ($11.00) $13.00
  • jumbo bucket - 100 balls ($15.00) $17.00

The range has Top Tracer Range in the covered stalls, as well as 2 grass tee areas, a chipping green, and a putting green

The prices are a little heavy, but you do get access to a launch monitor or a nice practice area or both for those prices.

Within the past year, ownership of the range has changed hands. The new owner, has made some renovations, including offering food. So the price of the bucket went up and will probably go up again. It's aggravating, but he also knows he's the only game in town within a reasonable distance of his location. There has also been talk of a developer buying the land for condos, progress sucks...

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Updated Rates


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In mid Michigan my closest range offers a small basket (40 balls ) for $7 and large (around 75 balls) at $11.  The condition ranges from toss away immediately, not worth expending the energy to swing, In every bucket I'll find 3-5 mower cut balls. They have been out there a while. The red rings are starting to fade. I'll use on my irons to do basic warm ups and general swings. After warming up I usually hit one or 2 clubs I feel need attention. For these I bring along 10-20 shag balls that I've found over the past few weeks.

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At my club, they are included in our monthly dues. Unlimited range balls, they are in pretty good shape, but should be replaced. I play a fair amount of golf away from my club at the beach and mountains. Most clubs in these resort areas charge around $8 for around 30 balls and they are in poor condition.

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I use a place called Green Valley golf in Hanover Park Illinois. I get 100 balls for $11. They replace every 1 or 2 years. They have been using Sxrizon practice ball the last few years. 

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At our muni range balls are $8, $10, and $12 for small, medium and large.  Small is about 35 and large is about 110 balls.  All range balls are washed after they are picked, and there are essentially zero bad balls in a bucket.  Bad ones are picked out when washed; new balls are constantly being added.  We have several brands of Yellow balls; most common is Srixon.  Our range is grass until the grass stops growing in the fall and mats are brought out.  Mats are removed when the grass starts growing in the spring.  We are allowed to tee up a ball on grass in winter (if you can get a tee in the frozen ground).  I pay for range balls as part of our membership.

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There are three county-owned courses near where I live.  I use two of them for their range.  $10 gets you 3 tokens.  A token gets you 35 balls or so.  They’re the typical yellow Pinnacle range balls; usually in good shape.


I don’t have a problem with the range balls because I’m pretty comfortable with my distances, so I don’t use range time to dial that in.

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Also wondering. We have these auto ball machines that are quite nice. Don't have to go to the pro shop or anything. Just walk up, tap a card and go hit. 

Anyone else have these?

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£11.80 for a bucket of 100 at my local. There is also the option to have a preloaded card but I don't know how many people use them. I like being able to go in and chat with the folks on the desk, makes part of the pleasant social experience of going there. 

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Cannot really say, what would be the proper prize. 

i am a member at our club team in seniors and we get the range balls free. And are required a 4-hr voluntary work within the club. I’ve been coaching and guiding newbies into the sport as we have these club game nights, where we act like godbrothers to the new beginners and club index players, ie. people having an index 37 or higher. 

Club Game night starts with a short info of different topics of the sport: how to practice, basic rules and pacing the play, equipment and clothing, short game practice, putting, swing basics and how to controll your distance in half shots, what ever… 


Then we go and play nine holes in groups, where there is a more experienced guide with the newbies trying to get them understand, it is not the score that counte, but the enjoyment we get from a succesfull shot or hole. 

These been really popular, four to five groups every time. Cannot take more than an hour of tee times for it, cause the round will last too long anyway as you could imagine. Some of my countrymen and women are so stubborn in hitting a ehot from a poor spot and unplayable lie, they just keep whacking without listening.

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Free unlimited range balls are part of our yearly membership. We just go in one of the three pro shops and give our name. Grab a bucket of the size you desire and scoop. Off you go to the range. The balls vary in condition. 4k a year gets you unlimited golf and range access. When you play 3 to 5 times a week it’s a deal. Plus we have 3 courses with 7 realistic sets of tee combinations. 

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I generally practice at the Michigan State golf facility and they have heated enclosed stalls for cold weather and a large grass range for short game/long game practice. They have multiple purchase discounts. Walk ins are $5,$10,$15 for small, medium, large. Slight surcharge for heated stall usage in cold weather. Balls are rotated and in great shape.

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A small bucket (35 balls) at North Kingstown GC is $9.00 and a medium is around $12.00. The balls are mostly terrible and consist of typical range balls of various brands and ones that management has found on the course. It's not uncommon to have at least one ball in a bucket cut or cracked. 

On a positive note, the range is grass during the season and a high-quality mat for off season. 

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I live in central Kentucky and one of the local municipal golf courses, which is only 5 minutes from my house which I've been working from home fulltime since 2010, charges $250/year for all balls you can hit, Jan 1-Dec31.  Grass tees for ~9 months of the year, winter on matts or when it is super wet.  I think individually they charge like $7 for 60 balls.  I usually can hit 120 in about a lunch hour practice session.  $250 for unlimited range balls off grass most of the year is the BEST deal in golf, IMHO.  Balls are yellow Mizuno balls, which they replenish with new ones every year, so you typically get a mix of some old, not sol old, and new balls each bucket.  I believe they're at least 10% decompressed/short flight.

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The one I usually go to (in northern-ish Virginia), is a 300yd range. Buckets are $13 for small, $16.25 for medium, $22.50 for large. Mat only hitting but they are in decent condition mostly. Balls are stamped with driving range name so not sure of actual brand / manufacturer. Biggest downside not being able to practice taking divots or drive from a normal tee, the rubber tees are shorter than I usually use on the course.  

Many ranges around here are just nets so you have no real idea of flight path or distance so it’s worth the cost to be able to hit at a real range periodically. I don’t hit 300yds but I can hit more than 10ft (usually lol). One par 3 I played I got a bucket to warm up and it was literally wiffle balls! I just left them by the range for someone else to use if they wanted lol. 

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